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Fight spam with this bundled pack of established plugins modified to work with WordPress Multisite.

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comment spam pack is a bundle of four established anti-spam plugins all modified to work with WordPress Multisite.

The pack contains: Simple Trackback Validation, Simple Spam Filter, AVH First Defence Against Spam and Peter’s Custom Anti Spam Image Plugin.

Keep Your Multisite Network Spam-Free

Help your users fight spam and provide them with peace of mind with these tried and tested plugins:

Simple Trackback Validation provides a simple check designed to combat trackback spam.

The Simple Spam Filter allows you to limit the number of links allowed in comments – a great way to swiftly eliminate the vast majority of comment spam.

AVH First Defense Against Spam blocks spammers before any content is served by identifying them at Project Honey Pot (an open source project to help website admins track, stop and prosecute spam harvesters stealing email addresses from their sites), a local blacklist or the local IP cache. It also checks for known spammers trying to post a comment.

Peter’s Custom Anti Spam Image Plugin provides a CAPTCHA solution.

Each of these plugins has been modified to work out-of-the-box with your Multisite installation.


Start by reading the Installing Plugins section in our comprehensive WordPress and WordPress Multisite Manual if you are new to WordPress.

Note : This plugin is designed and recommended for Multisite Installations only. Using it on a single WordPress install may result in undesirable effects.

To install:

1.  Download the plugin file.

2.  Unzip the file into a folder on your hard drive.

3.  Upload /comment-spam-pack/ folder to /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your site.

4.  Login to your admin panel and visit Network Admin -> Plugins where you’ll see the following plugins:

  • AVH First Defense Against Spam – WPMU DEV Version
  • ReCAPTCHA (AVH F.D.A.S Component)
  • Spam Filter (AVH F.D.A.S Component)
  • Trackback Validation (AVH F.D.A.S Component)

5. Network Activateall the above plugins.

And that’s it!

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