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A powerful learning management system so you can design and deliver beautiful courses complete with bold media content, interactive questions, downloadable course work, forums and assessments, all within WordPress – no third-party service required.

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Version 2.2.2

Changelog / Translations

Version 2.2.2
  • Fixed: problem CoursePress Theme directory.
Version 2.2.2
  • Fixed: problem CoursePress Theme directory.

Version 2.2.1
  • Fixed: problem with saving the course.
  • Fixed: WooCommerce integration problem with cart.

Version 2.2
  • Fixed: Ability to duplicate a course for an instructor.
  • Fixed: Compatibility with plugins/themes which use login form.
  • Fixed: Conflict with other plugins with early get_posts() function usage.
  • Fixed: Display on medium size tablets.
  • Fixed: Enrollment popup does not work.
  • Fixed: Login overlay is not accessible in some situations.
  • Fixed: Problem with CoursePress version in the export file.
  • Fixed: Problem with missing pagination for course discussions.
  • Fixed: Problem with the single instructor template.
  • Fixed: Showing a unit description.
  • Fixed: Turn off autocompletion for a unit.
  • GDPR: Added ability to erase user personal data.
  • GDPR: Added ability to export user personal data.
  • GDPR: Added plugin information to default "Private Policy" page during auto-creation of this page.

Version 2.1.5
  • Fixed: Added course categories information in the export file.
  • Fixed: Check MarketPress integration to avoid warnings.
  • Fixed: Mistakes in language strings.
  • Fixed: Problem with the login form on small screens like mobile.
  • Fixed: Show CoursePress Theme instructors box only when a course has at least one instructor.
  • Fixed: Warnings on the "Grade" tab, when one of a module is a quiz.
  • Fixed: Warnings when we use WooCommerce 3x.
  • Improved: Added CoursePress version to export file.

Version 2.1.4
  • Fixed: Course certificate email settings were hidden for nonpremium users.
  • Fixed: Discussion layout issue.
  • Fixed: Missing new instructor on instructors list.
  • Fixed: On a course structure show section without modules if "Show units without modules" is checked.
  • Fixed: PHP notices when try to edit not exited unit.
  • Fixed: Problem with display course sub-menu on the frontend.
  • Fixed: Show unit progress on admin panel.
  • Fixed: There was no ability to remove instructor.
  • Fixed: Typo in notifications configuration.
  • Fixed: Typo in MarketPress integration box.
  • Improved: Added filters to get_time_estimation() functions: coursepress_course_get_time_estimation, coursepress_unit_get_time_estimation, coursepress_module_get_time_estimation.
  • Improved: Prevent saves units before fetching all data.

Version 2.1.3
  • Fixed: Unit and Pages TinyMCE editor does not work after WordPress update to 4.9.

Version 2.1.2
  • Improved: Add ability to define certificate logo.
  • Improved: Show instructor feedback on student workbook frontend.
  • CoursePress Theme: Fixed display of HTML Bullet points.
  • CoursePress Theme: Fixed expanded unit list view mode.
  • CoursePress Theme: Improved bbPress compatibility.
  • Fixed: Expanded unit list view mode not working for students.
  • Fixed: Export problem on PHP 5.2, json_encode() have only one parameter.
  • Fixed: Missing upgrade scripts.
  • Fixed: Module access with URL.
  • Fixed: Prevent access modules when previously required modules haven't been completed.
  • Fixed: Problem loading translations.
  • Fixed: Problem with TinyMCE.
  • Fixed: Try Again button is not showing while Retry is set to 1.
  • Fixed: Visual editor load problem when a user disables in the profile.

Version 2.1.1
  • Improved: Added `editor-rtl.css` file.
  • Improved: Better display responsive video.
  • Improved: HTML login & signup forms.
  • Improved: Username sanitization.
  • Fixed: Assessments feedback sending problem.
  • Fixed: Compatibility with older PHP versions.
  • Fixed: CoursePress shortcode links are not working.
  • Fixed: Even the Discussion module is not "Required", you can't go to next section.
  • Fixed: Instructors capabilities problem on multisite installation.
  • Fixed: Instructor can't reply to comments on course unit.
  • Fixed: Missing translation in steps 6 & 7.
  • Fixed: Problems with missing passcode after login.
  • Fixed: Problems with PHP 5.2.x.
  • Fixed: Problem to go next unit when all answers are required but current unit do not have any assessable modules.
  • Fixed: Problem with go to next module.
  • Fixed: Problem with non assessable modules and grade unit.
  • Fixed: Problem with yimer on quiz module after we use "Try Again" button.
  • Fixed: Sections on units page overview are not linked and not visible.
  • Fixed: Show and Free Preview options in Course Structure settings.
  • Fixed: Small issues with PHP 7.1.1
  • Fixed: The title of "Course Structure" widget should not be visible, when it is not checked.
  • Fixed: Unable to send feedback about assessments.
  • Fixed: Units inside the course are available agains the settings options.
  • Fixed: Visual editor is blank and missing data after module reorder.
  • Updated: Vimeo javascript for version 3.0.0.

  • Fixed: Upgrading from 1x to 2x was broken.

  • Fixed: Compatibility with older PHP versions.

Version 2.1
  • Added: Text color option for course certificate.
  • Added: Categories argument to [course_list] shortcode to filter courses.
  • Added: HTML rel attribute to next and previous buttons.
  • Added: Password strength meter on student profile
  • Added: The ability to disable the strength meter in the enrollment pup-up.
  • Added: Option to disable emails individually
  • Added: New filter: coursepress_comment_list_args to filter comments list arguments.
  • Added: New filter: coursepress_comment_form_args to filter new comment form arguments.
  • Added: Unit slug will be updated when you change unit title.
  • Improved: Add individual nonce when withdraw a student from a course.
  • Improved: Students list on assessment screen can be sorted by username and display name.
  • Improved: Students list on assessment screen is more like users list.
  • Improved: Students list on course edit screen can by sorted by: username, display name, first name and last name.
  • Improved: Students list on course edit screen is more like users list.
  • Improved: Added certificate filter on students list on course edit screen.
  • Improved: Increase a course assessments page load time.
  • Improved: Image display.
  • Improved: Removed unused function CoursePress_Data_Course::is_course_preview()
  • Improved: Better section title display - added information about no title.
  • Improved: Automatic migration from users upgrading from version 1.x
  • Improved: Smaller download size.
  • Improved: Form module UI for better display.

Version 2.0.7
  • Added: New "Paid" column on course list table.
  • Added: Email validation on CoursePress signup form.
  • Added: A sample course to fresh CoursePress installation.
  • Added: No visible units message info.
  • Added: Ability to sort by title for course_list shortcode.
  • Added: Instructors notification for new enrolled students.
  • Added: Text color option for basic certificate.

  • Fixed: HTML and entities issue on unit editor.
  • Fixed: Preview button.

  • Fixed: Remove vulnerability to view any module.
  • Fixed: Prerequisite Courses problem with access to next course.

Version 2.0.6
  • Added: Redirect to login page for guest users.
  • Added: Number of failed attempts at student assessment.
  • Added: Validation for user related functions to avoid processing when there is no logged user.
  • Improved: Change "Duration" to "Time Limit" label.
  • Improved: Unify all TinyMCE editors CP instance.
  • Improved: Process of saving answers.
  • Improved: Required unit message.
  • Improved: Message box for paid course.
  • Improved: Integration with WooCommerce - when student pay with PayPal, a student will be enrolled to the ordered courses.
  • Updated: Bundled MarketPress to latest version.
  • Fixed: Remove inclusion of CP assets on none CP pages.
  • Fixed: WooCommerce "Out of stock" product status.
  • Fixed: Deleting modules when section is deleted.
  • Fixed: Missing untranslated texts.
  • Fixed: Marketpress sale price.
  • Fixed: Editor height.
  • Fixed: Missing grade for manualy graded fields when using "Save & Exit".
  • Fixed: Too many redirects error.
  • Fixed: HTML tags not showing in Multiple/Single Choice field.
  • Fixed: Ignoring "User also needs to pass all required assessments" unit option.
  • Fixed: "Passing Grade" value one assessments page.
  • Fixed: Link to student profile in "Number of Courses" column.
  • Fixed: Form input with correct grade.

Version 2.0.5
  • Added HTML preview for Raports.
  • Added ability to turn on/off social sharing icons.
  • Added check is safe_mode before call set_time_limit() function.
  • Added the action "coursepress_woocommerce_product_updated". This action has two variable $product_id and $course_id and is called after update product by CoursePress.
  • Added check is user logged before we show comment form in discussion module.
  • Added CoursePress Endpoints to Apperance -> Menu screen.
  • Added ability to remember the last sorting chosen by user on the list of courses in admin area.
  • Added new option "Show empty units" which allow to show units without modules.
  • Improved select2 field for prerequisites and remove current course from the list.
  • Improved MarketPress product thumbnail and images integration.
  • Improved link building to student profile in admin area.
  • Improved HTML login & signup forms.
  • Improved TinyMCE editor on course edit screen.
  • FIxed on signup form double error messages.
  • Fixed "Grades" screen.
  • Fixed a wrong link to student profile from students tab on a course edit screen.
  • Fixed a bug with prerequisites courses when we have only one prerequisite course.
  • Fixed registration email tokens.
  • Fixed registration form shortcode.
  • Fixed a wrong icon on assessments page, it was always shown fail icon.
  • Fixed missing html attributes on certificate preview.
  • Fixed missing messages on login/signup form.

Version 2.0.4
  • Added ability to enroll, when we use course_join_button, but we are not logged.
  • Added sanitization of course id in "course_join_button" shortcode.
  • Added ability to save course state and exit.
  • Added filter "coursepress_unit_add_open_date" to allow display open unit date.
  • Added auto-creating missing directories for PDF certificates.
  • Added ability to show "Withdraw" link on [cp_pages page="student_dashboard"].
  • Added fields "Display Name", "Email" and "Registered" to "Student Profile" page.
  • Added "Edit user" link on "Student Profile" page.
  • Improved time count method for modules, pages and units.
  • Improved login/signup popups for small screens.
  • Improved integration with WooCommerce - when we change order status from completed to another status, a student will be withdrawn from the ordered courses.
  • Limiting facilitator role, from now on it can only edit allowed courses.
  • Improved the appearance of buttons on course frontend page.
  • Improved "My Profile" screen.
  • Delete related course data from usermeta table when deleting a course.
  • Improve "Student Profile" screen by adding nonce check, to avoid any profile display.
  • Improve login and signup screens for small screens.
  • Fixed a problem with wrong courses on [cp_pages page="student_dashboard"].
  • Fixed a "60 seconds" bug - when module uses a timer, there was no chance to show different amount of seconds then "60".
  • Fixed a bug with the sum of time for pages and units on course edit page.
  • Fixed a bug related to the inability to disable CoursePress login form.
  • Fixed a bug with previewing units & modules.
  • Fixed a problem with "Manage Course" button.
  • Fixed a problem with access to CoursePress menu for instructors.
  • Fixed a problem with enrolling students using MarketPress.
  • Fixed a problem with sections pagination when course is in normal mode.
  • Fixed untranslated texts.
  • Fixed a bug with ability to approve comments to discussions.
  • Fixed a bug when user can enroll in the course without paying to paid course.
  • Fixed a bug with combination when we do not have required modules, but we check "User needs to answer all required[...]".

  • Fixed: Fatal error thrown on older PHP version

Version 2.0.3
  • Fixed a bug with deleting sections within modules.
  • Fixed "button" in shortcodes when not on courses list.
  • Fixed a bug with adding students to course in admin, when MarketPress or WooCommerce is used to sell courses.
  • Fixed problem with custom CoursePress login page.
  • Fixed a bug with pagination on course archive page.
  • Fixed a bug with custom certificate background.
  • Fixed a bug with available unit date for different languages then English.
  • Fixed a bug with instructors permission to see CoursePress assessments.
  • Fixed a bug with course fee with WooCommerce.
  • Fixed a bug on workbook page - it show correct answers before student answered.
  • Fixed a bug with post status on course edit page.
  • Fixed shortcode course_list context attribute.
  • Changed redirect after login, for editors it will be now WordPress Dashboard.
  • Changed redirect for non-logged users who enter student dashboard URL to login page.
  • Added parsing video URL to add autoplay parameter.
  • Added ability to auto re-create certificate if file is missing.
  • Added permission check when try to download certificate.
  • Added ability to show unit description.
  • Added ability to login by email too.
  • Added key length check for mcrypt function to avoid wrong key size.

Version 2.0.2
  • Fixed bug with class autoloder function.
  • Added better default CoursePress certificate.
  • Added "Settings" and "Support" links on WP plugins page.
  • Fixed a bug with import students to course when MarketPress is active.
  • Handle situation when student try to add comment to non existing module.
  • Fixed "Domain Name" for proper translation.
  • Added check to import json file.
  • Added confirmation popup when student withdraw from the course.
  • Fixed non-virtual student login page.
  • Removed fakepath file location in file upload.
  • Fixed student dashboard page.
  • Fixed warning message when user is logged out.
  • Fixed untranslated texts.
  • Added allow weak password registration.

Version 2.0.1
  • Fixed: Chat module support for wordpress-chat plugin
  • Fixed: Module's unlimited retry attempts
  • Fixed: Language Internationalization
  • Fixed: compatibility issue with Market Press CSS covering course edit
  • Fixed: Student progress migration when Market Press is enabled
  • Fixed: Treegrid js error
  • Fixed: Units overview link
  • Updated WPMU dashboard
  • Updated included Market Press version 3.1.2

Version 2
  • Overall optimisation through whole new codebase.
  • Added 'Focus' course view mode where modules will be viewed individually.
  • Added per course completion certificate option.
  • Added course completion pages (pre-completion, successful completion, failed).
  • Added course notification when the course starts.
  • Added unit notification when a unit opens.
  • Added instructor feedback notification.
  • Added course facilitators.
  • Added course import/exports.
  • Added overview reports download option.
  • Added enhanced units settings
  • Added quiz, form, selectable, and discussion modules.
  • Improved assessments page.
  • Improved discussion management.
  • Improved course/students lists.
  • Removed section break module.
  • Delete certificate when deleting student.

  • Fixed: Problem with wrong units presentation on the reports page.
  • Fixed: Issues with BBPress forums on topics page when CoursePress is active.
  • Fixed: Problem with missing class in shortcode course_list.
  • Fixed: Problem with unit availability if unit is available before course.
  • Fixed: Wrong published units count.

  • This version addresses several minor fixes

  • Fixed: Skip search filter if query post types are bbpress types

Version 1.3.4
  • Fixed: Empty text field by default when resubmitting an answer
  • Fixed: Warning for key_exists using wrong parameter for unit details when scheduled and in single installs.

Version 1.3.3
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with WP 4.5.

Version 1.3.2
  • Fixed: session completion data outdated when instructor grades an answer

Version 1.3.1
  • Fixed: AJAX url was not properly generated in some cases (if only admin is SSL)

Version 1.3
  • Fixed: Console error when opening course categories.
  • Fixed: Console error when opening New Course in page settings.
  • Fixed: Issues with invite instructor.
  • Fixed: Quizz assessment wrong answer count.
  • Fixed: Mandatory wrong answer count.
  • Fixed: Broken Unit Page Template If a unit or one of the unit set to be available in the future.
  • Fixed: course_instructors shortcode do not print the list of instructors if no parameters set.
  • Fixed: get instructor by hash query was not returning anything
  • Enhance: Performance improvements
  • Enhance: Improved Session class so it's completely overridable
  • Other minor fixes
  • Some code reorganization

  • Fixed: Empty admin notification.
  • Fixed: Assessments restricted for instructors from other courses.
  • Fixed: Free preview not working for non default themes.
  • Fixed: WooCommerce product visibility when course is created.
  • Fixed: MarketPress product description not populated.
  • Fixed: WooCommerce payment not processing course signup.
  • Added: MarketPress product to course page redirection.
  • Fixed: PHP warning for empty multiple choice module.
  • Fixed: WooCommerce checkout causing blank pop-up.
  • Added: Performance improvements.
  • Fixed: Registration fields sanitization.

  • Fixed: Issues in certificate admin screen.
  • Fixed: Description creation in text mode.
  • Fixed: Assessments not listed in multisite installs.
  • Fixed: Issues with multiple paid courses.
  • Fixed: Added default items quantity limit in Marketpress shopping cart.

  • Updated: Notice for dynamic CoursePress editor and plugin compatibility.
  • Fixed: MarketPress activation check on WordPress multisite.
  • Fixed: Enrollment issues on paid courses.
  • Fixed: Minor style issues.
  • Fixed: Progress tracking issues.
  • Fixed: Course access inconsistency.
  • Fixed: PHP Notice when recording assessment grade.
  • Fixed: Course description not saving when editor in text mode.
  • Updated: Performance improvements on completion calculation.
  • Updated: Enforced logic to prevent possible unit data loss.

  • Fixed: Unit completion issues.
  • Fixed: Certificate creation issues.

  • Updated: Improvements for 'Submit different answer' workflow.
  • Fixed: Handle cases when percentage is greater than 100.
  • Fixed: Last visited page issue.
  • Fixed: Fix mandatory answer not being recorded for File Input modules.
  • Updated: Performance improvements on `Units` view and loading modules.
  • Updated: Performance improvements with CoursePress Theme.
  • Added: MarketPress bundled with CoursePress.

  • Fixed: MarketPress 3.0 fatal error warning when sending notifications.
  • Fixed: Prompt for gateway settings even if gateway is enabled (MP3.0 integration)
  • Fixed: Missing course prices when upgrading to MarketPress 3.0.
  • Note: CoursePress PRO: Temporarily reverting bundled MarketPress to version

  • Fixed: Resubmit link showing even if no answer has been submitted.
  • Fixed: Can now freely move "back" to a previous page without having to complete mandatory elements.
  • Fixed: PHP notice when attempting to make a unit live when it hasn't been saved yet.
  • Fixed: Instructors can only assess their own students. Course creators need to add themselves as instructors if they want to assess.
  • Fixed: Improved performance for Preview Units/Pages/Modules.
  • Fixed: Input elements cannot be submitted when "Previewing" a Unit. It will display "Preview only".
  • Fixed: New implementation of CoursePress editor now allows dynamic editors including Visual/HTML toggles.
  • Fixed: Certificates correctly uses the selected 'Reports' font as set in settings.
  • Added: Integration for MarketPress 3.0.
  • Added: CoursePress now bundled with MarketPress 3.0. Note: Best way to upgrade is using WPMU Dev Dashboard. Alternatively, remove MarketPress 2.9 and install from CoursePress settings.

Version 1.2.6
  • Fixed completion system synchronisation.
  • Fixed discussion display in CoursePress theme.
  • Fixed menu metabox to show all published courses.
  • Fixed JavaScript conflict with sign up window.
  • Fixed unordered lists in CoursePress theme.
  • Fixed 1 showing when resubmitting answers.
  • Fixed issues where virtual pages didn't work on some sub directory installs.
  • Fixed resubmit limitations not working for some answers.
  • Changed Users can now resubmit answers for file uploads and text boxes while grades are pending.
  • Fixed uppercase usernames now supported by popup.
  • Fixed possible compatibility issue with themes and page titles.

  • Fix WP 4.3 compatibility issue with visual editors

  • Fixed issues with WooCommerce sale price
  • Added check for course category specific templates (i.e. archive-course-categoryslug.php)

  • Fixed fatal error on single site installs.

  • Fixed redirection issue with multisite installations.

  • Fixed issues with assessment, students and instructors tables being empty after WordPress 4.2 update.
  • Fixed error message when submitting mandatory quiz items.
  • Fixed error on setting a course category when first created.
  • Fixed HTML showing on discussion page.
  • Fixed Instructor capabilities not always saving.
  • Improved handling of Virtual Pages and Custom Pages for CoursePress settings.

  • Fixed issue with marking order as paid with Manual Payments
  • Fixed issue with Virtual pages
  • Added additional hooks for developers
  • Integration with WooCommerce (CoursePress > Settings > WooCommerce Integration)

  • Security Update: Fixed possible WordPress XSS bug
  • Fixed clearfix div
  • Fixed broken virtual pages

  • Added basic certificate functionality to CoursePress Pro (templates planned for future release).
  • Added additional capabilities for instructors
  • Added formatting to the instructor single page
  • Changed default 'subscriber' role for students to be actual default WordPress role set
  • Fixed issue with enrolling a student to a paid course (paid via PayPal chained payments)
  • Fixed issue with mandatory, assessable and limit attempts options (if once checked then unchecked)
  • Fixed issue with uncompleted course even if unit elements (answer fields) were completed
  • Fixed issue: Course Pre-Requisite still showing after required course completed
  • Fixed theme translation issues
  • Fixed issue with instructor profile pages when instructor username contains space
  • Fixed issue with Course Structure links when course starts in the future
  • Fixed "unit_page_title_tag_class" shortcode attribute to output valid HTML class
  • Fixed issues with courses bulk actions
  • Fixed issue with previewing a unit (when user needs to pass all mandatory assessments option is checked)
  • Fixed issue with Order Complete Page MarketPress message
  • Fixed issue with displaying 1970 date on the course calendar when clicking on the previous link
  • Fixed issue with course order when Post Order Number is selected as an course order option
  • Fixed issue with login and signup popup links
  • Fixed issue with admin discussions pagination
  • Fixed instructors courses list properly with pagination (10 courses+)
  • Removed ping backs from courses (implementation on the feature request list).
  • Fixed conflicts with BuddyPress Groups.
  • Fixed issue with loading CoursePress styles on other admin pages.
  • Fixed issue with broken file downloads in Units (sites using PHP 5.6+).
  • Fixed issue where non-embeddable videos (e.g. some YouTube videos) shows nothing. Now it will show a clickable link.
  • Added ability to hide related videos for YouTube videos.
  • Fixed RTL issue causing horizontal scroll bug on Course Overview page.
  • Fixed 0's showing up on CoursePress pages when Poll Voting Plugin is installed.
  • Fixed new units automatically added to structure where it was not before.
  • Fixed showing featured images in CoursePress theme.
  • Fixed issue with paid courses not always enrolling when using MarketPress.
  • Fixed issue with instructor marked mandatory results not calculating course completion correctly.
  • Fixed broken 'Recent Posts' widget when viewing any CoursePress page.

  • Fixed: Auto correcting previous student responses for Single- and Multiple Choice questions without needing to re-submit answers.
  • This release improves the changes made in version

  • Fixed potential issue when using quotation marks or special characters in Single- and Multiple Choice questions.
  • Fixes auto-grading of questions and mandatory questions reporting. (Note: Students may need to resubmit some responses)

  • Recommended performance update. Significant improvements made (e.g. From 17s down to 0.56s using high volume test sample.)
  • Progress tracking changed from course focused to student focused reducing database queries. Pages might load a fraction slower (up to 1s in testing) the first time old students accesses a course.
  • Shortcode performance improvements
  • Removing redundant CoursePress metadata from database
  • Fixing unit layout issues resulting in HTML being displayed on the screen.

  • Performance: When persistent object caching (server setup or 3rd party) is not available CoursePress will fall back to using transients to speed up page loads.
  • Fixed: [course_join_button] now works properly on pages (bug caused it only to work on posts).
  • Changed: [course_thumbnail] deprecated. Will revert to preferred [course_media type="thumbnail"] using the proper Course List image as thumbnail.
  • Fixed: Required fields error for enrolment popup.
  • Fixed: 'Start Learning Now' button in enrolment popup.
  • Fixed: Added missing translations.

  • Fixes issue with marking an order as paid with MarketPress
  • Fixed text domain issues with the CoursePress theme
  • Fixes issue with the LOGIN_ADDRESS email tag and its URL
  • Fixed jQuery issues on the front-end caused by "live" function

  • Resolved issue with unit element content saving / removed unit HTML editor

  • Fixes issues with Unit HTML editor (Mac)

  • Updated MarketPress to 2.9.6
  • Added Unit HTML editor back (for Mac)
  • Fixed bug with the unit editor (double editor on switch)

  • Updated course structure (admin and front) to reflect recent changes in the units builder logic
  • Fixed issue with Jatpack's CSS editor
  • Removed Unit Builder HTML editors for Mac users (until we find better solution)
  • Added additional filters for developers in shortcodes

Version 1.2.4
  • Added option for deleting student answers / responses
  • Added option for instructor to access units and other course inner pages without need to enroll into course
  • Fixed JS conflicts caused issues with WP admin menu on hover
  • Fixed responsive issues on the course archive page with the default CoursePress theme

  • Added HTML editor to the units builder
  • Fixed issue with hidden students in the reports list (multisite)
  • Fixed issue with wrong redirection link when submitting data on the last unit page (front)

  • Added scroll (slimscroll) for the long lists of units on the course unit admin page
  • Added integration with Messaging ( and above) plugin (
  • Fixed issues with BBPress topics when CoursePress is active
  • Fixed issues caused by clearfix located in the plugin
  • Fixed UX issues with "Resubmit" answer link

  • Course Calendar widget updated. New default CSS to work better across themes. Added date indicator selector for better presentation on light and dark themes. Including selector to use custom CSS defined by theme or CSS plugin.
  • Fixed issue where the unit editor converts absolute URLs to relative URLs on sites hosted with WPEngine.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect unit completion percentages.
  • Fixed PHP warnings when using CoursePress with TwentyFifteen theme.

  • Fixed: Date translations now work properly.
  • Fixed issue with extra content on the unit page singe page
  • Fixed Gravity Forms form submission and redirection on the unit pages

  • Added STUDENT_USERNAME and STUDENT_PASSWORD placeholder to the student registration email
  • Fixed (potential) issue with student signup when FORCE_SSL_ADMIN is turned on
  • Fixed conflicts with Gravity Forms (admin and unit pages)
  • Fixed issue with multisite and granting and revoking instructor capabilities.
  • Fixed: Comments section no longer showing on course details page.
  • Fixed issue with 'Start Learning/Continue Learning' buttons not showing for courses set to manual enrollments.
  • Fixed: Instructor Capabilities On User Profile Page Not Saving When Granting/Revoking Capabilities
  • Fixed: coursepress_student_withdrawn hook is firing twice for a single withdrawal
  • Fixed issue with unique course and units slugs

  • Added additional instructor capability for managing Course Categories
  • Added unit elements preloader
  • Course completion actions added for developers: 'coursepress_student_course_completed', 'coursepress_student_course_unit_completed'
  • Unit completion actions added for developers: 'coursepress_student_course_unit_pages_viewed', 'coursepress_student_course_unit_mandatory_question_answered', 'coursepress_student_course_unit_gradable_question_passed'
  • New options for "Who can enroll" when not allowing anyone to register to your site.
  • Fixed WordPress 4.1 issues (hidden course list in the admin, hidden assessment list)
  • Fixed "administrator" role for network sites.
  • CoursePress menus and permissions now work properly for new sites.
  • For old sites the administrator's role will have to be reset (change to "subscriber" then back to "administrator").
  • Fixed shortcode typos on the settings page
  • Fixed issue with prerequisite courses for non-logged-in users
  • Fixed issues with enrollment/signup button
  • Fixes issue with unit editors upon reordering elements (Firefox)
  • Strip html tags from the assessment comment ALT and TITLE
  • Fixed issues with dummy course not being created upon first install
  • Other code improvements

  • Added course category filter on the courses admin page
  • Fixed issue with thumbnails not displaying or getting generated for courses.
  • Fixed issues with WordPress search when CoursePress plugin is active
  • Fixed oEmbeds when pasting links to supported websites in Unit Elements.
  • Fixed issue with student access to the enrolled courses

  • == ==
  • * Fixed issue with translation files

  • Updated MarketPress to
  • Added additional set of instructor capabilities for Discussions
  • CSS improvements (added better CSS styles on the feature course buttons in the CoursePress theme)
  • Updated translation file
  • Added support for WordPress "Week Starts On" day in the course date fields and the Unit Availability field
  • Fixed issue with saving course categories
  • Fixed issue with showing "No elements have been added to this page yet" on the last unit page
  • Fixed issue where users saving their own profiles remove instructor capabilities
  • Fixed issue with MarketPress sale price (not being saved)
  • Fixed issue with primary blog on multisite
  • Fixed issue with pagination class (not displaying more than 10 pages)
  • Fixed issue with not showing draft units preview (for both admin and assigned instructors)
  • Fixed issue with duplicate course and MarketPress products
  • Other code improvements

  • Added course reordering on the courses admin page (drag & drop)
  • Added new options under CoursePress general settings for controlling courses order in admin and on the front
  • Added option for displaying different number of rows on the courses admin page
  • Fixed issues with loosing element content
  • New hooks for developers and code improvements

  • = =
  • * Critical Fix: Fixed bug preventing elements being added to units.

  • Fixed translation issues on general settings page and email body (functions)
  • Included new translation file containing all localization strings
  • Added course calendar locale for month and day of the week names
  • Fixed: Primary blog tweaks on multisite installs.
  • Fixed: Instructor capabilities on multisite installs.
  • Fixed: [course_list show_media="yes"] now correctly shows the media defined in settings.
  • Updated MarketPress (
  • Other small code improvements

  • Fixed issue with wrong MD5 for instructor username in shortcodes which caused broken instructor single page if "Show Instructor Username in URL" option is not selected
  • Fixed issue with table prefix (instructor_by_hash)
  • Fixed issue with SKU not being shown on course overview page and product list in MarketPress
  • Fixed broken redirect to cart on signup
  • Small code improvements

  • Multisite improvements for students and instructors.
  • Added course categories and course categories widget (in order to make it work please re-save CoursePress settings)
  • Fixed: CoursePress theme navigation restored in responsive/mobile views.
  • Improved some responsive elements of the CoursePress theme.
  • Fixed issue with mobile menu not appearing on the some Android devices
  • Updated MarketPress to
  • Small code improvements

  • Added integration with "Terms of Service" plugin
  • Improved CoursePress for multi-site.
  • Improved CoursePress security for multi-site.
  • Improved UX for MarketPress in the admin (MarketPress activation and installation menu, links and messages shown to users who don't have required permissions)
  • Future integration with Ultimate Facebook plugin to better promote courses on Facebook using OpenGraph data. (Currently works with CoursePress theme, but requires future Ultimate Facebook 2.7.8+ for all other themes.)
  • Fixed: Instructors can now successfully create own courses (provided capability is set in CoursePress settings).

  • Changed the method of activation and installation of MarketPress
  • Resolved issue with incorrect SKU being returned in checkout process.

  • Fixed issue with not showing HTML tags in excerpt
  • Resolved issues with UTF-8 characters in filename in the TCPDF library
  • Fixed up issue with translation files not working properly.
  • - Updated languages files.
  • - Updated cp-en_GB translation
  • - Placing translations in /coursepress/languages now works correctly.
  • Added additional hooks for developers in class.course.unit.php and class.course.unit.module.php.
  • Fixed issue with some shortcodes displaying content out of place on a page.

  • Fixed issues caused e-newsletter plugin to show blank page in admin
  • Fixed possible issues with MarketPress update
  • Fixed issues with clearing cookie data in course checkout message
  • Updated translation files

Version 1.2.2
  • Added new option in settings for PDF report font & Added new fonts
  • Updated MarketPress to
  • More consistent filters and actions for developers (more to come).
  • Improved database performance with new instructor 'Privacy' setting (may need to re-add instructors to old courses if you use the privacy option).

  • Added new settings (Privacy) for controlling visibility of instructor username in the URL
  • Resolved issues with cp_get_file_size functions and fatal error if filesize cannot be retrieved

  • Fixed issue course excerpt (not showing on course single and archive pages)
  • Fixed issue with popup windows (responsive)

  • Resolved issue with plugin update

  • Fixed bug where visual editor prevented unit elements from saving.
  • Fixed bug after duplicating course. Can now edit the course again.

  • Fixed issue with instructor's profile avatar shortcode
  • Fixed conflicts with bbPress (not showing topics when CoursePress is active)
  • Resolved issue with course front-end edit links (caused by empty spaces)

  • Fixed issue with incorrect registration of module post type
  • Fixed issues with hard coded http:\\ resources (google fonts and images in the theme and plugin)
  • Fixed issue with not saving Login Slug
  • Added additional options in settings for pages (instead of virtual pages) for enrollment process, login page, signup page, student dashboard and student settings
  • Visual editor improvements.
  • Small code improvements

  • Fixed issue with MarketPress product page infinite loop when CoursePress is active
  • Fixed issue with instructor avatars preview

  • Fixed issue with enrollment date and time (it uses now current_time( 'timestamp') instead of time())
  • Fixed issue with media shortcode display in the CoursePress theme
  • Fixed issue with course archive for courses without media set

  • Added additional settings for controlling wp-login redirection
  • Fixed issue with "Instructor Capabilities" settings access as a student
  • Various database improvements.
  • Added course progress display to student workbook.
  • Added unit progress to CoursePress theme on student workbook.
  • Added categories in the single post and blog archive
  • Fixed issue with hidden comment form when plugin is activated
  • Added passcode fields on login and signup popup forms
  • Minor changes to enrollment popup window.

Version 1.2.1
  • Fixed issue with incorrectly displayed footer on student login page
  • Fixed issue with BuddyPress autocomplete on Compose Message page
  • Added a number of hooks in the main CoursePress class

Version 1.2
  • Added Duplicate Course feature
  • Fixed issue with "units" slugs
  • Fixed jQuery conflicts with theme options in WPMU Dev themes
  • Added Unit restriction options to avoid confusion between 'completed answers' and 'successfull/passed answers'.
  • Fixed unit restriction checking on front end 'Units' page. Will now show restrictions required from previous unit.

Version 1.1.1
  • Fixed issue with protection of the next unit when previous unit has set "User needs to complete current unit in order to access the next one"
  • Fixed bug with removing a Single Choice element from a Unit

Version 1.1
  • Fixed issue with course limits in PRO version

Version 1.0.9
  • Resolved issue with details button on courses archive and inconsistent shortcode used

Version 1.0.8
  • Upgraded MarketPress Bundle to
  • Added warning message (for admins) to the course overview page if "anyone can register" is not selected
  • Fixed issue with instructor capabilities settings and saving
  • Fixes possible issues with rewrite rules formating and avoid 404s
  • Fixed issue with non-protected discussions for students who didn't enroll to the course
  • Fixed issue with visibility of the draft units for admins and instructors* Fixed up issues with course completion checking
  • Added file size indicator next to downloadable files

Version 1.0.7
  • Resolved issues with wrong pre_get_posts filtering within the admin

Version 1.0.6
  • Improved security
  • Fixed: Auto-update issue with text editor in course setup
  • Slightly larger content editor for more convenient editing
  • Fixed: Course completion now calculates correctly
  • Resolved issue with incorrect saving of Single Line / Multiple Lines option in input text element
  • Added student username (and link to the student's profile) in the assessment column
  • Dynamic MarketPress path set

Version 1.0.5
  • Resolved issues with displaced content when PopUp Pro plugin is active
  • Resolved issue with (not honoring) WP Settings for registrations
  • CoursePress Theme CSS fixes
  • Settings changes and Improved security

Version 1.0.4
  • Shortcode changes
  • Fixed textdomain issues
  • Resolved potential issue if Mcrypt library is not installed on server
  • Improved security
  • Various code improvements

Version 1.0.3
  • Resolved CSS issues with MarketPress popup called from CoursePress
  • Fixed issue with theme location in the CoursePress theme
  • Fixed CSS issue with uploaded videos in CoursePress theme (plus better responsive)
  • Resolved issue with output buffer in shortcodes
  • Added missing text domain on a number of places
  • Improved security
  • Other plugin and theme code improvements

Version 1.0.2
  • Resolved issue with mobile menu
  • Resolved issue with listing images, videos and overlapping content in the CoursePress theme
  • Responsive fixes for admin pages

Version 1.0.1
  • Resolved issue with deleting media files (selected in elements) upon deleting a unit or a module.

Version 1
  • First Release
Creating, managing and selling online courses in WordPress has never been easier.
  • Automated course assessment
  • Share video, audio, text, and course files
  • 13+ built-in payment gateway options
  • Interactive discussion board
  • Quiz upload and download
  • Offer free and paid classes

Are you thinking about sharing or selling tutorials or classes on your WordPress site? Easily create, promote and sell your knowledge with CoursePress Pro.

Make you courses interactive with video, audio, quizzes and other downloadable media.
Make your courses interactive with video, audio, quizzes and other downloadable media.

Easy Online Learning

CoursePress Pro makes online education simple with course pages, paywalls, social sharing, and an interactive learning environment that helps connect more students.

Use the CoursePress theme for completely styled units right out of the box.

Flexible Style

CoursePress comes packaged with its own theme – styled and ready out-of-the-box. Plus, the included shortcodes and widgets make it easy to integrate CoursePress Pro with your favorite themes.

Media and Interactive Learning

Embed video, audio files and images, share downloadable project files, create quizzes, allow students to submit coursework and participate in group discussions.


MarketPress and WooCommerce integration let you sell your courses from any of 100+ payment gateways.

MarketPress & WooCommerce

Build and manage the next big Academy, Tuts+ or Lynda with built-in MarketPress and WooCommerce. Start taking payments using any of the 100+ available payment options.

CoursePress Pro makes it easy to setup and manage students, courses and teachers.
CoursePress Pro makes it easy to set up and manage students, courses and teachers.

Manage Your Classroom Like a Pro

Manage students, instructors and courses like a pro with automatic grading and reporting, assessments, discussions and with CoursePress students can track their progress from start to finish.

Write custom follow-up email notifications.
Write custom follow-up email notifications.

Reminders & Notifications

Drip release units and send notifications when new material is available. Automated and customizable notifications help both students and instructors stay on top of communications.

Assign multiple moderators and instructors to support your students.
Assign multiple moderators and instructors to support your students.

More Ways to Moderate

Make sure every question gets answered and assignments are graded quickly – even for the big classes. Add multiple instructors and course facilitators to stay on top of responses.

Create all types of quizzes with multi-answer, single choice, upload and selectable modules.
Create all types of quizzes with multi-answer, single choice, upload and selectable modules.

More Quiz Options

CoursePress Pro includes more ways to assess your students – multi-answer, single choice, selectable, short answer, long answer, true and false and upload.

Plus, require students to complete each unit quiz with a qualifying grade before starting the next session.

Create custom certificates for every course.
Create custom certificates for every course.

Custom Completions Certificates

CoursePress Pro lets you create custom styled, personalized printable completion certificates for each course.

All-In-One LMS

Rebuilt from the ground up for WPMU DEV’s own Academy. CoursePress Pro is the complete Learning Management System (LMS) built for the pros by the pros. Sharing knowledge with WordPress has never been easier.

Get CoursePress Pro for Online Education


Get CoursePress Pro Now

To Get Started:

Start by reading Installing plugins section in our comprehensive WordPress and WordPress Multisite Manual if you are new to WordPress.

Login to your admin panel for WordPress or Multisite and activate the plugin:

  • On regular WordPress installs – visit Plugins and Activate the plugin.
  • For WordPress Multisite installs – Activate it blog-by-blog (say if you wanted to make it a Pro Sites premium plugin), or visit Network Admin -> Plugins andNetwork Activate the plugin.

To use:

Once installed and activated, you’ll see a new menu item in your dashboard; CoursePress Pro.

CoursePress Pro - Menu

Clicking that menu link, you’ll be greeted with a welcome message and brief details to help you get started by creating a course.

CoursePress - Getting Started

Adding a New Course

Let’s go ahead and get started by adding a course. Go to CoursePress Pro > New Course.

CoursePress - New Course menu

You’ll see a number of sub-sections comprising a 6-step process. Let’s go through them all.

Step 1 – Course Overview

CoursePress - New Course - Course Overview

  • Enter a Course Name.
  • Enter a Course Excerpt, or a short overview of the course.
  • Optionally, upload or link to an Listing Image to be used for the course display in the front-end.
  • Enter a Course Language.
  • Click the Next button to continue to the next step.
Step 2 – Course Description

CoursePress - New Course - Course Description

  • Optionally, you can upload or link to a Featured Video, to be displayed when users view the course details in the Course Overview page.
  • Enter a Course Description, a detailed description of the course. You’ll have the full power of the WordPress visual editor for customizing the description.
  • In the Course Structure section, you’ll have options for customizing the course structure. You’ll also see a list of units, which will be empty initially. You’ll be able to add and edit units later.
  • Tick the ‘Show the Course Overview structure and Preview Options‘ to display the units listing in the Course Overview page. This information will otherwise only be available for students enrolled in the course.
  • Tick the ‘Display Time Estimates for Units and Lessons‘ to show a time estimate option when editing the units.
  • Click the Previous button to go back to the previous section or the Next button to continue to the next step.
Step 3 – Instructors

CoursePress - New Course - Instructors

  • You can assign as many instructors as you like in the Course Instructors section. You’ll be able to choose from any of the users in your standard WordPress Users list.
  • Easily send an email invite through the Invite New Instruction section. Simply enter a First NameLast Name and E-Mail address then press Send Invite.
  • Click the Previous button to go back to the previous section or the Next button to continue to the next step.
Step 4 – Course Dates

CoursePress - New Course - Course Dates

  • Enter the dates your course will be available within the Course Dates section. Or tick the ‘This course has no end date‘ option.
  • Otherwise you can select the Start Date and End Date using the pop-up date picker.
  • Similarly, in the Enrollment Dates section, tick the ‘Users can enroll at any time‘ option to allow enrollment any time.
  • Otherwise you can again select the Start Date and End Date using the pop-up date picker.
  • Click the Previous button to go back to the previous section or the Next button to continue to the next step.
Step 5 – Classes, Discussions and Workbooks

CoursePress - New Course - Classes, Discussion and Workbooks

  • To limit the class size, tick the ‘Limit class size‘ option end enter a value for the limit.
  • Tick the ‘Allow Course Discussion‘ option to allow open discussion between students and instructors.
  • Tick the ‘Show student Workbook‘ option to allow students to see their progress.
  • Click the Previous button to go back to the previous section or the Next button to continue to the next step.
Step 6 – Enrollment and Course Cost

CoursePress - New Course - Enrollment

Tick the ‘This is a Paid Course‘ option to display payment options.

For payments, CoursePress Pro integrates with both MarketPress and WooCommerce. Please note that currently, only one of them (either MarketPress or WooCommerce) should be activated, activating both at the same time may cause conflicts.

For MarketPress integration, the first time the above payment option is selected, you’ll be presented with a message about MarketPress, like so:

CoursePress Pro - Activate MarketPress

Click the Begin Activating MarketPress link to begin the MarketPress activation process and expose the payment options.

Or for WooCommerce integration, simply ensure that WooCommerce is installed and activated, then tick the ‘Use WooCommerce to sell courses‘ setting at CoursePress Pro > Settings.

You can optionally select to redirect WooCommerce product posts to a parent course as well.

CoursePress Pro - Settings - WooCommerce Integration
WooCommerce settings at CoursePress Pro > Settings

With either MarketPress or WooCommerce installed and activated, and with the settings configured as above, you’ll then see payment options for your Course.

CoursePress - New Course - Enrollment - This is a paid course

  • Tick the ‘Automatically generate Stock Keeping Unit‘ option to have CoursePress Pro automatically create a unique SKU. Otherwise you can enter a SKU value yourself.
  • Enter the Price.
  • Tick the ‘Enabled Sale Price‘ option to specify that this course on sale.
  • Enter a Sale Price to be used with the above option.
  • If you’re using MarketPress, you’ll have an option to Edit Payment Gateways where you’ll be presented with a pop-up dialog and will be able to select and configure the payment gateways.

CoursePress Pro - Payment Gateways

Once you’re done configuring the payment settings, you can click the Previous button to go back to the previous section.

Or click the Done button to complete the course creation process and save the new course.


Let’s have a look through the Courses at CoursePress Pro > Courses.

CoursePress - Courses menu

You’ll see a list of all the Courses you’ve created.

CoursePress - Courses

  • User the Search Courses section to search through the existing courses.
  • Click the Delete icon to delete a course.
  • Clicking the name of the course will take you to the edit section for the course. And clicking the Students link will take you to the Students tab of the edit page.

On wide-screen devices, you’ll see a few extra options in the list.

CoursePress - Courses - other options

You’ll see a Published column where you can easily publish or unpublish a course.

CoursePress - Courses - Bulk Actions

You’ll also see a Bulk Actions drop-down. You can tick any courses in the list, select an option from the drop-down and click Apply to apply an action to all the ticked courses.

The available Bulk Actions are as follows:

  • Publish
  • Unpublish
  • Delete

You can also hover your mouse over any course in the list to see a quick list of links.

CoursePress - Courses - hover links

Those links are as follows:

  • Edit – quickly get to the Course Overview page for this course
  • Units – go to the Units page
  • Students – go to the Students tab
  • View Course – view the course in the site’s front-end
  • View Units – view the units through the site’s front-end

Let’s have a look at the Course Overview for the course we created earlier by clicking the Edit link.

Course Overview

Here, you’ll see a number of tabs (Course Overview, Units and Students) along with some other options.

CoursePress - Course - Course Overview

  • You’ll see an accordion list of the various Steps created earlier. Click on any of them to expose the settings for each.
  • Quickly publish the course using the Publish Course switch.
  • Click the Preview button to see a preview of the Course in the site’s front-end.

Let’s go to the Students tab.


The Students tab lets you quickly access the Students for this Course.

CoursePress - Course - Students

  • Easily add a student by selecting a name from the drop-down selector then pressing the Add Student button.
  • Click the Withdraw icon to withdraw a Student from the course.
  • Quickly invite a Student to this Course using the ‘Invite a Student section‘. Enter a First NameLast Name and a valid E-Mail address, then press Invite.
  • Clicking on the Profile icon will take you to a Student Profile page for the selected Student.
Student Profile

CoursePress - Course - Students - Profile

Here, you’ll see some basic details about the Student along with some helpful links and a list of Courses the Student is enrolled in.

  • Quickly email the Student by clicking their Email address.
  • Click the Edit icon to edit this Student’s user account.
  • Click the View Workbook button to go to the view this Student’s Workbook. We’ll go into more detail on this below.
  • Click the Course title or the Edit link next to it to go to the Course Overview page for the selected Course.
  • Take a look at this Course through the site’s front-end by clicking the arrow icon.

Let’s go back and have a look at the Units tab.


Units are the actual content of the Course. Lets go through the various options for adding and editing them.

CoursePress - Course - Units - Add New Unit

You’ll see a list of existing Units which you can click to edit the settings for.

Hovering your mouse over a Unit will display an arrow icon to indicate you can drag it. You can re-order the Units by dragging and dropping them into place by this means.

CoursePress - Course - Units - Re-order
Hover your mouse over a Course, then drag and drop to re-order it.

Click the Add New Unit button to add a Unit.

CoursePress - Course - Units - Publish Course

In the upper right corner of this tab, you’ll see a Publish Course toggle switch that can be used to quickly publish/unpublish the Course.

Below this, you’ll see a number of sub-sections for editing the Unit.

Unit Settings

CoursePress - Course - Units - Unit Settings

  • Use the toggle switch in the upper right to switch the Unit to Draft or Live mode.
  • Enter a title in the Unit Title field.
  • Enter a date for the Unit Availability. A drop-down selector will display to let you easily select a date.
  • Tick the ‘User needs to complete current unit in order to access the next one‘ option to require the Student to complete this Unit before progressing.
  • Click the Save button to save your changes and the Preview button to preview the Unit in your site’s front-end.
  • Click the Delete Unit icon to delete this Unit.
Unit Pages

Pages can be used to separate sections of Unit content.

CoursePress - Course - Units - Unit Pages

  • Select a Page by clicking one of the Page numbers.
  • Add a Page by clicking the + icon.
  • Click the Delete Page button to delete the selected Page.
  • Enter a name for the Page in the Page Label field.
  • Tick the ‘Show page label on unit‘ option to have this Page’s label displayed when Students view the Page in the front-end.
Build Page

This sub-section provides a number of elements you can use to build the Page.

CoursePress - Course - Units - Build Page

Simply click any of the element icons and you’ll see a sub-section added below that you can use to configure the settings. Let’s take a quick look through each.

  • Text – used for basic text information

CoursePress - Course - Units - Elements - Text

  • Image – for adding images

CoursePress - Course - Units - Elements - Image

  • Video – to add video content

CoursePress - Course - Units - Elements - Video

  • File Download – to provide a file for Students to download

CoursePress - Course - Units - Elements - File Download

  • Section Break – to visually separate sections

CoursePress - Course - Units - Elements - Section Break

  • Multiple choice – easily add a multiple-choice quiz

CoursePress - Course - Units - Elements - Multiple Choice

  • File Upload – allows Students to upload a file for the Instructor

CoursePress - Course - Units - Elements - File Upload

  • Single Choice – create a single-choice quiz for Students

CoursePress - Course - Units - Elements - Single Choice

  • Answer Field – ask a question and provide a single or multiple line field for Students to answer.

CoursePress - Course - Units - Elements - Answer Field

At the bottom of the page bottom, you’ll see a couple more buttons and another toggle switch.

CoursePress - Course - Units - Save and Preview

  • Click the Save button to Save your changes to the Unit.
  • Click the Preview button to take a look at the Unit in the site’s front-end.
  • Use the toggle switch to change to Draft or Live mode.


Courses need instructors so lets see how to add and edit them at CoursePress Pro > Instructors.

CoursePress - Instructors menu

Here, you’ll find a list of all the Instructors you’ve configured. Instructors are basically WordPress users who are designated as Instructors for a course.

CoursePress - Instructors

  • You can easily search through the Instructors using the Search Instructors section.
  • Click the ‘Add New’ button to add a new Instructor. This will take you to the Users > Add New page in WordPress, where you’ll be able to add new users.
  • Click the Delete option to delete a particular Instructor.

When viewing on wide screen devices, you’ll be also see a Bulk Actions drop-down.

CoursePress - Instructors - Bulk actions

To utilize Bulk Actions, simply tick the Instructors you’d like to edit, select one of the actions from the drop-down and click Apply.

The Bulk Actions available are as follows:

  • Delete
  • Unassign from all courses

Clicking the Profile option will take you to the Instructor’s profile page.

CoursePress - Instructors - Profile - Courses

You’ll see a list of all the Courses the Instructor is associated with along with links to each.

CoursePress - Instructors - Profile

You’ll also see a small Profile section with additional details and an ‘Edit Profile‘ link to go to the user editor page for this Instructor’s user account.


Courses also need students, so lets see how to add and edit them at CoursePress Pro > Students.

CoursePress - Students menu

Here, you’ll find a list of all the Students listed in the system configured. Students are basically any WordPress user who is enrolled in a course.

CoursePress - Students

  • You can easily search through the Students using the Search Students section.
  • Click the ‘Add New‘ button to add a new Student. This will take you to the Users > Add New page in WordPress, where you’ll be able to add new users.
  • Click the Delete option to delete a particular Student.

When viewing on wide screen devices, you’ll be also see a Bulk Actions drop-down.

CoursePress - Students - Bulk Actions

To utilize Bulk Actions, simply tick the Students you’d like to edit, select one of the actions from the drop-down and click Apply.

The Bulk Actions available for Students are as follows:

  • Delete
  • Withdraw from all courses

Clicking the Profile option will take you to the Student’s profile page.

You’ll see a list of all the Courses the Student is enrolled in along with links to each.

You’ll also see a small Profile section with additional details and an ‘Edit Profile‘ link to go to the user editor page for this Student’s user account.


Let’s go through the plugin’s settings at CoursePress Pro > Settings.

CoursePress - Settings menu

Here’s you’ll see a number of sub-sections for customizing various aspects of the plugin.

CoursePress - Settings sub-sections

Let’s take a look at these sub-sections, starting with the General settings.


The General settings includes several sub-sections itself, the first being for options to customize the url slugs.

CoursePress - Settings - Slugs

The slugs available for customization, along with default values, are as follows:

  • Course Slug
  • Units Slug
  • Course Notifications Slug
  • Course Discussions Slug
  • Course New Discussions Slug
  • Course Grades Slug
  • Course Workbook Slug
  • Enrollment Process page
  • Login page
  • Sign Up page
  • Student Dashboard page
  • Student Settings page
  • Instructor profile slug

Further down the page, you’ll see additional settings.

CoursePress - Settings - Others

Adjust the settings as you need and press the Save Changes button to save.

E-Mail Settings

Through the E-Mail Settings sub-section, you can customize the contents of the notification e-mails used by the plugin.

CoursePress - Settings - E-mail

The following are the various e-mails you can configure, along with codes you can use within the content to provide dynamic values:

  • User Registration E-mail – codes available:
  • Course Enrollment Confirmation E-mail – codes available:
  • Student Invitation to a Course E-mail – codes available:
  • Student Invitation with a Passcode to a Course E-mail – codes available:
  • Instructor Invitation E-mail – codes available:

Be sure to press the Save Changes button when you’re done making changes.

CoursePress - Settings - Save Changes button

Instructor Capabilities

Instructors have special capabilities to allow them to create Courses. Let’s have a look through those capabilities.

CoursePress - Settings - Instructor Capabilities

Capabilities are divided into sub-sections, as follows:


  • Access to plugin menu
  • Access to the Courses menu item
  • Access to the Intructors menu item
  • Access to the Students menu item
  • Assessment
  • Reports
  • Notifications
  • Access to the Settings menu item


  • Create new courses
  • Update any assigned course
  • Update courses made by the instructor only
  • Delete any assigned course
  • Delete courses made by the instructor only
  • Change status of any assigned course
  • Change status of courses made by the instructor only


  • Create new course units
  • View units in every course ( can view from other Instructors as well )
  • Update any unit (within assigned courses)
  • Update units made by the instructor only
  • Delete any unit (within assigned courses)
  • Delete course units made by the instructor only
  • Change status of any unit (within assigned courses)
  • Change statuses of course units made by the instructor only


  • Assign instructors to any course
  • Assign instructors to courses made by the instructor only


  • Invite students to any course
  • Invite students to courses made by the instructor only
  • Withdraw students from any course
  • Withdraw students from courses made by the instructor only
  • Add students to any course
  • Add students to courses made by the instructor only
  • Add students to courses assigned to the instructor only
  • Add new users with Student role to the blog
  • Send bulk e-mail to students
  • Send bulk e-mail to students within a course made by the instructor only
  • Delete Students (deletes ALL associated course records)


  • Create new notifications
  • Create new notifications for courses created by the instructor only
  • Create new notifications for courses assigned to the instructor only
  • Update every notification
  • Update notifications made by the instructor only
  • Delete every notification
  • Delete notifications made by the instructor only
  • Change status of every notification
  • Change statuses of notifications made by the instructor only

Simply tick the Capabilities you want to allow, then click the Save Changes button to save.

CoursePress - Settings - Save Changes button


CoursePress Pro provides scores of shortcodes that you can use within your site’s content areas to provide plugin features as needed.

CoursePress - Settings - Shortcodes

This page shows detailed information to help with the shortcodes but here’s a list of all the shortcodes with some helpful info:

  • Instructors List [course_instructors] Display a list or count of Instructors ( gravatar, name and link to profile page )
  • Instructor Avatar [course_instructor_avatar] Display an instructor’s avatar.
  • Instructor Profile URL [instructor_profile_url] Returns the URL to the instructor profile.
  • Course Details  This shortcode allows you to display details about your course. Note: All the same information can be retrieved by using the specific course shortcodes following.
  • Course Title [course_title] Displays the course title.
  • Course Summary [course_summary] Displays the course summary/excerpt.
  • Course Description [course_description] Displays the longer course description (post content).
  • Course Start Date [course_start] Shows the course start date.
  • Course End Date [course_end] Shows the course end date.
  • Course Dates [course_dates] Displays the course start and end date range. Typically as [course_start] – [course_end].
  • Course Enrollment Start [course_enrollment_start] Displays the course enrollment start date.
  • Course Enrollment End [course_enrollment_end] Shows the course enrollment end date.
  • Course Enrollment Dates [course_enrollment_dates] Displays the course enrollment start and end date range. Typically as [course_enrollment_start] – [course_enrollment_end].
  • Coure Enrollment Type [course_enrollment_type] Shows the type of enrollment (manual, prerequisite, passcode or anyone).
  • Course Class Size [course_class_size] Shows the course class size, limits and remaining seats.
  • Course Cost [course_cost] Shows the pricing for the course or free for unpaid courses.
  • Course Language [course_language] Displays the language of the course (if set).
  • Course List Image [course_list_image] Displays the course list image. (See [course_media])
  • Course Featured Video [course_featured_video] Embeds a video player with the course’s featured video. (See [course_media])
  • Course Thumbnail [course_thumbnail] Shows the course thumbnail image that is generated from list image. (See [course_media])
  • Course Media [course_media] Displays either the list image or the featured video (with the other option as possible fallback).
  • Course Join Button [course_join_button] Shows the Join/Signup/Enroll button for the course. What it displays is dependent on the course settings and the user’s status/enrollment. See the attributes for possible button labels.
  • Course Action Links [course_action_links] Shows “Course Details” and “Withdraw” links to students.
  • Course Calendar [course_calendar] Shows the course calendar (bounds are restricted by course start and end dates). Will always attempt to show today’s date on a calendar first.
  • Course List [course_list] Displays a listing of courses. Can be for all courses or restricted by instructors or students (only one or the other, if both specified only students will be used).
  • Featured Course [course_featured] Shows a featured course.
  • Course Structure [course_structure] Displays a tree view of the course structure.
  • Course Signup/Login Page [course_signup] Shows a custom login or signup page for front-end user registration and login. Note: This is already part of CoursePress and can be set in CoursePress Settings. Links to default pages can be found in Appearance > Menus > CoursePress.
  • Student Dashboard Template [courses_student_dashboard] Loads the student dashboard template.
  • Student Settings Template [courses_student_settings] Loads the student settings template.
View Setup Guide

CoursePress - Settings - View Setup Guide

This is just a quick link back to the welcome page, so you’ll always have access to the ‘Getting Started’ section through this link.

The CoursePress Pro Theme

CoursePress Pro works with any standard WordPress theme, but it also includes a built-in theme to help you get started. Lets switch to that theme at Appearance > Themes.

CoursePress - Themes menu

Locate the CoursePress theme in the themes list.

CoursePress - theme selection

Click the Activate button to activate it!


CoursePress Pro also includes a number of widgets for use in your theme’s sidebar areas, as follows:

  • Featured Course – displays a featured Course

CoursePress - Widgets - Featured Course

  • Latest Courses – shows a list of recently published Courses

CoursePress - Widgets - Latest Courses

The User Experience

Lets take a look at the front-end experience from the user’s standpoint!

Here’s an example of how it could look with the CoursePress theme when viewing the front page.

CoursePress - front-end

Clicking the Details link or the Course’s image takes you to the Details page for the selected Course.

Your courses have never looked so good

Need Help?

If you have trouble with any aspect of configuration, code or general usage, or if you have a cool feature suggestion to make, please head on over to the community forums where support staff and other helpful members are waiting to lend a hand.

CoursePress Pro is covered by the WPMU DEV Guarantee

WPMU DEV Guarantee

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  • CoursePress Pro will work as advertised
  • You will receive 24/7 365 expert support for any problem
  • If you cancel your FREE trial, you can keep CoursePress Pro
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While you have 30 days, no obligations risk-free trial of WPMU DEV if you become a paid member and are dissatisfied with any of the above we'll refund you, no questions asked.

CoursePress Pro Comes Stacked

The most fully-featured WordPress course plugin available.

  • Unlimited course creation
  • Course teasers
  • Full video integration
  • Share audio content
  • Includes a powerful quiz builder
  • Out-of-the-box setup
  • Course paywall
  • MarketPress integration
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Access to over 100 payment gateways
  • Includes amazing theme
  • Automated and manual assessment
  • Automated and manual reporting
  • Offer free courses
  • Course description
  • Import and export tools
  • Course and unit progress display
  • Custom define user roles
  • Course certification
  • Customize certificate design for each course
  • Complete shortcode library
  • Interactive discussion board
  • Built-in email marketing
  • Custom slug structure
  • Use custom login form
  • Auto add pages to Primary Menu
  • Login redirect
  • Show instructor name in URL
  • Set course image size
  • Order by date
  • Order by post number
  • Set font for PDF reports
  • Popup login and signup forms
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