Dashboard Widget Order

Easily customize the order in which dashboard widgets display for users across an entire Multisite network.


  • Infinite column capability


  • Infinite column capability

  • WordPress 3.8 compatibility

Version 2.0.4
  • 3.1+ compatibility update

Version 2.0.3
  • Bug fixes

Version 2.0.2

    Version 2.0.1
    • WPMU 2.7 Compatible

    Version 2
    • WPMU 2.7 Compatible

    Version 1
    • WPMU 2.7 Compatible
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    Downloads 21,024 Compatibility Multisite 4.5.2

    Dashboard Widget Order lets you determine the default position of the dashboard widgets across a Multisite network.

    Quickly arrange both custom and core widgets for complete control over what new users experience when logging on to your network for the first time.

    Give users a better start from the fully customizable dashboard.
    Give users a better start from the fully customizable dashboard.

    Simple Protected Control

    Creating a custom default widget order is simple. Quickly reposition widgets using copy and paste code elements, save and import.

    No confusing configuration panels to mess with. Adjust widgets to start the way you like it, upload and forget it.

    To Get Started:

    Start by reading Installing Plugins section in our comprehensive WordPress and WordPress Multisite Manual if you are new to WordPress.

    To Use:

    1.  Download the plugin file
    2.  Unzip the file into a folder on your hard drive
    3.  Open up the file dashboard-widget-order.php in your favorite text editor
    4.  Customize the order of widgets like so:

    change the order of widgets

    5.  Upload /dashboard-widgets-order/ folder to /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your site

    6.  Visit Network Admin -> Plugins and Network Activate it there.

    If you get stuck or have any questions please feel free to drop by the forums for assistance!

    Dashboard Widget Order Features

    Full control over the default dashboard widget order

    • Set default order
    • Simple clean code
    • Cut and paste
    • Rest order network-wide
    • Customize dashboards network wide
    • Built-in instructions
    • No added control panel
    • Order core widgets
    • Order custom widgets
    • Built for Multisite