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Domain Mapping

Give any site on your network a custom URL plus offer domain resale and mapping as a premium service. Make it easy for your users to purchase and map a custom domain. Open a new stream of income and make more money with Domain Mapping for Multisite.

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Changelog / Translations

  • Fix mixed content issues with SSL with AJAX and when logging into a subsite.
  • Fix mixed content issues with SSL with AJAX and when logging into a subsite.

  • Fixed: Prevent mapping defaulting to original when redirection has not yet been set.

Version 4.4.3
  • Fixed: WordPress Rest URL
  • Fixed: Force admin https URL Redirect loop
  • Fixed: Multiple Mapped domains not mapping frontend links correctly.
  • Fixed: Login issues.
  • Fixed: Prevent admin_url from being relative to fix AJAX issues with some plugins.
  • Fixed: Upfront compatibility issues with not loading editor on original domain.
  • Fixed: Forcing SSL on root domain not working.
  • Fixed: Warning on DNS Configuration when multiple IP addresses are used.
  • Fixed: The plugins_url was being replaced by the mapped url, breaking site assets for some users.
  • Fixed: Force SSL settings not displaying the correct value.
  • Fixed: Multiple mapped domains without primary domain used the last mapped domain.
  • Fixed: Prevent incorrect cookies disabled warning when trying to login.
  • Fixed: Resolve conflict with Upfront Editor and Builder.
  • Fixed: Jetpack compatibility.
  • Fixed: Unexpected behavior for main site.
  • Fixed: Subsites display incorrect URL.
  • Fixed: Simplify Excluded pages instructions if user cannot change SSL per permissions.

  • Removed: Support for WHMCS
  • Added: Notification to Network admin about WHMCS
  • Fixed: Some minor typos
  • Fixed: Fatal error with newer versions of PHP
  • Fixed: Issue with logged out users on Pro Site not being redirected to mapped domain
  • Fixed: Various issues involving SSL and mismatched content
  • Fixed: Issue with theme customizer not working with mapped domains
  • Fixed: Issue with purchasing uk tld using PayPal
  • rors when using the Customizer
  • Improved: Refactored mapping logic for easier troubleshooting mapping issues in
  • velopment

  • Fixed: Issue when main site uses www

  • Improved: Overall sanity and stability

  • Improved: Mapping performance
  • Fixed: Issue with mapping scheme
  • Fixed: Issue with multiple mapped domains
  • Fixed: Multiple issues with translation files

  • Improved: Better compatibility with Upfront themes
  • Improved: Better scheme forcing
  • Fixed: Depreciated notices

Version 4.4.2
  • Improved: Upfront compatibility
  • Improved: Single sign on functionality
  • Improved: Request scheme handling in backend and frontend
  • Improved: Mapped domain validity and validity check
  • Improved: Compatibility with older versions of PHP
  • Improved: More hooks to control different actions like redirect after SSO and ...
  • Fixed: Logging out from a user would log out on all users

Version 4.4.1
  • Added: Cache scheme variables with transients
  • Added: Make sunrise inclusion smarter
  • Fixed: Scheme mismatch in admin_url hook under mapped domain
  • Fixed: Make sure purchase in whmcs reseller is logged
  • Fixed: Meaningful error message in case domain is not correctly added as mapped domain
  • Fixed: Less requests to db when checking force_ssl_on_mapped_domain for domain
  • Fixed: Bug in is_original_domain method

  • Fixed: Mixed urls in contents under ssl

  • Add dm_toggle_mapping action hook to toggle mapped domain active flag
  • Fix bug in domain mapping domain column length when used with InnoDB

  • Fixed: Blank page after login when redirect_to is null
  • Fixed: Bug in setting correct scheme for the endpoint
  • Fixed: Https admin ajax url in none https page
  • Fixed: Bug in sso endpoing url scheme,
  • Fixed: Inability to logout from mapped domain
  • Fixed: Bug in SSO that prevented it from working on slower installs
  • Fixed: Cross-login issue and cookie nag

  • Fixed: Issue in login functionality when both admin and login mappings are original
  • Fixed: Bugs in unswap url and login and sso from https pages
  • Fixed: Mapping bugs with https scheme
  • Fixed: Some domain validations issues

  • Fixed: Bug in login form action attribute on mapped domain

  • Fixed: Admin url issues on mapped site
  • Fixed: Sso endpoint resolution issues
  • Fixed: Bug in admin and login mapping uppon login

  • Fixed: Issue in login from mapped domain
  • Fixed: Issue in visiting admin with the secondary mapped domains
  • Fixed: Ability to remove prohibited domains from mapped domains table

  • Added: More control over excluded and ssl-forced pages and urls ( for super admin )
  • Fixed: Issue with prohibited domains and disallowed subdomains
  • Fixed: Issue with php v.5.2.x and Punycode Class ( used for International Domain Names )
  • Fixed: Some js issues in mapped domain table pagination
  • Fixed: Some typos

  • Fixed: Post preview link issue
  • Fixed: Bug in eNom purchase functionality
  • Fixed: Some minor bugs

Version 4.4
  • Better integration with Multi-Domains plugin
  • Revamped SSO to improve performance and solve issue with out of date token nag, now fully async
  • Added: Ability to disable single url scheme forcing and mapping exclusion
  • Added: Better UX for adding and managing mapped domains
  • Added: Ability to enable multiple mapped domains from admin of the main site
  • Added: Support for multiple currencies
  • Fixed: Bug when going from an excluded page to the mapped domain
  • Fixed: Forcing https for admin and login
  • Fixed: Better UX for adding and managing mapped domains
  • Fixed: Punycode class compatibility when some extensions are not installed
  • Fixed: WP add_query_var and remove_query_var vulnerability
  • Removed: DM_FORCE_PROTOCOL_ON_MAPPED_DOMAIN, the schema forcing for mapped domains as well as original domain is only possible from the setting pages

  • Fixed issue with excluded pages problem on homepage

  • Added ability to turn "Check domain propagation before mapping" on and off
  • Fixed issue with static content (image, css, ...) not showing up in some sub-sites

  • Fixed minor bug when sub-site doesn't have a mapped domain

  • Fixed double forward slash in urls
  • Fixed sub-site name missing in some urls

Version 4.3
  • Added ability to disable sub-domains of the original domain to be used as sub-site’s primary (mapped) domain
  • Added ability to prohibit certain domains and their sub-domains
  • Added ability to exclude some pages to be mapped
  • Added ability to force https for each single page
  • Added not mapping to primary (mapped) domain when it’s not valid yet.
  • Added ability to define custom sunrise file
  • Added ability to include SSO asynchronously
  • Fixed bug in mapped domain scheme forcing
  • Fixed wrong urls in the admin of sub-site when the sub-site has mapped domain
  • Fixed problem in sunrise when IP addressed is used instead of a domain name for the main site
  • Fixed bug when frontend is forced to use https and redirect type is set to force primary domain
  • Fixed bug when front-end is to https forced in the main site’s settings page and it’s allowing both https and http for the mapped domain
  • Fixed problem in customizer when mapped domain is used with https

  • Fixed: bug in mapped domain schema forcing

  • Fixed: bug causing redirect loop in sub-site's login when original admin/login pages are forced to have https and subdomain has mapped domain

  • Added: ability to force schema in admin of mapped domain when schema is forced for front-end of mapped domain
  • Added: ability to leave mapped domain schema unforced
  • Added: delete mapping record from db when blog is deleted
  • Fixed: bug in mapped domain schema forcing on nginx servers
  • Fixed: preventing original domain with www to be added as mapped domain
  • Fixed: bug in SSO when logging in subdomain and not getting logged in in mapped domain

  • Fixed: Domain validation issue

  • Fixed: bug that prevented some installs from adding a new domain
  • Fixed: domain validation when adding or removing a domain

  • Fixed: bug in Mapped domains table
  • Amended: sunrise inclusion

Version 4.2
  • International domain names
  • List of mapped domains for network admin and inline actions
  • Ability to force front-end and admin schemes ( http / https )
  • Accepting one letter subdomain as mapped domain
  • Fixed: Blank page while purchasing a new domain in sub-site admin
  • Added: WHMCS integration
  • Changed how sunrise is maintained

  • Fixed redirect loop for mapped domains when SSO is active

  • Fixed redirect loop for some domain names when SSO is active

Version 4.1.4
  • Added feature that would prevent from redirecting to mapped domain if in ssl connection

Version 4.1.3
  • Added dm_home_url() to retrieve home url with original domain when in ssl connection
  • Added dm_site_url() to retrieve site url with original domain when in ssl connection
  • Fixed wording for error notifications while adding a new domain

  • Fixed a minor issue Cdsso::update_login_url() when $redirect_to is empty

Version 4.1.2
  • Fixed domain health status check process
  • Fixed front end SSL mapping issue
  • Fixed x-autocomplete fields for eNom forms
  • Fixed unexpected redirect issue due to canonical URL difference
  • Implemented ability to override standard domain mapping instructions
  • Implemented ability to set front end mapping for a certain blog
  • Reworked cross domain single sign on implementation + better SSL support

Version 4.1.1
  • Fixed issue with password protected pages.
  • Fixed issue with wrongly replaced links a post/page content.
  • Fixed database query issue related to cookies building which appear on sign up page.
  • Implemented new version of WPMUDev Dashboard notices extension.

Version 4.1
  • Fixed incorrect work of SSO via stylesheets
  • Fixed home domain mapping in case when primary domain is selected
  • Fixed allowed redirect hosts filtering issue
  • Fixed theme preview compatibility issue
  • Implemented ability to register eNom accounts via admin dashboard
  • Improved eNom domain purchase form
  • Improved stylesheets SSO
  • Added instruction how to enabled multiple domains mapping

Version 4.0.4
  • Fixed SSL verification issue for health check validation
  • Fixed WPEngine compatibility issue

Version 4.0.3
  • Fixed dedicated IP determination
  • Fixed ProSites compatibility issue
  • Implemented front end redirect to primary domain
  • Improved MultiDB compatibility by registering domain mapping tables as global

Version 4.0.2
  • Implemented new CDSSO, but it works in test mode right now
  • Fixed health check status update
  • Fixed minor bugs and issues

Version 4.0.1
  • Fixed health check issue
  • Fixed minor bug in the upgrade module
  • Improved reseller requests log system
  • Implemented ability to disable SSL verification for reseller requests

Version 4
  • Reworked UI of the plugin
  • Implemented ability to validate mapped domain
  • Implemented eNom reseller API
  • Implemented ability to buy domains via site admin dashboard
  • Implemented ability to use Pro Sites PayPal payment gateway to pay for domains
  • Implemented DNS auto setup and auto mapping functionality for purchased domains
  • Implemented reseller API requests log
  • Fixed another errors and bugs found in 3.x.x version

  • Added dirname for require includes to handle PHP installs without current directory in path
  • Added collation setting to table creation sql

  • Fixed capability for network pages
  • Updated sunrise.php to remove WP3.6 depreciated call

  • Added missing strings to the language files.

Version 3.2.4
  • Fixed issue with password protected posts when login url set to original domain

Version 3.2.3
  • Fixed cookie issue for logins
  • Set admin-ajax.php to always to loaded from the mapped domain on the front end of a domain mapped site

Version 3.2.2
  • Added ability to map www. domains
  • Added ability to detect if visitor also arrived at non www. domain in case where mapped domain contains www.
  • Removed forced protocol setting for mapped domains - should fix 404 preview pages when admin area is via ssl
  • Added config option to switch forced protocol setting back on if it is undesired - DM_FORCE_PROTOCOL_ON_MAPPED_DOMAIN
  • *IMPORTANT* Sunrise.php must be updated manually when updating this plugin

Version 3.2.1
  • Updated remove defines message to be clearer.

Version 3.2
  • Added level selection for Pro-sites integration
  • Added extra configuration messages to make it clearer what needs to be changed / set to correctly set up the plugin

Version 3.1.7
  • Added parameter defaults to some functions to make it easier for other plugins to call them.

Version 3.1.6
  • Updated so that front end links remain mapped when admin area is set to use original domain.

Version 3.1.5
  • Updated table check and creation routines to ensure table exists.
  • Remove remaining notification warnings.

Version 3.1.4
  • Fixed warnings when logging out of mapped domain

Version 3.1.3
  • Removed warnings and depreciated function calls.
  • Ready for WP3.5

Version 3.1.2
  • Fixed $current_site overwriting issue
  • Note: sunrise.php must be manually updated if you are updating the plugin

Version 3.1.1
  • Fixed IP ADDRESS NOT SET reporting bug
  • Added extra checks in domain mapping options to check if dm table is created and if not attempt to recreate or display the required SQL if not possible.
  • Updated check for DM_COMPATIBILITY to allow it to be set to No rather than need to be commented out.
  • *Note* sunrise.php will need to be updated manually

Version 3.1
  • Moved loading of domain mapping filters to earlier in the plugin execution to ensure everything is mapped correctly.
  • Added two hooks - domainmapping_added_domain and domainmapping_deleted_domain which are fired when a domain is added or deleted on a site.
  • Both pass in the lowercase of the domain and the id of the blog as parameters.

Version 3.0.9
  • Restructure of plugin code.
  • Fixed tiny-mce javascript bug - ensure javascript loaded on correct domain
  • Fixed 302 redirects - forces 301 in all places now
  • Updated language file to include new strings
  • Updated sunrise.php with neater queries

  • Fixed: headers already sent - attempt 2

  • Fixed: headers already sent

  • FORCE_SSL_LOGIN compatibility
  • FORCE_SSL_ADMIN compatibility

Version 3.0.8
  • Mods to prevent problems with 3.4 theme customizer and domain mapping.
  • Update for Pro Sites
  • Do not redirect ajax requests

Version 3.0.7
  • Removed rogue php shortcode

Version 3.0.6
  • Added extra checks to ensure table prefix is set correctly
  • Fixed mapped domain column in Network admin -> Sites table
  • Moved Domain mapping options from the Network settings form to own page at Settings -> Domain Mapping

Version 3.0.5
  • Fixed translation file location code

Version 3.0.4

    Version 3.0.2
    • Bug fixes, better compatibility with Multi-Domains plugin

    Version 3.0.1
    • Bug fix

    Version 3

      Version 2.1.1

        Version 2.1

          Version 2

            Version 1.0.3

              Version 1.0.2

                Version 1.0.1

                  Version 1
                    The professionals' secret to setting and selling custom URLs across a Multisite network.
                    • Search, sell and map domain names
                    • Health status checker and DNS verification
                    • Subdomain and subdirectory compatible
                    • Force http/https using original domain
                    • Give network sites a custom URL
                    • Pro Sites integration

                    Domain Mapping is the only plugin of its kind to bundle simple mapping, domain name resale and mapping as a premium service.

                    As one of the most requested features for Multisite, Domain Mapping has quickly become an essential plugin for every network.

                    Cut the bulk and display beautiful, memorable URLs across an entire Multisite network.

                    Simple Setup, Smart Configuration

                    Already set up your network? Map domains on a subdomain or subdirectory network.

                    Don’t worry about confusing settings. Domain Mapping automatically adjusts to fit your network’s structure.

                    Sell domain names right inside your WordPress Multisite dashboard.

                    Sell Domain Names Direct

                    Become a reseller and open new streams of income. Let users search, buy and map as many domain names to their site as they like.

                    Automate distribution and management with eNom and Pro Sites.

                    Domain Mapping even works with networkwide passwords and global shopping carts.

                    Stand Out Performance

                    Save big on SSL certification with mapping control over individual URLs.

                    Get the only mapping plugin in its class to offer forced HTTPS and to let you use an original URL for things like checkout and payment pages.

                    Pro Sites and Domain Mapping work together for easily creating your own or

                    Better with Pro Sites

                    Domain Mapping together with Pro Sites makes it easy to create your own paid and fully managed WordPress hosting service.

                    Attract new users and grow profits with high-end products and services for your network.

                    To Get Started:

                    Start by reading the Installing Plugins section in our comprehensive WordPress and WordPress Multisite Manual if you are new to WordPress.

                    Before we get started, there are 4 things we need to check first…

                    • WordPress Multisite: you are running your WordPress website as a multisite right? Because if not then you won’t be able to install this plugin.
                    • Dedicated IP: For using A Record setups, you need to ensure you have a dedicated IP. This IP would fall onto your multisite setup. i.e. when you enter the IP you see your multisite. This is known as the DocumentRoot for the IP, your host will be able to sort this quickly and easily.
                    • FTP access: you need FTP access to your multisite to properly install and configure this plugin. Specifically, one plugin file must be relocated, and wp-config.php will need an edit.
                    • PHP version: You’ll need to be running a PHP version equal or higher to 5.3 for Domain Mapping to work.

                    Got all that? Great, then let’s get to it!

                    Getting Set Up

                    So first and foremost, download the plugin to your computer and then unzip it. Inside, you will see the following files:


                    Once unpacked, we need to upload all that to your website. Provided you have not changed your plugin directory path, it will look like this:


                    You will want to upload the inner domain-mapping folder there (that’s the one inside the main folder with all the numbers). So log in through FTP or, if you are on a local host, then move that folder over.

                    The path will then be:


                    You will see in the /domain-mapping/ folder there is a file called sunrise.php. We need to move that (move, not copy) to the /wp-content/ folder.

                    So the path to that file will be:



                    Thats the files sorted and uploaded. Now we just need crack open your wp-config.php file located within the root of your WordPress installation. On a cPanel server that path might be:



                    You will have to enter the following line:

                    define( 'SUNRISE', 'on' );

                    You can pop that right under the WP_DEBUG option, so like this:

                    define('WP_DEBUG', false);
                    define( 'SUNRISE', 'on' );

                    If for some reason you don’t have the WP_DEBUG line, then providing it is just above the following code comment it should work well:

                    /* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */

                    Note: If you add this in the wrong place, you will most likely find issues when adding a domain name to be mapped from your WordPress admin area.

                    Now head on over to Network Admin > Plugins, and Network Activate the plugin.

                    Domain Mapping - Network Activate

                    We have the plugin installed now, so let’s go configure things!

                    Configuring Network Settings

                    The settings are located in the Network Admin area under Settings > Domain Mapping.

                    Domain Mapping - Menu

                    Mapping options

                    There are a few settings that need your attention under the first tab: Mapping Options.

                    Let’s take a look at them one by one.

                    Enter your multisite IP address.
                    Enter your multisite IP address.

                    The Server IP Address is where you enter the IP address of your multisite. This doesn’t really affect anything; it appears in your users admin panels, and is only to inform them which IP they must use when mapping their domains.

                    Domain Mapping - Optional Instructions
                    Enter your own instructions if you want.

                    You can optionally enter your own instructions. When this field is left blank, the plugin’s default text will be used.

                    Select the administration mapping option.
                    Select the administration mapping option.

                    Administration mapping is where you select the domain that will be used in the admin area of sub-sites.

                    • domain entered by the user enables you and your users to access the admin area with either the mapped domain ( or the original domain (
                    • mapped domain enables you and your users to access the admin area through whichever domain is mapped. Don’t worry if you use, it will simply forward to
                    • original domain enables you and your users to access the admin area through the original domain only (

                    Select the login mapping option.
                    Select the login mapping option.

                    Login mapping has similar options as above, but it affects login action.

                    • domain entered by the user enables you and your users to login with either the mapped domain ( or the original domain (
                    • mapped domain requires you and your users to login with whichever domain is mapped (
                    • original domain requires you and your users to login through the original domain (

                    Enable/disable cross-domain login.
                    Enable/disable cross-domain login.

                    Enable Cross-domain autologin if you want the plugin to automatically log you into all sites you have mapped. Will also log your users into all domains they have mapped too!

                    Enable/disable domain verification.
                    Enable/disable domain verification.

                    If Verify domain availability is enabled, the plugin will notify your users if their selected domain cannot be mapped.

                    Domain Mapping - Front-end SSL
                    Force https in front-end and/or admin area.

                    You can force https in login and admin pages, only applicable if you have an SSL certificate.

                    And you can also force http/https in front-end pages as well, applicable if you have SSL enabled.

                    Make domain mapping a Pro Sites feature.
                    Make domain mapping a Pro Sites feature.

                    Select Pro Sites Levels will only appear if you have the Pro Sites plugin activated on your network. This enables you to make the domain mapping functionality available to certain Pro Site levels only, and charge your end members for the privilege of mapping their own domain via Pro Sites upgrades. (If you don’t already have Pro Sites, you can grab it here).

                    Reseller Options

                    Now let’s take a look at the settings under the second tab: Reseller Options.

                    Domain Mapping - Reseller options

                    The reseller API requests log level setting enables you to select how to log requests for domain names that your users purchase from you.

                    The Reseller provider setting allows you to select from the available domain name resellers. You can select from the following providers:

                    • eNom – you will need to enter your eNom account information.

                    Domain Mapping - Reseller - Enom

                    Your account id and password are the same you use to login to your eNom account.

                    The Select environment setting enables you to specify whether to use a test account at or your live account at Be sure the account ID & password you just entered are for the right account. :)

                    The SSL Certificate Verification setting allows you to enable or disable SSL verification.

                    The Select payment gateway setting will only be visible if you have Pro Sites also active on your network. You can select between the eNom credit card processing services (requires you to have a processing agreement with eNom and a secure SSL connection), or the PayPal payment gateway in Pro Sites.

                    Note: WHMCS Provisioning is a legacy plugin. This means it is no longer actively developed or supported by WPMU DEV. To learn more about our retired legacy plugins click here.

                    Mapped Domains

                    Let’s take a look at the last tab: Mapped Domains.

                    This tab provides a great overview of the domains mapped on your network. Domains are shown along with details and options available in columns as follows: Site ID, Mapped Domain, Original Address, Health Status, DNS Configuration, Active, Actions

                    Domain Mapping - Mapped domains

                    1. Easily find domains by entering a search term and clicking the Search mapped domains button.
                    2. The Health Status column indicates whether a domain is valid or not. Clicking the link will refresh the field.
                    3. The Actions column provides a couple of icons for quick actions: Toggle scheme or Remove mapping.

                    Domain Mapping

                    To add a domain name to your admin area is easy, but keep something in mind here:

                    If in the previous steps you chose “Mapped Domain” as the method for accessing the admin area and the domain being mapped is either not resolving to your server yet or not resolving for another reason other than DNS propagation then that admin area will not be accessible until the domain name has resolved correctly. Choose another option if this bothers you. :-)

                    Adding a domain name which is not resolving correctly in this instance will make that admin area inaccessible. Honest, we warned you!! ;-)

                    So, lets go to a sub site which has it own domain to map. In the sub site’s dashboard, go to Tools > Domain Mapping.

                    Domain Mapping - Tools Domain Mapping menu

                    Under the first tab, you can add the domain to be mapped to your sub site. Once you click add then that’s all you need to do from WordPress.

                    Enter the domain to be mapped to the sub site.
                    Enter the domain to be mapped to the sub site.

                    If you have enabled Verify domain availability in your network settings as described above, and the domain entered here is not valid for some reason, an alert like this will pop up:

                    Domain name verification alert.
                    Domain name verification alert.

                    If you have enabled domain purchasing in your network settings, clicking the second tab (Purchase domain) will enable your users to select and purchase their preferred domain name from you, right in the admin of their site. How cool is that?

                    Purchase a domain name right from wp-admin!
                    Purchase a domain name right from the dashboard!

                    A Record & CNAME

                    If you or your end user wishes to map a sub domain to the blog within your multisite install then you can set up a CNAME

                    For the purpose of these instructions we will assume you are doing this through cPanel, however if you are using a different panel or managing the DNS with the domain name registrar then the principle is just the same, the method of adding it might be a little different.

                    If you cannot manage your own DNS then you would need to discuss this with whomever is currently managing it.

                    Even people on cPanel might not have access to the Simple and Advanced DNS options, this depends on your hosting provider. If you point your name servers to your host then it can be managed by your host or your cPanel. Again if you don’t have access, then ask your host.

                    CNAMEs are used for sub domain mapping. i.e. you want to map to

                    A Records are for mapping TLDs aka Top Level Domains. i.e. mapped into

                    First we will handle a CNAME:

                    We will do this through Advanced DNS, so click on that.

                    Select Advanced DNS in cPanel
                    Select Advanced DNS in cPanel

                    Select the domain from which you would like to enter a CNAME. Now fill in the form. :-)

                    Adding a CNAME in cPanel
                    Adding a CNAME in cPanel

                    Name: the sub domain to be mapped. So

                    TTL: You can set this to 14400. If you know what you are doing then please feel free to adjust this.

                    Type: CNAME of course ;-)

                    CNAME: Where it is going to, in the example above, we use

                    Easy Peasy huh!

                    For A Record – Top Level Domains we go through the same process, except you will most likely already have the A record set (unless in instances where the domain is registered but not pointed anywhere).

                    Adding an A Record in cPanel
                    Adding an A Record in cPanel

                    So If its there click on EDIT for the main A record, and change that IP address to the dedicated IP for your Multisite install.

                    If you are setting up A record for the first time then the type is “A” A Record. Then rather than entering a CNAME it will be the Address field, which is for the IP Address.

                    Note: The IP address must have it’s DocumentRoot set so that when you load it in your browser you will see your WordPress install. In most cases this should be /public_html/ but it can vary, your host will be able to assist easily. This ensures that any mapped domains will be sent through to your WordPress install.

                    More options?

                    Yeah there are, you can also use Addon Domains and Parked Domains. They must point to the root of your multisite installation in order to function correctly.

                    This method also does not require a dedicated IP address.

                    However its not recommended you use this method for client websites as you will have to manually control their DNS. You would need to deal with MX Records if they wish to use email on that domain as well as other DNS requests.

                    This is a good method if you own them all though, its quick and easy!

                    Remember the domain root needs to be your multisite folder which is usually:


                    Addon Vs Parked

                    There really is not much difference. If you want an extra FTP account then use Addon domains. Really you shouldn’t be handing FTP accounts out due to security concerns, so there isn’t much need for this. And all FTP is usually done through your main FTP account.

                    Parked domains simply does as it states, it parks the domain onto a folder or redirect. Again this will vary from control panel to control panel.

                    Parking a domain in cPanel
                    Parking a domain in cPanel

                    Creating an Addon Domain in cPanel
                    Creating an Addon Domain in cPanel

                    Domain List

                    With Domain Mapping, you’ll be able to easily see mapped domains through your sites list at Sites > All Sites.

                    Domain Mapping - Sites list

                    Here you’ll see an additional column, Mapped Domains.

                    Domain Mapping - Sites list domains

                    All domain names mapped within your network will be displayed here.

                    Common FAQ

                    I get a 404 or some sort of server page, why?

                    Chances are your not using a dedicated IP or you have some issue with your htaccess file, please check those out first. You may also wish to double check your permalinks and re-save them again.

                    Why do I need a dedicated IP?

                    You only need a dedicated IP address when using A Records to map your domain. This is because the domain being mapped needs to land on your WordPress multisite install and if it doesn’t then our plugin and WordPress won’t know when to map it.

                    On shared hosting platforms, usually the sites IP address will fall on a landing page which is not related to your account in anyway.

                    Doesn’t this need to go into the MU folder?

                    Nope, you no longer need to do that!

                    If however you are running an older version pre-3.0.7 then you must remove those older plugin files before using the new version!

                    When I add a domain, the page just refreshes and nothing happens?

                    Chances are when you edited your wp-config.php to enter the sunrise information, you put it to far down. Check through these docs again and make the appropriate adjustments.

                    Erm… Cookie syncing does not work?

                    Cookie syncing is where you log into your and at the same time. Its this process that allows you to administer and view a mapped domain website whilst being logged in.

                    Its not a process to log you into all mapped domains on a network install.

                    Anything else I need to do?

                    If you installed your WordPress installation as a subdirectory, then nahh nothing else there.

                    If you installed your WordPress installation as a subdomain version, then we assume here that you’ve already set up your Wild Card? Don’t worry if not, checkout WordPress for a walk through:


                    After adding a domain I can not add a second domain. Is this correct?

                    If you haven’t added anything to your wp-config.php then it’s limited to a single domain per site. If you add the following somewhere in it then you will be able to use multiple domains per site.

                    define('DOMAINMAPPING_ALLOWMULTI', true);

                    Need help?

                    But…. But…. But…. What now!!!!

                    Thats your end of it done anyway. If you or your end user need to map a domain we first need a site. We won’t cover the whole creation of multisite and sub sites here. If you need help there then please pop over to our support forums, we will gladly help you out there!

                    Domain Mapping is covered by the WPMU DEV Guarantee

                    WPMU DEV Guarantee

                    We guarantee that...

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                    While you have 30 days, no obligations risk-free trial of WPMU DEV if you become a paid member and are dissatisfied with any of the above we'll refund you, no questions asked.

                    Domain Mapping Features

                    Grow your network and increase profits.

                    • Unique landing page URLs
                    • Network cookie sharing
                    • Global login
                    • Mapped domain manager
                    • Health status checker
                    • Enable multiple mapped domains
                    • Works with global shopping carts
                    • Create product sub-sites
                    • Create custom mapping instructions
                    • limit admin access to original domain
                    • limit admin access to mapped domain
                    • Restrict login to mapped domain
                    • Restrict login to original domain
                    • Cross-domain autologin
                    • Built-in DNS record verification
                    • Propagation check before mapping
                    • Force http/https using original domain
                    • Set map-excluded urls
                    • Integrated domain resale
                    • Pro Sites integration
                    • Mapping as an upgrade
                    • eNom integration
                    • End user domain mapping
                    • Supports marketplace solutions
                    • International domain name mapping
                    • Simple guided configuration
                    • Multi-Domain integration