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Easily customize and simplify the WordPress dashboard for novice users and clients.

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easy blogging allows you to customize and simplify the WordPress dashboard for novice users and clients.

One of the biggest challenges for WordPress Multisite site owners is the default admin area can be confusing for new users. Easy Blogging help solves that by cutting out the clutter.

End the WordPress Admin Area Confusion

Easy Blogging’s easy-to-use wizard guides users through the settings, allowing you to customize WordPress exactly the way you want it.

Once set up, you can switch between the regular WordPress dashboard or easy mode.

Easy Blogging

Quickly and easily switch between “Easy Mode” and the regular WordPress interface.

Easy Blogging is Feature-rich

Easy Blogging is the ultimate plugin for Multisite site owners:

  • Tooltips allow you to help your users
  • Manage post and page options
  • Comes with four in-built theme presets
  • Set up your own admin icon
  • Integrate Easy Blogging with other WPMU DEV plugins, such as Pro Sites
Easy Blogging

The Easy Blogging interface reduces unnecessary settings in WordPress, allowing you to simplify parts of the admin area such as the post editor.


Start by reading Installing plugins section in our comprehensive WordPress and WordPress Multisite Manual if you are new to WordPress.

Note: If you have an older version of the plugin installed in /mu-plugins/ please delete it.

When installed on a multisite network, this plugin must be network-activated.

How It Works

1. Users just need to click on ‘Activate Easy Mode’ at the top of their blog dashboards to access the easy blogging admin interface.

Activate easy mode

2. Changing back to the standard WordPress interface is as simple as clicking on ‘EXIT EASY MODE’

Exit easy mode

To customize it

In your admin area, go to Easy Blogging to customize options such as the option to show a Logout link or the option as to whether users enter Easy Mode by default.

Easy Blogging Options

You can also select from a number of included themes.

Select a theme

Easy Blogging Wizard

To enable and create a wizard guide, go to Easy Blogging > Easy Blogging Wizard and tick Yes for the Enable Wizard option.

You can then create your own wizard steps by selecting a URL type, entering a URL, Title and Help text, then pressing Save Changes.

Easy Blogging Wizard

Once your wizard step is created, you’ll be able to drag and drop it where you want to in the wizard process, and you can also Edit or Delete the step.

As an example, here’s an illustration of one way you can setup a Wizard step that gives users information about their Dashboard.

Easy Blogging Wizard Step example

Easy Blogging Tooltips

Easy Blogging also includes tooltips that you can turn on at Easy Blogging > Easy Blogging Tooltips.

Easy Blogging Tooltips

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