Farms 133 theme pack

The ultimate WordPress theme pack - 133 themes customized to work brilliantly with Multisite out of the box.


  • updated timthumb to latest version


  • updated timthumb to latest version

  • bumped version to remove update notification in WPMUDEV dashboard

Version 1.3.8
  • Fixed: Benevolence Theme copyright issue

  • Fixed: Some themes not using included jQuery
  • Fixed: Typo in letoprime

  • - Added missing POT files
  • - Fixed: function.php extra

  • Fixed typos in 72class
  • Fixed style and js enqueue issue

  • Fixed Nature RSS icon

  • OceanMist category list fixed

  • Bug fixes

  • Fixed auto update issue

  • Fixed: Autofocus Browse Links
  • Removed Theme URI

  • Fixed: Notice: Undefined variable: noresults

Version 1.3.7
  • 3.4 compatibility fixes

Version 1.3.6
  • Major bug fixes release
  • - Made compatible with 3.3
  • - Fixed styling issues

Version 1.3.5
  • fix css/recaptcha issue in some themes
  • remove commentpress and smell like facebook replaced with liquorice and yoko responsive theme
  • added network site wide preset background image controlled by network admin - add custom-bg folder to /wp-content/ and upload as many custom background images as you want. correct path: www/wp-content/custom-bg/

Version 1.3.4
  • Adjust timthumb version numbers to prevent vulnerability scanner false alarms

Version 1.3.3
  • Fix for missing files

Version 1.3.2
  • Fix for timthumb exploit present in "mystique" theme

Version 1.3.1
  • removed wpmudev text in description
  • fixed network sitename not showing when domain mapping installed
  • fixed js conflict with lightbox related plugins

Version 1.3
  • added higher versions to disable update themes notification
  • fixed p2 frontpage media upload issue

Version 1.2
  • added new WordPress custom menus compatibility to all themes
  • added title link for hosted by MAIN BLOG in footer (for seo purpose)
  • you can now remove authors link by adding 'define('SHOW_AUTHORS', 'false');' in wp-config.php
  • fixed theme options not showing in sub blogs
  • fixed other bug trac/css issues

Version 1.1
  • Updated, fixed up, ready to roll!

Version 1

    Downloads 50,850

    Compatibility WordPress 4.3.1Multisite 4.3.1

    This theme pack will take your WordPress and WordPress Multisite to the next level.

    Contained within are 133 professional, premium, beautiful, tested functional and fully supported themes.

    Wordpress theme pack

    Check them out, divided into ‘standard’ and ‘premium’ themes (you can change this at will) in the screenshots.

    Each theme has been completely tested, updated for the latest WordPress functionality (widgets, custom headers, threaded comments, slick galleries and more!) and we’ve even made sure that each one is 100% internationalized.

    Every theme is covered by our Upgrade and Support Guarantee – so if you have any problems, we’ll fix them right up for you!

    No more bugs, no more headaches, no more compatibility issues.

    Upgrade and support guaranteed

    Each theme has been tested with WPMU DEV plugins and other features on Edublogs – and as part of that we’ve also designed in consistency across the whole pack.

    So, for example, all pages now operate the same in that they all have comments, but when comments are turned off, no ‘comments closed’ text appear.

    Gallery and caption CSS code is included… in every single theme.

    Sample Gallery and image CSS

    WordPress 2.9 thumbnail code is fully supported too!

    And on a geeky front, we’ve:

    • replaced PHP_SELF call in search to bloginfo(‘url’) *security issue
    • added load_theme_textdomain() to all themes
    • replaced the hardcoded footer ‘hosted by..’ main site link to auto fetch a link to the main site
    • replaced timthumb usage in some themes to auto fetch thumbnail images
    • separated comments and pingback with custom wp_list_comment call, so you can turn off trackbacks if not used
    • replaced the hardcoded date time call to wordpress built in gmtdate()
    • added missing wp_head() and wp_footer() in some themes

    But of course it doesn’t stop there, you can now use our amazing Pro Sites plugin to offer your users use of these themes as ‘Premium Themes’ (just like we do on Edublogs!)

    Offer your users premium themes

    And every theme is also tagged, so you can allow users to sort through them based on available tags.

    Every theme has tags

    Making this, without doubt, the most comprehensive, fully supported and up to date collection of themes you will find anywhere on the web… and we hope you enjoy them :)

    To Install:

    IMPORTANT: There are 133 themes in this download package. Each theme MUST be uploaded individually to your site.

    1. Download the Farms 133 theme pack

    2. Unzip the file to extract all files into a folder on your hard drive.

    Unzip theme folder

    3. Launch FileZilla or your FTP client – read more about using FTP and FTP clients here.

    4. Enter your domain name, your username, password and click Quickconnect.

    • This is the same username and password that you use to log into your cPanel.

    5. Locate and open up the folder on your computer that contains the new theme(s).

    Locate the theme folder on your computer

    6. Open up your theme folder for your site (located within wp-content folder of your public_html folder)

    7. Select one theme folder in the folder on your computer and drag it into your into wp-content/themes folder to upload one theme at a time to your WordPress directory

    • It is good practice to upload each theme one by one to avoid chances of errors during FTP.
    • Check names of folders on your computer and those in wp-content/themes folder – don’t select any folders that have the same name as those in your WordPress directory unless you are happy to overwrite them

    Upload a theme folder

    8.  Dragging the theme folders from your computer into theme folder in your WordPress directory uploads these new themes to your WordPress install however they aren’t enabled on a WordPress multisite install.

    9.  On a WordPress Multisite your new theme is now installed but isn’t enabled.

    10.  As Super Admin on WordPress Multisite you have the choice to enable:

    a) All themes network wide so that all users can choose from the entire selection of themes
    b) Limited number of themes network wide and enable specific themes on a per site basis
    c) Use Pro Sites plugin to offer premium themes for Pro sites only

    Enabling Themes network wide

    To change what themes are available network wide:

    1. Click on Themes > Installed Themes in the Network Admin dashboard area.

    Go to Installed Themes

    2.  Select the themes you want to make available to all sites by either:

    • Clicking on Network Enable below the theme name.
    • Selecting all themes you want to enable, then select Network Enable from the Bulk Actions drop down menu and click Apply.

    Once enabled, the themes will be made available for use by site admin users and be listed in Appearance > Themes in the Site Admin dashboard.

    Network enable themes

    Enabling themes on a per site basis

    Any theme that has not been activated for the entire network can be activated on a site as follows:

    1. Locate the site you want to enable specific themes on by searching for the site using Sites in the Network Admin dashboard.

    Go to All Sites

    2. Once you have located the site click on Edit (hovering your mouse over the domain name brings up the action menu)

    Click on Edit under site name

    3. Click on the Theme tab on the Edit Site page.

    Click on Theme tab

    4. Select the themes you want to make available to this site by either:

    • Clicking on Enable below the theme name
    • Or selecting all themes you want to enable for the site, then select Enable from the Bulk Actions drop down menu and click Apply.

    Only themes that haven’t been enabled across the entire network are shown on this page in the Network Admin Dashboard.

    Once enabled the themes will be made available for use by site admin users and be listed in Appearance > Themes in the Site Admin dashboard for that site.

    Enable theme

    Using Pro Sites Plugin for Premium Themes

    The Pro sites plugin allows you to select premium themes for Pro sites only.

    The idea is you make the best and nicest themes available on Pro sites so users will want to sign up to access the themes.

    It’s as simple as:

    1.  Install and network activate the Pro sites plugin.

    2.  Go to Pro Sites > Modules/Gateways in the network admin dashboard.

    3.  Enable Premium Themes.

    Enable Premium themes

    4.  Go to Pro Sites > Premium themes.

    Go to Premium themes

    5.  Select Pro from the drop down menu next to the theme(s) you want to make available to pro sites only and then click Save Changes.

    • Only themes that haven’t been enabled network wide will be listed on this page

    Enable theme for Pro sites only

    6.   Your Premium Themes are listed in Appearance > Themes.  Your free users will see a Pro Only link below Premium themes and need to upgrade to Pro to activate the theme.

    Pro site themes