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Say Hellooo to the first completely free, completely magical, and completely expandable forms plugin for WordPress!

From basic contact forms and surveys to interactive polls with real-time results and “no wrong answer” Facebook-style quizzes, Forminator is the WordPress form builder for, well, everyone.
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Downloads 178,246
Active Installs 60,348
Ultra Compatible
Version 1.12.1

Changelog / Translations

Version 1.12.1

  • Fix: Quiz submitting after answering first question
  • Fix: Compatibility issue with BigCommerce plugin
  • Fix: Name field breaks pagination


Version 1.12.1
  • Fix: Quiz submitting after answering first question
  • Fix: Compatibility issue with BigCommerce plugin
  • Fix: Name field breaks pagination

Version 1.12
  • Add: Registration & Login forms
  • Improvement: Load Quiz front-end stylesheets efficiently
  • Improvement: Load Quiz front-end JS efficiently
  • Improvement: Add height option for Textarea field
  • Improvement: User RGBA color picker for all pickers except text layer
  • Improvement: Improved front-end pagination logic
  • Improvement: Updated Stripe PHP lib
  • Improvement: Allow upload limit to be set in different units (Byte, KB and MB)
  • Improvement: Allow disavling IP Retention when 0 set as value
  • Improvement: Make subject and body required for the email notifications
  • Improvement: Add Unselect All for File Upload field
  • Improvement: Quiz Real Time responses show answer faster
  • Fix: Stripe payment not working when Stripe receipt field left empty
  • Fix: Date field not displayed correctly on front-end with Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder
  • Fix: Custom CSS not working for Polls
  • Fix: Various typos
  • Fix: Conflict between Stripe and Upload required fields
  • Fix: Stripe field not rendering when form Material theme used
  • Fix: Number field can be submitted only with zero field
  • Fix: update_form_setting API method doesn't update settings
  • Fix: Disconnected Hubspot integration is still displayed as connected
  • Fix: Sender Email name is missing when email sent
  • Fix: Empty file upload causes error message that files are exceeding max size
  • Fix: Shortcode generator SUIselect2 breaks Hustle selects
  • Fix: Server validations not working for Date field when type is text
  • Fix: Scheduled export email sent only on admin email
  • Fix: Conflict with Embed Plus for YouTube plugin
  • Fix: Replace 'php://output' with 'php://memory' in CSV export
  • Fix: Issues with Phone field validation
  • Fix: Popup for leaving page with changes shown even no changes done
  • Fix: Query Parameters prefill not working with AJAX form load
  • Fix: "Invalid Format" when using decimals on number fields
  • Fix: Refer URL is incorrect when slug contains percent-encoding
  • Fix: PHP warning displayed on Quiz front-end
  • Fix: Poll votes count cannot be hidden
  • Fix: Forminator form notification sender email overwriting the default one
  • Fix: Visual issues with Pagination on Twenty Twenty theme
  • Fix: Text content goes outside the preview modal
  • Fix: Quiz font does not match the theme font automatically

Version 1.11.4
  • Fix: GDPR field prints HTML as text

Version 1.11.3
  • Security Fix: Patch authenticated stored XSS

Version 1.11.2
  • Fix: Stripe field not rendering properly when Material design style is used on forms.

Version 1.11.1
  • Fix: PayPal throwing the 0 amount error when variable amount option is used.
  • Fix: Visitors able to change the form fields data while making the inline credit/debit card payment with the PayPal field.

Version 1.11
  • Add: Importing forms from Contact Form 7 & third party add-ons
  • Add: Hooks for Form, Poll and Quiz CRUD
  • Improvement: Load front-end stylesheets efficiently
  • Improvement: Load front-end JS efficiently
  • Improvement: Add validation for PayPal field amount
  • Improvement: Plugin reset doesn't delete Payment settings
  • Improvement: Stripe forms giving console warnings
  • Improvement: Nested calculatons with conditions
  • Fix: Conditionally hidden fields are still required
  • Fix: Cannot connect Google Sheets when Beehive is activated
  • Fix: Email notification "from email" setting not applied
  • Fix: Conditions with HIDE method not working as expected
  • Fix: Wrong custom CSS selectors for Polls
  • Fix: Redirect to same tab behaviour
  • Fix: Missing country Georgia
  • Fix: Quiz and Poll custom CSS doesn't apply on front-end
  • Fix: Phone field with National validation type fails to validate
  • Fix: HTML stripped from quizzes Final Count message
  • Fix: Editing calculation sometimes breaks the wizard
  • Fix: Type attribute missing for Text field input
  • Fix: Forms doesn't work in Elementor popup
  • Fix: Select field inline validation fails

Version 1.10.2
  • Fix: WordPress 5.3 compatibility issues

Version 1.10.1
  • Improvement: Better sanitization/escaping of $_POST and $_GET requests.
  • Fix: Sending plain emails and ignoring the notifications formatting.
  • Fix: Incorrect calculations behaviour with the Checkbox field.

Version 1.10
  • Add: Email routing and conditional emails
  • Add: Pre-filling forms with dynamic data using query parameters
  • Add: Hubspot integration support creating tickets from Forminator forms
  • Improvement: New pagination flow
  • Improvement: Ability to use {all_field} email merged tag to send only the non-empty fields
  • Improvement: Not clear that From and Reply to fields can be used as input fields
  • Improvement: Allow users to set custom required validation message for GDPR field
  • Improvement: Date format in Datepicker field support for custom formats
  • Improvement: Setting to optionally download the submissions based on the active filters.
  • Improvement: Add option to upload media files to Media Library
  • Improvement: Ability to change the quiz sharing message
  • Fix: Address apartment sub-field doesn't show in email notification
  • Fix: Issues with visibility conditions
  • Fix: Hidden fields by conditions still calculated
  • Fix: Form can be submitted with "Require SSL certificate to submit this form" enabled and no SSL certificate
  • Fix: Conditions rule validation

Version 1.9.2
  • Fix: Stripe forms adding some unnecessary $1 payments marked as incomplete on the Stripe dashboard.
  • Fix: Visitors sometimes getting charged even if there were some server-side validation errors while submitting the form.
  • Fix: Calculation fields not getting submitted as Stripe metadata.

Version 1.9.1
  • Fix: Issue with Stripe keys

Version 1.9
  • Add: Stripe compatibility with SCA
  • Improvement: Submission Indication should work with "page reload" submit method
  • Improvement: Better Auto-generated values for multi value fields
  • Fix: Pagination header and buttons still shown when form hidden after submit
  • Fix: Dashboard boxes are not removed when limit number set to zero
  • Fix: Visibility tab breaks when all fields are in single row
  • Fix: Compatibility issue between Hustle and Forminator
  • Fix: Issues with calculation on multi select field

Version 1.8.1
  • Fix: International and National phone validation always throws Invalid Format error

Version 1.8
  • Add: Hubspot integration
  • Add: New improved front-end user interface for polls.
  • Add: Settings to style poll chart colors
  • Add: Allow form fields in HTML field
  • Add: reCaptcha v3
  • Improvement: Group settings on Settings page
  • Improvement: Accessibility in condition settings
  • Improvement: Add bulk delete on Poll submissions
  • Improvement: Calculations logic depending on conditions
  • Fix: Compatibility issues with Divi tabs
  • Fix: Prevent applying visibility conditions on same field
  • Fix: Prevent saving IPs on poll submissions when cookies selected
  • Fix: All poll submissions on export have same date & time
  • Fix: Integration modals close without refreshing the list
  • Fix: Required fields are not reset to default when condition not met
  • Fix: Allow only numerical keyboard on mobile for number fields
  • Fix: Prevent negative voting limits for polls
  • Fix: Issues with printing styles on preview
  • Fix: Characters limit does not work with cyrilic
  • Fix: Font weight should be normal instead of regular
  • Fix: Phone verification not working with AJAX load
  • Fix: Submission page filter not working as expected
  • Fix: Shortcode generator does not work in Classic editor

  • Fix: Condition rule reset when condition field changed

  • Fix: Compatibility issue with WooCommerce select2

  • Fix: Currency field amount in PayPal not changed when default value used

Version 1.7.1
  • Add: PayPal Payment gateway
  • Add: Form templates
  • Add: Option for horizontal radio and checkboxes
  • Add: Option to redirect to new tab on submit
  • Improvement: Stripe payment related data in Submissions page design update
  • Improvement: Integrations UX
  • Improvement: Date field conditions when dropdown or input type doesn't work as expected
  • Improvement: Form Data in Personality quiz description not reflected on front-end
  • Improvement: Set condition based on day, month and year for date picker
  • Improvement: Placeholder text to Single Choice (Select2) search field
  • Improvement: Customer email address allow email field from the form
  • Fix: Visibility conditions on Submit button doesn't work with Pagination field
  • Fix: Importing Forms removes HTML from email body
  • Fix: MailChimp - Not all lists can be selected
  • Fix: Stripe publishable key is going out of box on mobile compatibility view
  • Fix: Spacing issue on submission expanded state
  • Fix: Changed "Macedonia" to "North Macedonia"
  • Fix: Forms grid not compatible with Divi tabs.
  • Fix: Submission error for one of the polls is shown for all instances on the page
  • Fix: Address field not correctly mapped on MailChimp add-on
  • Fix: Quiz social sharing not showing up after quiz submission
  • Fix: Quiz result not shared in Facebook post
  • Fix: Entering admin email will add it twice

  • Fix: Currency field amount converted to 1 in specific cases

Version 1.7
  • Add: Stripe Payment gateway
  • Add: Calculations
  • Add: New improved front-end user interface
  • Improvement: Deleting submissions do not delete attached files
  • Improvement: Validate field setting in Admin
  • Improvement: Poll vote limitations
  • Improvement: Add WYSIWYG editor to front-end
  • Improvement: Added option to hide dropdown search box
  • Improvement: Clicking on "Back to poll" button refreshes page even AJAX method selected
  • Improvement: Added number of submissions merge tag for front-end
  • Improvement: Submissions page doesn't show applied filters
  • Improvement: Allow date format in DatePicker field
  • Improvement: Scheduled submission exports to be send to multiple emails
  • Improvement: Hide already submitted options in select field
  • Improvement: Use Datepicker format on submissions page
  • Improvement: Allow different text on Prev and Next buttons
  • Improvement: Don't send blank form data of the hidden conditional fields
  • Improvement: Add "double" digits on front-end Timepicker input
  • Fix: {form_id} and {form_name} merge tags doesn't work in HTML field
  • Fix: Date field year starts from 2120
  • Fix: Issues when two DatePicker fields added to same page
  • Fix: PHP notices on Quiz submissions
  • Fix: Selecting form Submission behaviour to After Submission breaks admin page
  • Fix: Select dropdown breaks after form submission
  • Fix: Submission issues when two Forminator widgets attached to the page
  • Fix: Entering email to Email Notifications section add it twice
  • Fix: Strings missing in translations
  • Fix: While submitting poll "You have already voted for this poll" message displayed

Version 1.6.3
  • Add: Dashboard settings to control number of forms/polls/quizzes on dashboard page
  • Add: Data/Settings deletion settings
  • Add: Accessibility settings
  • Improvement: Allow decimals to be used in number field
  • Improvement: Include time field in submissions export
  • Improvement: Show correct data format on submission page when value is empty
  • Improvement: Allow {all_fields} shortcode in user confirmation email
  • Improvement: Added default values for Time field
  • Improvement: Added ability to change the delay or disable auto close for success message
  • Improvement: Visual issues on Internet Explorer
  • Improvement: Display font and color settings conditionally only for existing fields
  • Fix: Duplicated field changed if the original field changed
  • Fix: Phone field input missing type
  • Fix: URL Redirect replace & char
  • Fix: Confirmation email for users not being sent
  • Fix: Form can not be submitted if submit method is set to Reload page
  • Fix: Clicking Save button on Settings page redirects to blank page
  • Fix: Disable possibility to share Quiz Result via Google+
  • Fix: Custom styles printed multiple times
  • Fix: Poll results not displayed after vote
  • Fix: Min and Max validation triggered when value not set
  • Fix: Email notifications recipients duplicated
  • Fix: Issues with importing forms
  • Fix: Scheduled exports keep sending emails even disabled
  • Fix: Pagination submit button doesn't use styles from submit button
  • Fix: E char can be inserted in number field
  • Fix: Blue outline showing around the form
  • Fix: Select dropdown breaks after form submit
  • Multiple visual enhancements/fixes

Version 1.6.2
  • Add: Brand new quiz wizard UI/UX
  • Add: Quiz integrations
  • Improvement: Countries list updated
  • Improvement: Do not process fields that hidden by conditional logic
  • Improvement: Allow multiple correct answers on knowledge quiz
  • Fix: Form First Name autofill doesn't work
  • Fix: Issue with Single Choice as Required field
  • Fix: Potential self XSS vulnerability
  • Multiple minor enhancements/fixes

Version 1.6.1
  • Add: Accessibility settings for UI
  • Add: Brand new poll wizard UI/UX
  • Add: Poll integrations
  • Add: Front-end AJAX render for forms/polls/quizzes
  • Improvement: Remove activation tooltips
  • Improvement: Add option to enable/disabled DONOTCACHEPAGE constant
  • Improvement: Compatibility with Admin Menu Editor plugin
  • Fix: Hitting Return/Enter on an edit field has incorrect behaviour
  • Fix: Encoding special characters
  • Fix: Double value attribute for input fields
  • Fix: Form with pagination scroll on load
  • Fix: Anonymous post author even default author selected
  • Fix: HTML element doesn't work when Text editor is used
  • Other minor enhancements/fixes

  • Fix: Duplicating fields ID when more than 10 fields from same type

  • Fix: Form fields can't be dragged in Firefox

Version 1.6
  • Add: Brand new form wizard UI/UX
  • Add: Bulk options on listing pages
  • Add: Form name popup on form creation
  • Add: Image option to poll and quiz answers
  • Improvement: Preview fully functional
  • Improvement: Security improvements
  • Improvement: Listing pages in mobile
  • Fix: Poll stats Last Submission is not updating
  • Fix: Poll submissions export, no date per vote
  • Fix: Canceling Slack auth causing auth page loading loop
  • Fix: Submissions filter cannot be opened
  • Fix: Poll / Quiz preview showing images out of the modal
  • Fix: Guttenberg blocks preview broken
  • Fix: Delete quiz submission throws PHP error
  • Other minor enhancements/fixes

Version 1.5.4
  • Add: Title option in widget area
  • Add: Submissions filter
  • Add: IP retention for forms
  • Improvement: Scheduled Exports send submissions only when there are NEW entries
  • Update: Dashboard page UI
  • Update: Settings page UI
  • Update: Submissions page UI
  • Fix: Enable usage of form variables in email subject
  • Fix: Enable usage of variables in redirect field
  • Fix: Export CSV character encoding
  • Fix: Phone Filed - Standard validation, Country code not pre-filled on country selection
  • Fix: View Submission link from the gear icon doesn't work
  • Fix: Pantheon compatibility
  • Fix: Sender name and email address not working
  • Fix: Poll Chart text percentage not shown in the pie, and legend text was truncated
  • Fix: Gutenberg conflicts
  • Other minor enhancements/fixes

  • Add: Copy Shortcode option on listings
  • Add: Reset tracking data option on listings
  • Fix: Conflict with Revolution Slider and RaraTheme Companion

Version 1.5.3
  • Add: Server validation for reCaptcha
  • Update: Form listings UI
  • Update: Poll listings UI
  • Update: Quiz listings UI
  • Fix: Poll result not using more than 5 color.
  • Fix: Integration removed from previous submissions history on disconnect
  • Fix: Pie chart - Result not showing highlighted on hover for last answer
  • Fix: Phone validation default number
  • Fix: Name field has the same id as its wrapper div
  • Fix: Next and Previous button must point users to top of the page
  • Fix: Localise "Back To Poll" button
  • Fix: Slack Integration > Add form data link showing blank page
  • Other minor enhancements/fixes

Version 1.5.2
  • Add: Slack integration
  • Add: Validation for phone number prefixes and area codes
  • Add: Option to toggle calendar icon
  • Improvement: Custom CSS tags updated
  • Fix: Radio button gets squeezed in Forminator poll widget
  • Fix: Grouped checkboxes now treated like radio buttons
  • Fix: No wrong quiz allowed HTML in results
  • Fix: Poll and Quiz navigation not clickable
  • Fix: Reset vertical screen position between sections
  • Fix: Poll charts blink on hover
  • Fix: Upload file in pagination prevent form submit for IE and Edge
  • Fix: Validation Errors resulting in display:none Forms
  • Fix: Trello Integration missing GDPR value
  • Fix: Google sheet integration not showing submitted details of Time, Uploaded file and GDPR fields.
  • Fix: PHP error on quiz preview

Version 1.5.1
  • Add: Import / Export feature
  • Fix: Cannot clear color settings
  • Fix: PHP notice on front-end
  • Fix: Form not displaying confirmation message and doesn't clear inputs when ajax disabled
  • Fix: Poll votes count setting doesn't work as expected
  • Fix: Margin in row when field(s) is/are hidden
  • Fix: Phone field formats validation check
  • Fix: Select drop-down is displayed twice and not showing any options
  • Fix: Multiple Choice field, undefined index error on front-end when Trello is active
  • Fix: File upload field throwing PHP errors
  • Other minor enhancements/fixes

Version 1.5
  • Add: API extended with entries & fields CRUD methods
  • Add: New Custom CSS tags
  • Add: User ID to Hidden Field options
  • Add: Additional Options for Email
  • Improvement: UI/UX Advanced Options for Emails
  • Improvement: Conditional logic reference by ID instead of Name
  • Improvement: Message displayed when form submissions time expired
  • Fix: Forms can not be submitted from Safari browser when field upload empty
  • Fix: IE11 layout fixes
  • Fix: Custom CSS settings doesn not work as expected
  • Fix: Clicking on variable inserts a null value
  • Fix: Missing spacing for front-end notifications
  • Fix: Poll votes count setting doesn not work
  • Fix: Issues with form preview on small screens
  • Fix: Remove button for file upload field hidden
  • Fix: Color picker clear color not functional
  • Fix: Close button on welcome section not functional
  • Fix: Quiz Type window in IE is not displayed properly
  • Other minor enhancements/fixes

Version 1.4
  • Add: Gutenberg blocks
  • Improvement: CSS measurement unit
  • Fix: Prevent insert shortcode if no form selected
  • Fix: Pagination issues when clicking on "back" button
  • Fix: Getting warning when moving captcha field
  • Fix: Form Settings button is cut off
  • Fix: Name field is required in front-end even it's not set as required.
  • Fix: Google Sheet integration fails when more than 26 fields
  • Other minor enhancements/fixes

Version 1.3
  • Add: Campaign Monitor integration
  • Add: AWeber integration
  • Improvement: Huge amount of CSS styles printed on page
  • Fix: Zapier integration active by default
  • Fix: Integrations issues with PHP 5.2
  • Fix: Correct results are marked as Incorrect in export
  • Fix: Large amount of fields prevent saving the form
  • Fix: Honeypot not functional
  • Fix: Multiple forms on same page breaks the styling
  • Fix: Not possible to add fields on an empty form.
  • Fix: Wrong shortcode display in the Polls list.
  • Fix: Custom colors for submit button doesn't work.
  • Fix: Form Settings - User Email list does not show fields, only misc data
  • Other minor enhancements/fixes

Version 1.2.1
  • Fix: Issues with updating plugin

Version 1.2
  • Add: API base methods
  • Add: Trello integration
  • Add: Google Sheets integration
  • Add: Active Campaign integration
  • Add: Appearance themes for Polls
  • Add: Appearance themes for Quizzes
  • Add: Option to set default values for the fields
  • Improvement: Uniq submission ID in email
  • Improvement: No maximum fields in form
  • Improvement: Quizzes front-end for accessibility
  • Improvement: Remove button for featured image
  • Fix: Radio buttons not being marked as selected
  • Fix: "No votes yet" is link
  • Fix: Pagination show duplicated label
  • Fix: Some typography settings are not implemented on front.
  • Fix: Inconsistency in the bulk buttons
  • Other minor enhancements/fixes

Version 1.1
  • Add: New user interface
  • Add: MailChimp integration
  • Add: Zapier integration
  • Add: Option to prevent storing entries in database
  • Add: Dropdown type for time field
  • Add: Date to Quiz and Poll exports
  • Add: Allow defining a Sender email and Sender name per form, overriding global setting
  • Add: File size limite for upload field
  • Add: Form support 4 fields in one row
  • Add: Percentage pagination
  • Improvement: If logged-in user set him as author of the post field
  • Improvement: Poll string "No votes yet" instead of "View results" if nobody voted
  • Improvement: Quiz share text contains results
  • Fix: Form is not submitted if wrong upload type
  • Fix: When number field is required entering 0 returns error
  • Fix: Phone field: 2 placeholders appear if user turned on standard form validation
  • Fix: Hyperlinks doesnt work on thank you message
  • Fix: Disabling AJAX submission breaks form on submission
  • Fix: Form field data lost when validation fails on non-ajax submission
  • Fix: URL field not accepting URLs without protocols
  • Fix: Address -> Country tag missing in emails variables
  • Fix: Phone field allowing letters when 'validation' is disabled
  • Fix: Date formats not being validated correctly
  • Fix: Hidden field -> embed URL query string gets ignored
  • Fix: Form can be submitted with spaces only
  • Fix: Radio not marked as checked on click
  • Fix: JS error on field clone
  • Fix: When poll renamed, submission not shown
  • Fix: Multiple styling issues
  • Fix: Typos
  • Compatibility: WP Mail SMTP plugin
  • Compatibility: Popup Maker plugin
  • Other minor enhancements/fixes

Version 1.0.6
  • Add: GDPR personal data erase and export.
  • Add: Plugin information to default "Private Policy" page.
  • Add: Auto Delete entries after X time

Version 1.0.5
  • Add: Uploaded file variable
  • Add: DropDown type for time field
  • Add: GDPR consent checkbox field
  • Add: Entries have own page
  • Add: Auto fill data for logged in users.
  • Add: Preview button to form builder.
  • Add: Vanilla theme ( Theme styles used )
  • Add: New color settings
  • Improvement: Toggle color fields in appearance depending on selection.
  • Improvement: Create anonymous user when visitor submit post
  • Improvement: DatePicker localized
  • Improvement: Form data variables added for thank you message
  • Fix: Wrong message displays if user selected single text line in Text field and turned on field limit
  • Fix: Character Limit in Phone field not functional
  • Fix: "Date" field calendar minimum year is 2008
  • Fix: Scheduled exports changes are not saved correctly
  • Fix: Time field validation appearance
  • Fix: Jpg format not saved for quizzes
  • Fix: Field settings updated on change instead of blur
  • Fix: Hustle compatibility issues
  • Fix: IE11 appearance issues
  • Fix: Multiple styling issues
  • Other minor enhancements/fixes

Version 1.0.4
  • Add: Validation message for Upload field
  • Add: Confirm prompt on delete field
  • Add: Data field containing all the fields data
  • Add: Form fields variables beautified
  • Add: Set multiple recipients for emails
  • Add: Custom styles for Quizzes
  • Add: Filters for fields validation messages
  • Add: Filters for admin settings
  • Improvement: Clear form data after submission
  • Improvement: PHP 7.2 compatibility
  • Improvement: Form data in email subjects
  • Improvement: IE11 compatibility in admin
  • Fix: Character limit for phone validation
  • Fix: No link to post if PostData's title is empty
  • Fix: Slashes not stripped on preview
  • Fix: Wrong email validation message
  • Fix: Bulk action below pagination not functional
  • Fix: Quiz preview show wrong title
  • Fix: User email not sent on form submit
  • Fix: Time & Address values are empty in submission email
  • Fix: Pagination not working on Safari
  • Fix: Some of Form Data variables not functional
  • Fix: Custom style not functional in preview for new forms
  • Fix: Submissions not recorded on multi-site sub-domain
  • Fix: HTML field tags not rendered as html
  • Other minor enhancements/fixes

  • Fix: project meta information update

Version 1.0.3
  • Add: Hooks in form submission process
  • Add: WP Editor in Posts Data field for content input
  • Add: Invisible reCaptcha
  • Add: Links to docs on admin pages
  • Improvement: Better form data sanitize
  • Improvement: Images use thumbnails instead of full images
  • Improvement: Submit confirmation message removed after submit
  • Improvement: Inline validation
  • Improvement: Language strings
  • Fix: Limit time fields characters
  • Fix: reCaptcha cannot be set as conditional field
  • Fix: Cloned fields keep same ID
  • Fix: Retake quiz button styling
  • Fix: Country field displayed as number on export
  • Other minor enhancements/fixes

Version 1.0.1
  • Add: better file upload handling
  • Fix: Limit DB setup only on updated schema

Version 1
  • Initial Release
Quickly build better forms, polls, quizzes and surveys
  • Built-in Stripe and PayPal payments
  • Stop spam with Google ReCAPTCHA
  • Super simple drag-and-drop builder
  • Short and simple or complex forms
  • Collect and track user information
  • Custom polls, quizzes and forms

Need forms for your WordPress website? Just about every website on the planet needs a form! From contact forms and event registration to surveys and quote requests (and everything in between).

Forminator is the easiest (and free-est!) drag and drop form building plugin for WordPress. Make your site come alive with interactive quizzes, polls, and forms. Collect information, connect with your audience and make money with Forminator Pro.

  • Interactive content generates 2x more conversions than passive content.

Form Building Like A True Wizard…A Super Nerdy Wizard!



Drag and drop custom forms, for all your needs, with as many fields as you like.


Interactive polls to collect users opinions, with lots of dynamic options and settings.


Fun or challenging quizzes for your visitors to take and share on social media.



Use calculations to build registration forms, order forms, or informational calculators.


Includes SCA compliant Stripe and PayPal with variable and fixed payment options.


Use conditional logic to create forms that customize based on user response.

Master Your Forms

Forminator 1.7 Modules

Forminator can make anyone look like a form master. Form blocks include name, email, phone number, address, website, post data, reCaptcha, Stripe, input, textarea, numbers, radio buttons, checkboxes, section, GDPR approval, currencies, calculations, select, datepicker, timepicker, file uploader, HTML, pagination, and hidden field. Drag. Drop. Done.

Open For Development!

Forminator is free and open to millions of users on! Use the developer API to build your own integrations or custom apps for Forminator. Even free Forminator users can use your integrations!

Forminator Calculations
Use calculations to capture valuable leads or take payments.

Use Forms With Calculations to Grab Leads

Collect information, generate leads, and engage visitors with Forminator calculations. From BMI and loan calculators to registration and order forms.

Forminator includes HubSpot, Slack, Campaign Monitor, ActiviteCampaign, Google Sheets, Trello, MailChimp, and AWeber

Your Favorite Integrations Already Built-in

Forminator comes stacked with crowd favorite third-party integrations – HubSpot growth CRM, mass email systems, cloud storage providers, and project managers.

Forminator payment gateways
Forminator makes it super easy to securely take payments with Strong Customer Authentication compliant Stripe and PayPal.

Make Money With Forminator Payments

Forminator includes SCA compliant Stripe and PayPal integrations! With Calculations and Payments, you can safely collect money, set taxes, shipping rates, and more. Take donations and accept both fixed and variable payments.

Forminator email routing and conditions
Use email routing and conditional emails to route form submissions to teams, departments and more.

Pre-Populate + Email Routing

Save time for everyone from your users to your staff. Pre-fill your visitor’s information using query strings, deliver forms to specific teams and respond promptly with Forminator email smart pre-populate, email routing, auto-response and conditional emails.

Forminator polls tally the results for you and output easy to read graphs.

Build Engaging Polls

Whether you have a news site, gaming blog or restaurant, polls are an incredible way to connect with users. Get real-time feedback with live stats presented in beautiful pie charts and graphs.

Easily create and share interactive quizzes for better engagement.

Build Your Own Buzzfeed-Style Quizzes

We’ve all been caught taking “IQ tests” and “figure out which Star Wars character you are” quizzes on Facebook. Why not run all that traffic to your site? Create both knowledge and no wrong answer quizzes with Forminator.

Includes His Own Gutenberg Block

Forminator runs clean on both the classic WordPress editor and Gutenberg. The Forminator block is the perfect addition for quickly dropping forms to your posts. Au revoir, shortcodes!

Collect and Track Data

Forminator stores and organizes your submissions. He’s like a data mining genius or something. Sort and download responses from your users for easily sharing and analyzing results.

ReCAPTCHA integration lets you get tough on spam without making it hard on users.

Stop Spam With Google reCAPTCHA Integration

‘I’m not a robot’ verifications can make it hard on your users. Google ReCAPTCHA is free, tough on bots and easy on humans. No more typing hard to read random phrases.

Drop clean beautiful forms anywhere you need – posts, pages, widgets, sidebars.

Responsive Forms Anywhere and Everywhere

Put your forms, polls and quizzes on posts, pages, widget areas…even add it to a pop-up or slide-in with Hustle. Forminator’s customization options make it easy to integrate your interactive content anywhere.

Get all our services including Forminator, Hustle, WP Smush Pro, Defender and Hummingbird, plus over 100 premium plugins and themes, and 24/7 live chat hero support all included with your membership.

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WPMU DEV Guarantee

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Forminator Features

Build forms, interactive polls and quizzes in WordPress for increasing user engagement and growing a following.

  • Responsive fit for every screen
  • Developer API
  • Stripe Payments
  • PayPal integration
  • SCA Compliant Payments
  • Calculations
  • Google ReCAPTCHA
  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Forms for every situation
  • +15 Form blocks
  • Email routing and conditional emails
  • Form pre-populate
  • Toggle styling options
  • Campaign Monitor
  • HubSpot
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Google Sheets
  • Zapier (connects to +1000 apps)
  • Trello Integration
  • MailChimp
  • AWeber
  • Interactive polls
  • Pagination options
  • Collect and track stats
  • No wrong answer quizzes
  • Submissions dashboard
  • Knowledge tests
  • Live preview
  • Knowledge tests
  • Gutenberg block included
  • GDPR ready
  • Hidden fields
  • Customized submission forms
  • Schedule form submission reports
  • Privacy settings
  • Advanced email configurations