Collect donations, crowdfund or kickstart your projects with this powerful adaptive plugin.

Version 2.6.2

  • Added support for refunds in recurring payments
  • Fixed recurring payments amount problem for currencies different than US Dollars


Version 2.6.2
  • Added support for refunds in recurring payments
  • Fixed recurring payments amount problem for currencies different than US Dollars

  • Improved UX when switching to advanced payments
  • Fixed problems with address storing when using advanced payments

  • Fixed is_subdomain_install error

  • Added possibility to collect address even when rewards are disabled
  • Fixed some permalink issues
  • Fixed storing of custom data for PayPal

  • Added default WP filter for titles in widgets

  • Added missing jquery ui images

  • Fixed SSL loading issues

  • Changed IPN url for better server compatibility
  • Fixed pledge button for touch devices
  • Fixed recurring payments
  • Fixed rewards counting after donation removal

  • Fixed top pledges sorting

  • Fixed counting of rewards left

Version 2.6.1
  • Added pledges panel widget and shortcode to list recent or top pledges
  • Added ability to set custom message for situation when pledge was not found
  • Improved UX for creating new Fundraisers
  • Improved respect for label settings inside admin panel
  • Fixed PHP warnings
  • Fixed time left counting for Fundraisers
  • Fixed session cleaning

  • Added back front permalink option on main site in multisite
  • Fixed buddypress activity item being added for unlogged users
  • Other small improvements

  • Fixed missing translation strings

  • Fixed missing ")" causing php error

  • Fixed rounding of raised amount
  • Fixed problems with older Internet explorers
  • Fixed notifications about minimal amount
  • Fixed limit of listed fundraisers in widget
  • Small visual improvements

  • Update plugins for WP 3.8. UI changes.

Version 2.6
  • Added ability to collect address
  • Added ability to limit number of rewards
  • Small improvements to UI
  • Fixed problem with fundraisers list widget

Version 2.5.3
  • Fixed forms not being closed for custom buttons in some configurations

Version 2.5.2
  • Added missing translation
  • Unnecessary string removal

Version 2.5.1
  • Removed "front" permalink option for multisite
  • Fixed permalink problem with /%category%/ inside
  • Other small improvements

Version 2.5
  • Added ability to control access to fundraisings features for all available user types
  • Fixed email subject in fundraising not saving correctly

Version 2.4.2
  • Allows shortcodes inside fundraising if ID is not the same as current fundraising

Version 2.4.1
  • Fixed problem with fundraising content not being displayed

Version 2.4
  • Disables fundraising shortcodes inside fundraising
  • PayPal Support for all UTF-8 characters

Version 2.3.9
  • Fixed styles on older browsers

Version 2.3.8
  • Fixed bug with fundraising panel not being displayed when only specific fundraising widget is configured in sidebar
  • Fixed mistype in manual payment getaway

Version 2.3.7
  • Allowed HTML tags in reward description
  • Added information about pledge's choosen reward(id) in admin panel
  • Changed paypal url for possible ipn problem fixes
  • Fixed security issue

Version 2.3.6
  • Replaced .live jQuery functions with .on
  • Fixed small UI issue in chrome for fundraising type chooser
  • Fixed "Add reward" button not working after deleting all rewards before last

Version 2.3.5
  • Fixed manual payment status not saving
  • Changed/fixed behavior of permalinks and rewrite flushing
  • Added ability to disable "front" in permalinks from main MU site ("blog/" by default)
  • Added option to select default getaway
  • Added workaround for EURO sign in email

Version 2.3.1
  • Added new manual payment gateway

Version 2.2.5
  • Fixed php notices about undefined indexes
  • Fixed notifications from paypal to wordpress about payments with special characters in payment details ( ', " ...)

Version 2.2.4
  • Added new external style locations. Check fundraising-templates.txt for more info
  • Added new filter and reference label option for standard payments and simple donation buttons

Version 2.2.3
  • Rewrite Flush Issue Fixed
  • Fixed issue with subscriber error in admin panel
  • Currency characters are properly decoded for thank you emails
  • New "wdf_paypal_gateway_standard_item_number" filter for changing the "Reference" on checkout

Version 2.2
  • Fundraising slug now functional with multisite subdirectory.
  • Fundraiser menu ancestry now works properly when using menus in your theme.
  • Fixed problem concerning per checkout types breaking panel display.
  • Adjusted all concatenated translation strings to sprintf() strings.
  • Fixed action name not displaying in fundraising widget

Version 2.1.8
  • Fixed issue with fundraisers with goals not showing in shortcode generator
  • Fixed problem with styles not loading in particular situations
  • Custom css styling available, by simply adding a css file to /styles folder, see fundraising-templates.txt for more info

Version 2.1.7
  • Shortcode generator now inserts properly into both the HTML and Visual editor
  • Fixed problem with above/below content option not displaying the current setting
  • Backer Label now displays a singular label when only one pledge has been taken
  • Fixed issue with displaying email settings correctly

Version 2.1.6
  • Fixed bug with not allowing more than 10 rewards

Version 2.1.5
  • Fundraising now has it's own metabox in your Theme's Appearance Menus
  • Multiple php warning fixes
  • Corrected links for creating an application
  • Added the ability to set checkout type per fundraiser
  • Fixed currency display issues
  • Better display of options on the shortcode generator pop-up
  • Small change to menu order due to compatibility errors with other plugins and hosting services
  • New fundraising-templates.txt file in root folder that explains the template hierarchy

Version 2.1.1
  • Fixed Manual Pledge Payments
  • Rewards and Goals can now be set independently of each other

Version 2.1
  • Fixed Canadian Currency Issue
  • New plugin labeling system
  • Fixed HTML structure error on checkout pages
  • Added global custom CSS box in presentation settings (better styles in next release)
  • Added Minutes to wdf_time_left()
  • Changed Featured Fundraisers widget to Fundraiser List

Version 2-RC-3
  • Paypal error codes now correctly display if redirection fails.
  • Fixed headers already sent error with certain themes.
  • Simple Fundraisers can now use rewards and goals again
  • - Advanced Payments still may not change goals and rewards if the fundraiser has been published and pledges have already been taken.
  • New wdf_has_date_range() template function.
  • Added new option in presentation settings for checking out directly from the fundraising panel.

Version 2-RC-2
  • Fixed issues with PayPal App ID not saving.
  • Fixed problem with PayPal redirect on certain server setups

Version 1
    Downloads 43,933 Compatibility WordPress 4.3.1Multisite 4.3.1BuddyPress 2.3.5

    "Great plugin for creating kickstarter type websites. Many options and very easy to set up."

    James Hollister

    Fundraising for WordPress has everything you need to manage a simple personal fundraiser or a complete crowdfunding network.

    Stop paying outrageous fees and make sure more money makes it to your project – from non-profit work to an independent record release.

    Customize to fit your theme design.
    Customize to fit your theme design.

    Integrates with Any Theme

    Fundraiser includes a simple ‘getting started’ guide so you can begin creating fundraisers immediately.

    With five included style templates, a powerful in-post shortcode generator and built-in widgets, integrating Fundraising with your existing theme couldn’t be easier.

    Crowdfunding Network

    Fundraising works perfectly with Multisite and BuddyPress making it easy to build and manage an entire crowdfunding network.

    Take donations as they are given or only when a project is completely funded.

    Show progress, offer rewards and only collect if the project is funded.
    Show progress, offer rewards and only collect if the project is funded.

    Goals and Rewards

    Set a start and end date for reaching a specific goal. Create reward packages for donors that give at a specific level.

    Set limits on reward packages and help inspire users to respond quickly.

    Got some fundraising planned, need an easy system for accepting donations? This is the plugin for you!

    To Get Started:

    Once you’ve followed the instructions below you can reference the Fundraiser Doc for more info on using the plugin.  You can get it here:

    Fundraiser Doc PDF


    Check out our introductory video to help get you started with Fundraising.

    Recently Added Features

    As of version 2.5 of Fundraising, you can now edit & tweak access to fundraising features for every user role available in your WP installation. Administrator gets access to all of them by default.


    To Install:

    Start by reading Installing plugins section in our comprehensive WordPress Manual if you are new to WordPress.

    1. Download the plugin file.

    2. Unzip the file into a folder on your hard drive

    3. Upload /fundraising / folder to /wp-content/plugins/folder on your site.

    • If you are new to all this and want to learn more about FTP, just pop over here: Using FTP – Click Here
    • Thats a complete walk through of uploading to your web hosting account.

    4. Login to your admin panel for WordPress or Multisite and activate the plugin:

    • On regular WordPress installs – visit Plugins and Activate the plugin.
    • For WordPress Multisite installs – Activate it blog-by-blog (say if you wanted to make it a Supporter premium plugin), or visit Network Admin -> Plugins and Network Activate the plugin.

    When WordPress is run in Multisite mode you can network activate this plugin.

    There are no network settings, the plugin will function on all sub sites independently.

    Note for BuddyPress Users

    If you have BuddyPress activated on your site or network, please remember to visit the Pages tab of your BuddyPress settings to assign a page for your Fundraisers.

    Fundraising Features

    It’s everything you'll need, plus a whole lot more.

    • Simple donations
    • Advanced crowdfunding
    • Manual payments
    • Paypal
    • Set goals
    • Reward donors
    • Set recurring donations
    • Included style templates
    • Custom CSS field
    • Collect additional donor information
    • Shortcode generator
    • Define funding time frame
    • Custom thank you messages
    • Email payment confirmation
    • Pledge manager
    • Customize labels
    • User role permission controls
    • Custom permalinks
    • Currency selector
    • Multisite compatible
    • Built-in widgets
    • Display funding progress bar