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A magnificent plugin that allows global search across all blogs on your WordPress Multisite / BuddyPress install with ease!

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One of the things people have been less than fond about as regards WordPress has been it’s search functionality.

This has become even more of an issue when it comes to WordPress Multisite and BuddyPress as there’s simply no way to search across all the blogs on your entire site… that is, until now.

This plugin utilizes our powerful post indexer plugin to provide you with full indexing of all the posts, from across all blogs, that you can then simply search through.

All you have to do is install the Global Search plugin (make sure Post indexer is installed) and it should auto create a page called “Site Search” for you where anyone can search through all your blogs.

And it’s pretty search too, including all the avatars of the blogs where search terms come up :) Here it is in Norwegian:

No coding required!

And, on the off chance the page isn’t auto created all you need to do is create a page with the slug “site-search” without the quotes.

And if you want to put the search form on another page, just lift it out of the site search page and you should be good.

Happy searching :)

Other plugin options to find content across your site include:

1.  Blog Directory plugin – creates a Blog Directory page on your homepage
which allows users to easily locate blogs on your entire site

Blogs Directory

2.  Members Directory plugin – creates a Members Directory page on your homepage
which allows users to easily locate users on your entire site

Members directory

3.  Global Site Tags – allows you to simply display a global tag cloud for your
entire WordPress MU site

Global Site Tags

Don’t forget for Global Site Search, you’ll also need to harness the power of our post indexer plugin.


To Get Started:

Start by reading the Installing Plugins section in our comprehensive WordPress and WordPress Multisite Manual if you are new to WordPress.

Important Notes:

  • If you have an older version of this plugin installed in your /mu-plugins/ folder, please delete it.
  • This plugin requires our Post Indexer plugin in order to work. Please install & configure Post Indexer first if you haven’t already done so!
  • This plugin only searches posts on public blogs — any posts on private blogs (only visible to logged in users) aren’t searchable.
  • To display avatars, you will either need a theme with that feature built-in, or use our Avatars plugin, or use BuddyPress.

Once installed and network-activated, you’ll find the settings under Settings > Network Settings in your network admin.

Global Site Search Menu

To Configure

Scroll down on the Network Settings screen until you see the Site Search section.

Global Site Search Settings

Select the number of listings you want to display per page (i.e. the number of posts displayed) and adjust the color scheme if you want to.

Then choose which post types you’d like the plugin to search for.

  • Note that you can either select one post type, or all post types.

To Use

The plugin will auto-create a page called “Site Search” on your main blog where anyone can search through all your blogs.

Global Site Search Page

There is also a widget that can be used in any sidebar. Here’s what the widget looks like in the Twenty-Fourteen theme.

Global Site Search Widget

To search for posts across your entire network, simply add your search term and click Search.

Global Site Search Results

Voilà! Whether searching from the Site Search page or the widget, search results from all blogs in your network will display nicely paginated on the Site Search page.

Additional Customization Options

If the layout & styling doesn’t quite fit with look & feel of your site, you can override the plugin default templates in your theme.

First locate the /templates/ folder in the plugin download. Inside you will find 2 files:

  • global-site-search.php – Displays the search results.
  • global-site-search-form.php – Displays the search form.

Simply copy those files to the root of your theme to modify them as you wish. Be careful not to remove any functions though.

If you prefer to display the site search form and results on a sub-site in your network instead of on the main site, add the following constant to your wp-config.php file:


Remember to change the number to the ID of your sub-site. Note that this will also make the Site Search widget available on that sub-site.

We hope you enjoy using Global Site Search. If you have any issues with use or configuration, or have a feature request, please drop by our community forums where support staff and other members are standing by to lend a hand.

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