Global Site Tags

Display a global tag cloud of trending topics across your Multisite network.

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Display your tag cloud in a sidebar or footer with a custom widget.
Display your global site cloud on a standalone page.

global site tags allows you to display a global tag cloud for your entire Multisite network.

Global Site Tags provides a widget so you can simply display a beautiful tag cloud. It also automatically creates a “tags” page.

Global Site Tags

Display your global site tags on a standalone page.

Global Site Tags is Easy to Use

Show your network users what what tags are trending across your network.

You can set up the plugin to display tags either using a widget in the sidebar or footer of your site, or display your tags on a separate page.

When you click on a tag, a chronological, paginated list will be displayed – complete with avatars – of all the posts for that particular tag.

Global Site Tags widget

Easily set up your tags to display on your site using a widget.


Before starting this install you must be sure that you have the Post Indexer plugin installed

For help with installing plugins please see our Plugin installation guide

*NOTE: This plugin is for Multisite installs only, it will not work on your Single Install

Once installed login into your Network Admin Dashboard and activate the plugin by going to visit Network Admin -> Plugins and Network Activate the Global Site Tags plugin.

To use:

It should auto create a page called \”tags\” on your main blog where anyone can search through all your blogs.


On the off chance the page isn’t auto created all you need to do is create a page with the slug \”tags\” without the quotes if the plugin fails to auto-create the page.


Changing how tags are displayed on your Tags page is as simple as:

1. Go to Network Admin > Settings > Settings


2. Scroll down the page to the Site Tags Section

3. Select the number of tags you want shown on the Tags page, then select the number of listings you want to display per page – this is the number of posts displayed on a page when you click on a tag on the Tags Page


4. Adjust the color scheme, if you like

5. Add tags you don’t want included on your Tags page and select your preferred Tag Cloud Order (either Tag count or Most Recent) and select the Post Type you want to display tags from.


6.Scroll to the Bottom and Click Save Changes


Adding a Global Tags widget to your homepage

Before you can use the Global Tags Widget you will need to Activate it in the Plugins menu of your Main Blog.


1. To add the widget to your homepage just go Appearance > Widgets


2. And add the Global Site Tags widget to your sidebar


3. Select your Options


And you’re good to go!

Your users can now easily use your new Global Site Tags! It’s as easy as:

- Go to the Tag page or Tag Cloud on the homepage

- Click on the tag they want to check out


3. This opens up a chronological, paginated list – with avatars of all the posts for that particular tag:


Please note:

  • Tags on private posts display on the Global Site tags page but if you click on the link and no posts are listed this means they are all posts on private blogs (only visible to logged in users).
  • To display avatars your users will need to upload their avatar via their Profile.

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