Say hellooo to Hustle, the only plugin you’ll ever need to turn your visitors into loyal subscribers, leads and customers. Hustle has got the charm, he’s got the sass, and he’s super smooth!

Version 2.0.1

  • Add: Consistent color assignment for modules in top 5 conversion graph.
  • Changed: Top 5 conversion table is now sorted by conversions in the last 30 days.


Version 2.0.1
  • Add: Consistent color assignment for modules in top 5 conversion graph.
  • Changed: Top 5 conversion table is now sorted by conversions in the last 30 days.

Version 2
  • Add: Major redesign for better user experience.
  • Add: New Custom Content module.
  • Add: New Opt-in module wizard.
  • Add: New Dashboard page.
  • Add: New Settings page.
  • Add: New top conversions table.
  • Add: New top conversions graph.
  • Add: Grouped color in palette customization.
  • Add: Optional action button to custom URL in Custom Content module.
  • Add: Opt-in module can be used as shortcode in Custom Content module.
  • Add: Choices of auto responsive size or custom size for Custom Content.
  • Add: Separated save button when creating or editing module.
  • Add: Categories criteria in Display Conditions.
  • Add: Tags criteria in Display Conditions.
  • Add: Posts criteria in Display Conditions.
  • Add: Pages criteria in Display Conditions.
  • Add: Modules Overview in Dashboard.
  • Improved module preview.
  • Improved list of modules behavior.

Version 1.1.2
  • Add: Sync existing subscriptions in local collection to eNewsletter

Version 1.1.1
  • Add: e-Newsletter integration
  • Fix: In and out animations for Slide-ins

Version 1.1
  • Add: Local data collection feature
  • Add: Download local subscriptions data as CSV
  • Add: Infusionsoft integration
  • Add: Mad Mimi integration

Version 1.0.2
  • Add: GetResponse integration
  • Add: Sendy integration
  • Add: New feature to trigger Pop Ups & Slide Ins on click
  • Add: New feature to trigger Pop Ups & Slide Ins on AdBlock detection
  • Add: New feature to trigger Pop Ups & Slide Ins on User Leave Intent
  • Add: Redesigned Trigger interface for Pop Ups & Slide Ins
  • Add: Form input animation control options

Version 1.0.1
  • Add: Constant Contact integration
  • Add: MailChimp Interest Group integration
  • Add: Image style options
  • Add: Style amendments and field icon animations

Version 1
  • First public release

Version 0.9
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    • Sexy pop-ups, slide-ins & in-content opt-ins
    • Smooooooth attention grabbing animations
    • Use your favorite email provider
    • Manage exactly *who* sees your marketing
    • Beautiful inbuilt tweakable layouts
    • Metrics to die for, new stuff every month
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    • "Hustle is great! We get all our Multisites up and running more or less entirely with WPMU DEV plugins. "
    • "Super nice business-driven plugin that enhances our numbers! I really enjoy being a member."
    • "Hustle is a really useful plugin. Thx guys and gals of WPMU DEV!"
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    "Hustle is great! We get all our Multisites up and running more or less entirely with WPMU DEV plugins. "


    "Super nice business-driven plugin that enhances our numbers! I really enjoy being a member."


    "Hustle is a really useful plugin. Thx guys and gals of WPMU DEV!"


    Never fear, Hustle is here! Convert your visitors into subscribers, generate leads and build your business like a pro with the ultimate marketing plugin for WordPress.

    Use pop-ups, slide-ins, widgets and shortcodes to display custom ads, promote your products,  and build your e-mailing list.

    More Than Just an Opt-In Plugin

    Hustle is the ultimate online marketing tool for WordPress with all the tools and features you need to drive results.

    See every edit as you make them in the live view editor and give your opt-in, pop-up or slide-in just the right amount of flare.

    Simple Design Options for Brand Consistency

    Choose everything from colors and animations to layouts and drop shadows with Hustle’s intuitive and completely customizable design settings.

    Charm Visitors with Highly Targeted Display Settings

    Hustle includes all the behaviors and conditions you need to ensure visitors see your list or ads in the right place at the right time. Use time, on-click, scroll, location, position, page, post, login, category, tag, referral link, and device type to reach more users.

    Wait to display your CTA until the last minute with exit intent.

    Catch Visitors with Smart Exit-Intent

    Hustle comes packaged with exit-intent, a favorite of savvy marketers, that detects when visitors are about to leave your site and – BOOM! You can display a pop-up or slide-in to grab their attention.

    Adblock is no match for the incredible wit of Hustle.

    Adblock!? No Problem.

    Hustle has the moves to promote your pop-ups and slid-ins even if Adblockers are out to foil your plans.

    Use wit and charm to slip by ad detection and promote your list or share a special message.

    Set up Opt-ins Like a Boss

    Want to grow your email list? Hustle is the original opt-in magician. Quickly and easily create the perfect email opt-in form for any page without having to touch a line of code. Choose your email marketing service, add content, set style options and pick display conditions.

    Grow Your Mailing Lists with the Best in the Biz


    Affordable & Flexible


    Luxury High-End Provider


    Grow Any List or Group


    Constant Contact
    Business Marketing


    Easy Email Marketing


    Self-hosted Email Service


    Small Business


    Mad Mimi
    When You Want Simple


    Want More?
    New Services Coming…

    Hustle is built to grow lists on your current Email Management System (EMS). Just connect your account and start collecting new subscribers.

    Measure Your Performance and Results

    How do you know whether your marketing efforts are actually working?

    Hustle includes three handy metrics to help you make: better marketing decisions, including stats on how many times forms are displayed and submitted, as well as conversion rates.

    Your Business Will Boom with Hustle

    You won’t believe how easy to use, powerful and damn good looking Hustle will make your site.

    And what’s more, we’re adding new features all the time so you’ll end up using the most powerful business marketing tool that’s ever been invented for WordPress.

    Get Hustle and get charmed.

    For help and information on installing plugins you can view our Installing WordPress Plugins Manual.

    Meet Hustle

    Hustle makes converting readers into subscribers simple and fun.

    Getting Started with Hustle

    Hustle will be one of the simplest plugins you’ve ever set up. With just a handful of settings in our clean, modern UI, users will find it’s simple to create an elegant and personalized Opt-in tools for their users.

    Start by visiting the Hustle tab in your WordPress admin menu in your admin dashboard. You’ll see only three sub-menu items, Opt-ins, which is a list of your current Opt-ins, New Opt-in, which allows you to build a new Opt-in from scratch, and Settings, which allows you to sync any Opt-in you’ve created with our e-Newsletter plugin.


    Let’s jump right in and build your first Opt-in.

    Name & Email Service Tab

    Go to Hustle > New Opt-in.


    This screen only contains a few options.

    1. Give your Opt-in a unique name. This won’t show in the Opt-in itself, only in your WordPress admin area.
    2. Select Test Mode if you’re not ready to connect your Opt-in to your mailing list service.
    3. If you’d like to save the email addresses you collect from your subscribers to a local list, toggle the “Save emails to local list” switch to on.
    4. Select your mail service (currently, we support MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, GetResponse, Sendy, Mad Mimi, InfusionsoftCampaignmonitor and our very own e-Newsletter.) and enter the required information. Detailed instructions for each service we support can be found at the end of this guide.
    5. Once your account is connected, you’l be able to choose the mailing list(s) your readers may subscribe to.
    6. Click Next.


    Content & Design Tab

    This is the tab where all the magic happens. These settings will allow you to customize your Opt-ins easily and efficiently.

    Start by giving your Opt-in a title, and add a compelling message.

    Click over to the Success Message Tab at the top of the Opt-in text editor to personalize the message users will see after they’ve been added to your list.


    In the next field, select an image for your Opt-in. Click Select Media to choose an image/other media item from your WordPress media library or upload a new image/media item.



    If you’d like to swap  or remove this image later on, click the small button with an ellipsis (…) in the upper right corner of the Select Media tool.

    Next up, you’ll choose from our four different display styles built into Hustle. You can add fields for first and last name, and swap the image position from this section. When you select between different Opt-in types, the preview underneath this section will change. Here are each of the Opt-in types we give you to work with. We’ve added a custom CSS editor further down the page to customize these options to your tastes.

    Type One


    Type Two


    Type Three


    Type Four


    Below the layout styles, you’l find a section where you can choose a color scheme for your Opt-in, either from one of our included schemes…


    …or by creating a unique palette that matches the look and feel of your site with our very intuitive custom color tool.


    Below the color options, you’ll find the custom CSS interface we’ve added, so you can customize any of the elements within your Opt-in even further.


    And finally, you can add some finishing touches in the last section, including rounded corners and drop shadows.


    Hit Next to move on to the final screen. You’re almost there!

    Display Method Tab

    This last screen will allow you to choose your display method. Hustle has five different ways to display your Opt-ins.

    1. You can display your Opt-in below your content on posts, pages, and our custom post types.
    2. You can display your Opt-in in a pop up.
    3. You can display your Opt-in in a slide in.
    4. You can display your Opt-in in a widget.
    5. You can display your Opt-in by placing using the shortcode the Hustle plugin will create for you.


    Click open the settings for any of the three options displayed on this tab to adjust how you’d like your Opt-in to behave.

    After Content

    The After Content settings allow you to choose which pages and posts your Opt-in appears on.


    Beneath these settings, you can select an animation for your Opt-in. We’ve included a full array of fancy effects to make your Opt-in stand out for your users.


    Pop Up

    If you’d prefer to display your Opt-in in a pop up, we’ve got you covered. Like the After Content option, you can choose the posts your pop up appears on based on categories and tags, and you can choose specific pages.


    You can add an animation for when the pop up appears and is dismissed.


    The animations available for the pop up Opt-in are the same as those for the After Content display option.


    As an added bonus, we’ve pulled a feature from our PopUp Pro plugin, and given you the option to set conditions for your pop up Opt-in, including log-in status, device used to view the site, location of the viewer, and more.


    Slide In

    Because we love our users so much, these two options are just scratching the surface of what you can do with Hustle. We also included a slide-in display option, so you get the functionality of another of our popular plugins, all rolled into this little gem. Let’s take a peek at what you can do.

    Like the after content and pop up display options, you can adjust on which pages and posts your slide in will appear.


    Along with adjusting settings…


    …and setting conditions.


    Guess what? You’re all set. Click next at the bottom of the Content & Design tab, and you’ll see this lovely success screen, which will allow you activate and deactivate any of your Opt-ins, as well as set any of them to admin demo mode, which will let you preview how your Opt-ins appear and behave, without showing them to non-admin users until you’re sure they’re ready to go.


    Click Finish, and you’ll be taken to the Opt-ins tab, where you’ll be able to see all of the Opt-ins you’ve created, and manage the settings, active status, and display options.



    To add one of your beautiful new Opt-ins to a widget, go to Appearances > Widgets in your WordPress admin area. Drag the Hustle widget to the sidebar of your choice and adjust the settings as you need.

    Additional Notes:

    How to find your MailChimp API

    Log in to your MailChimp account, and click your name in the upper right. Choose “Account.”

    On the account page, click the “Extras” tab, and you’ll find your API key there.


    If you don’t already have an API key, simply click “Create A Key,” and one will be generated for you.

    How to Integrate MailChimp Groups

    Go to MailChimp, and ensure you’re logged into your account. Navigate to your Lists tab, and select Manage Subscribers from the drop-down.


    On the new page, click Manage Subscribers in the menu, then choose Groups. On the Groups page, choose Add New. Add information about your groups and save.


    Now return to Hustle, and click “Get Lists” next to your API key field. This will allow you to choose groups to display as part of user sign up.


    And check out the finished product:


    How to Connect to Constant Contact

    When you select Constant Contact as an email provider, you’ll see the following message in the widget:

    Please click here to connect to Constant Contact service. You will be asked to give us access to your Constant Contact account and then redirected back to this screen.

    You’ll be taken to a Constant Contact log in screen. After logging in, you’ll see the following permission screen.


    Select allow to connect Constant Contact to Hustle, and your unique key will be added automatically. All of your Constant Contact lists will be available in a drop-down when you’ve successfully connected.


    How to Connect to AWeber

    After selecting AWeber from the email provider drop down, you’ll see a connection message similar to Constant Contact’s.


    After clicking, you’ll be taken to an authorization page on AWeber. Enter your login credentials and click Allow Access.


    A modal will appear with your AWeber authorization code. Copy it to your clipboard.


    Paste this code in the appropriate field in Hustle, then click Get Lists to generate a drop-down menu of all your AWeber lists.


    How to Find Your Campaignmonitor API

    This is probably the simplest of all our mail service integrations. Log in to your Campaignmonitor account, go to manage my account (click your avatar), then Manage API keys. Your API key will be on that page. Simply copy it to your clipboard and paste it in the proper field.

    How to Find Your Mad Mimi API

    1. Log into your Mad Mimi account.
    2. Click the Account button in the upper right of the screen.
    3. Choose the API tab in the right panel, under Settings & Billing.
    4. Copy your Secret API Key and paste it in the proper field in Hustle.


    If you need any help at all, feel free to ask a question and one of our brilliant support team members will be delighted to assist.

    So What's Hustling?

    Hustle is gonna quite literally transform your online fortunes. How? Here's how...

    • Build your business like a pro with the ultimate WordPress email opt-in plugin
    • Pop-up, slide-ins, widgets, embeds and after post opt-in
    • Easily customize designs with in built editing
    • Color match your brand, like magic
    • Heaps of smooth built-in display animations
    • Aweber, Mailchimp, Mailchimp groups, Constant Contact, Sendy, Infusionsoft, Mad Mimi, GetResponse & Campaign Monitor Ready
    • Manage who sees your hustle with super powerful conditions
    • Track how many times your material is displayed
    • See submissions straight through WordPress
    • Conversion rates overview will make your clients ecstatic
    • Great default layouts to choose from
    • Easy management dashboard
    • New features, layouts and sass coming every month
    • And, of course, completely free to try