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Build a site where users can post jobs and freelancers can find work with the ultimate jobs board for WordPress. Easily share detailed listings, create expert profiles with bios, skills and ratings and simplify communication with private messaging.

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Changelog / Translations

  • Fixed: Text editor container doesn't expand with the text editor when you make it bigger
  • Fixed: Advanced text editor format options popup behind the text area
  • Fixed: Advanced text editor line breaks don't display properly on front-end
  • Fixed: Text editor container doesn't expand with the text editor when you make it bigger
  • Fixed: Advanced text editor format options popup behind the text area
  • Fixed: Advanced text editor line breaks don't display properly on front-end

  • Fixed: Uploading files issue while adding expert from frontend.
  • Fixed: Fully integrated with Smart Crawl

  • Fixed: Quotes are not escaped in company name field for Experts in some cases.
  • Fixed: Warning on MarketPress addon integration
  • Fixed: Problem uploading files while adding expert from front end
  • Fixed: Missing translated string
  • Fixed: BP Profile picture can't be updated
  • Fixed: Fatal error in Add New Expert page
  • Fixed: General category can't be deleted
  • Fixed: Expert was not able to change avatar in some cases

  • Added: Missing text for translation
  • Added: Expert search form shortcode - "[jbp-expert-search]"
  • Added: Option to exclude expired jobs from archive
  • Added: Constant 'JS_ALTERNATE_VIEW_COUNT' to use alternate method for expert view count
  • Fixed: Avatar was not uploading
  • Fixed: Disable contact form doesn't work
  • Fixed: Database error in add new expert page (admin)
  • Fixed: Data insertion problem in add expert front page
  • Fixed: Database error in add job front page
  • Fixed: Cannot properly save skills from the back end
  • Fixed: Cannot upload avatar image from front end
  • Fixed: Credit can't be sent to any user
  • Fixed: Post type error for jbp_expert, changed into jbp_pro
  • Fixed: Message that keeps popping up to ask to complete the Messaging setup even though the options are set
  • Fixed: Job is still displays in Recently posted Jobs tab after the deletion
  • Fixed: SSL Bug in google font
  • Fixed: Text formating in Jobs display
  • Fixed: Demo data addon was not working
  • Fixed: Multiple images can't be added in job form

  • Fix backward issue with MarketPress 2.9

Version 1.0.2
  • Integration with MarketPress 3.0

  • Show notification when user deactivate MarketPress plugin while MarketPress integration add-on still enable

  • Some more hooks & filters
  • Fix bug extend jobs expired date
  • Fix bug job search widget wrong parameter
  • Fix bug expert widget not assign profile to owner
  • Add MarketPress integration (wallets)
  • Add charging when saving new expert profile
  • Add charging when saving new job
  • Fix bug recent job widget not showing
  • Some other minor bugs fix

  • New addon - Exert Location
  • Use WP Media for uploader
  • Fix: conflict with Advanced Custom Field
  • Fix: Social & Skill js bug

  • Fix search job widget price slider
  • Add ability for admin can on/off job discussion
  • Fix blank shortcode instruction in settings

  • Fix Private Message add-on not store db version properly

  • Fix bug jobs page show no jobs when active Advanced Search
  • Add helper filters
  • Fix WYISWYG button styling
  • Fix bug can not assign job owner in backend
  • Update Private Messaging add-on to latest release
  • Attachment now need permission for upload
  • Improve assets processing
  • **Dev**
  • Add ability for developer can add additions fields, CRUD and validation support for additions fields
  • Separate view file, can replace native view
  • Grunt Support

  • Fix security issues for my jobs/my profiles page

  • Add Message Add-On
  • Fix currency issue in post job page
  • Fix some translate issue
  • Fix bug widget title not save
  • Fix native contact page go 404 after send contact

  • Ability to change currency in setting

Version 1.0.1
  • Fix bug require to refresh permalink

Version 1
  • Initial release
The ultimate WordPress jobs board with detailed listings, expert profiles, ratings and more.
  • Share project budget, deadline, description
  • Allow users to upload and share spec files
  • Front end profile and jobs creation
  • Built-in private messaging system
  • Animated graphic elements
  • Avatar uploader options

Jobs & Experts brings a high-end jobs board to WordPress.

Originally built to manage our popular WPMU DEV Jobs & Pros, each feature has been tested and concept proven by real users and true experts.

Let Experts list their skills with amazing graphic elements.

Post a Job

Post projects from an intuitive, responsive front-end interface. Describe your project, share a budget, set a deadline and attach spec files.

Create a site where quality professionals come looking to work with you on your next big project.

Simple front end interface editing for a real connecting people.

Showcase Your Skills

It’s everything you need to show your skills. Share an avatar, bio, contact information, example work and link to social profiles.

Hand-pick the perfect person based on experience, portfolio, and recommendations from others.

Fits Every Theme

From animated graphics to modern icons, each feature comes with an equally compelling design element that can be adjusted to integrate beautifully into every theme.

Adjust colors, listing layout and position elements exactly where you want them.

Give users a better experience and streamline navigation with advanced search.

Killer Navigation

Jobs & Experts comes packaged with an advanced search module, project specific categories and skill tags making it super easy to navigate.

Search thousands of listings quickly to find jobs that fit your skill set and pay you what you’re worth.

Help get things done with Jobs & Experts – easy from the front to the back.

To Get Started:

Start by reading Installing plugins section in our comprehensive WordPress and WordPress Multisite Manual if you are new to WordPress.

Login to your admin panel for WordPress or Multisite and activate the plugin:

  • On regular WordPress installs – visit Plugins and Activate the plugin.
  • For WordPress Multisite installs – Activate it blog-by-blog (say if you wanted to make it a Pro Sites premium plugin), or visit Network Admin -> Plugins andNetwork Activate the plugin.

To use:

Once installed and activated, you’ll see 2 new menu items in your dashboard; Jobs and Experts.

Jobs and Experts menus

Getting Started

Let’s take a look at the Getting Started page by going directly to the Jobs menu or Jobs > Getting Started. You’ll see a welcome page with some helpful links to get started.

Jobs and Experts - Getting Started

In mobile use, that will appear slightly condensed. Let’s go through those links!

Jobs and Experts - Getting Started - Mobile

1. In the Jobs Listings section, you’ll see the following links:

  • Click the Edit link to edit the page used to display the Job Listings in the front-end.
  • Click the Add link to create a new Job.

2. In the Jobs & Experts Overview section, you’ll see a link to edit the page used for the overview in the front-end.

3. In the Experts Listings section, you’ll see some links to interact with Experts:

  • Click the Edit link to edit the page used to display the Experts Listings in the front-end.
  • Click the Add link to create a new Expert.

Let’s take a look at the virtual page for the Job Listings.

Virtual page for Jobs Listings

Here you can change the title and content for the Jobs Listings section in the front-end.

Jobs and Experts - Jobs Listings virtual page

Enter a title for the page.

Enter your content in the visual editor. You can include whatever content you want but the plugin provides shortcodes for the various sections by default.

Press the Publish button to save your changes.

Jobs and Experts - Virtual page for Jobs Listing - Publish

Virtual page for Experts Listings

Similar to the previous section, here you change the title and content for the Experts Listings section in the front-end.

Jobs and Experts - Experts Listings virtual page

Enter a title for the page.

Enter your content in the visual editor.

Press the Publish button to save your changes.

Jobs and Experts - Virtual page for Experts Listing - Publish

Configuring the Settings

Let’s have a look through the settings page. Click on Jobs > Settings.

Jobs and Experts - Settings Menu

Here’s you’ll see a sub-menu where you can select to configure various aspects of the plugin, as follows:

  • General Settings
  • Jobs Settings
  • Experts Settings

Jobs and Experts - General Settings Menu

Let’s begin with the General Settings, we’ll go through the sub-sections available there.

General Options

Jobs and Experts - General Options

In this sub-section, you’ll have the option to select from a number of Icon Colors. These are the icons used to display the various options in the site’s front-end. The options are as follows:

  • Dark Icons, for light button backgrounds

Jobs and Experts - Icons - Dark

  • Bright Icons, for dark button backgrounds

Jobs and Experts - Icons - Bright

  • No Icons – to remove icons from buttons

Jobs and Experts - Icons - None


You’ll also see an Addons section where you can activate and deactivate various addons included with the plugin.

Jobs and Experts - Add-ons

The list of Addons currently includes the following:

Advanced Search Add advanced search form for jobs and experts listing page
Advanced textarea Use WYSIWYG for jobs/experts detail field, the value will be filtered by kses for security
Custom layout Dynamic layout for jobs/experts listing page
Expert Demo Data Create random expert records, for testing purposes.
Job Demo Data Create random job records, for testing purposes.

Simply click the Activate link for each Addon you’d like to use.

Be sure to click the Save Changes button to save all the changes you make to this section.

Jobs and Experts - General Options - Save Changes button

Jobs Settings

Here, you will find settings for the Jobs section.

Jobs and Experts - Jobs Settings Menu

Let’s go through the Job options.

Jobs and Experts - Jobs Settings

Experts Settings

Jobs and Experts - Experts Settings Menu

Here, you configure the options for Experts.

Let’s check out the settings for this.

Jobs and Experts - Experts Settings

Need Help?

If you have trouble with any aspect of configuration, code or general usage, or if you have a cool feature suggestion to make, please head on over to the community forums where support staff and other helpful members are waiting to lend a hand.

Jobs & Experts is covered by the WPMU DEV Guarantee

WPMU DEV Guarantee

We guarantee that...

  • Jobs & Experts will work as advertised
  • You will receive 24/7 365 expert support for any problem
  • If you cancel your FREE trial, you can keep Jobs & Experts
  • Jobs & Experts is secure, always updated and well coded

Money back guarantee!

While you have 30 days, no obligations risk-free trial of WPMU DEV if you become a paid member and are dissatisfied with any of the above we'll refund you, no questions asked.

Huge Feature Set

Create a space where things get done.

  • Front-end profile creation
  • Front-end jobs creation
  • Job & Expert dashboard manager
  • Adjusts to fit any theme
  • Fully responsive design
  • List industry professionals
  • Toggle style options
  • Avatar uploader options
  • Animated graphic elements
  • Link expert social profiles
  • Promote an expert with a ‘like’
  • List expert skills
  • Expert geo location
  • Private messaging
  • Discreet communication
  • Integrated portfolio
  • Comprehensive job listings
  • Share project budget
  • Set a deadline
  • Project description
  • Share spec files
  • Slick contact forms
  • Shortcode integration
  • Become an Expert widget
  • Post New Job widget
  • Recent Jobs widget
  • Job Search widget
  • Optional automated page setup
  • Flexible listing page layout
  • Advanced search technology
  • Quickly sort by tag and category
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