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Live Stream Widget

Make it easy for users to discover new content with a feed of fresh posts in your sidebar or widget area. Live Stream Widget is a slick animated feed of posts and comments from a single site, multiple sites on a network or an entire Multisite.

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Version 1.0.5

Changelog / Translations

Version 1.0.5
  • Fix: errors with PHP strict standards
Version 1.0.5
  • Fix: errors with PHP strict standards

  • Correct issue with warning on regular WordPress sites.
  • Modified taxonomy terms selection UI to allow unselect for taxonomy terms instead of defaulting to selected all.
  • Added new option to allow setting link target to _blank to force open in new window.

  • Corrected issue with double comment content on widget output

  • Corrected sorting issue when merging multiple posts types
  • Added some CSS wrappers to better designate post type content list items and item elements

Version 1.0.4
  • Corrected bug where comments were not filtered by blog-id
  • Added new option to show X number characters of the post/comment content

  • More change for Post Indexer 3 Network Query logic
  • Other tweaks to widget output for linking to comments listing

Version 1.0.3
  • Added logic to support Post Indexer 3 Network_Query object instead of direct database calls.
  • Changed display logic when showing local content and posts only

Version 1.0.2
  • Added in logic to support AJAX refresh calls for live data updates instead of just on page load.
  • Added support for non-Multisite which will pull from local Post, Comments and Taxonomies

Version 1.0.1
  • Added dropdown to allow Local - Local users and local content, Network - local user and network content, All users and all content. Added logic to support local Post/Comments when Post Indexer and Comment Indexer plugins are not enabled. When selecting local. Updated taxonomy terms selection logic to allow selecting multiple terms from various taxonomies. Still only support Categories and Post Tags. Corrected logic for comments to only pull approved comments

Version 1
  • Initial release
Show the latest content from across your network in an animated widget.
  • Animated live feed stream
  • Expand with Post and Comment Indexer
  • Local site or network-wide feed
  • Select specific categories
  • Show author avatars
  • Customs size, length, and animation speed

Live Stream Widget displays an animated live stream of all the latest content from across your network.

Gather the latest activity from your site in one place – just like the fancy animated recent activity feed on Facebook and Twitter.

Stream recent activity in any widget area on your site.
Stream recent activity in any widget area on your site.

Fancy Animation

Show a slick looping feed that slides new content in as its created, giving users and visitors an easy way to discover new content.

Add another level of engagement. Promote the latest activity on your site without any extra effort.

More Ways to Customize

Add Live Stream Widget to any widget area on your site and create a custom configuration for each use.

Set width, height, avatars display, feed permissions and how much content to show.

Create a global activity feed on your Multisite network.
Create a global activity feed on your Multisite network.

Multisite Magic

Give every site on your network the power to stream their newest content.

Plus, with the power of Post Indexer and Comment Indexer you can create a global live feed and stream activity from across your network.

For help and information on installing plugins you can view our Installing WordPress Plugins Manual.

Live Stream works with both single installations of WordPress and Multisite.
NOTE: If using multisite, you must install and activate the Post Indexer Plugin and the Comment Indexer Plugin before activating Live Stream Widget Plugin.

Using Live Stream Widget on Multisite Installations

Once you have the plugin installed and Network Activated, you can navigate to any site on your network and check out the Appearance>Widgets Menu to see that you have a new Widget called Live Stream available.

Then it’s as simple as dragging and dropping the widget in to the sidebar (or any other available wigetized area) that you want to display it in!

Once you have it settled where you want it, you can check out the widget menu and set your options:

Live Stream Widget
1. Enter the title.
2. Select the content types to display.
3. Select the categories and tags.
4. Choose how the content should scroll.
5. Set the widget height.
6. Enter the number of items to loop through.
7. Set the number of characters that should display in each entry.
8. Set the scrolling time delay.
9. Want avatars and a scrollbar too?

Don’t forget to click Save!

Show Author Avatar: Works with our Avatar Plugin to display the avatar of the post author!

Please note, at current this plugin does not support custom post types, but we plan to add this in a future release.

Then you’ll have a shiny new widget with all the animated feed trimmings!  Just like this one:

Note that this widget does some filtering on the feed items. The logic is that it only shows Posts/Comments for users from the current site. The checkbox allows you to include Posts/Comment for the same list of users across all sites.  So, if you install the widget on it will only show posts for users on site3.  If you set the checkbox will still only show posts/comments for users on site3 but will also show the the posts/comments that site3 users made on other sites in the network.

Using Live Stream Widget on Single Installations of WordPress

Live Stream Widget requires no special preparation for single installations of WordPress. Simply activate the plugin and visit the widgets panel in the Appearance section of the WordPress admin menus (Appearance>Widgets).

Once there, all settings for the Live Stream Widget mirror those explained above for the multisite WordPress installation. If you run a site with multiple authors, Live Stream Widget will automatically pull the author’s gravatar (if he/she has set one up) to use as a thumbnail image next to the post/comment widget content.

Live Stream Widget is covered by the WPMU DEV Guarantee

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Live Stream Features

Highlight the newest comments and posts on your site or network.

  • Animated live feed stream
  • Local site feed
  • Network-wide user feed
  • Global feed
  • Post feed
  • Comment feed
  • Title customization field
  • Set a custom size
  • Control animation speed
  • Tag permission control
  • Category permission control
  • Show author avatar
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