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Changelog / Translations

  • Fix: Custom post type doesn't get indexed properly
  • Fix: Custom post type doesn't get indexed properly

  • Fixed SQL error when cleaning old posts

  • Fixed: table _network_terms doesn't create
  • Fixed: SQL injection possibility when cleaning old post from WP Cron

  • Fixed insert_or_get_taxonomy failing for duplicated terms.
  • Fix XSS issue

Version 3.0.6
  • Fix Fatal error: Call to undefined method ProcessLocker::is_locked()

  • Fix: Fatal error on activation.

  • Fix: PHP notice for undefined index in global get array.
  • Fix: require_once relative paths causing undefined function errors
  • Add: lockfile, transient based flag for locking, another transient for storing that info.
  • Add: Improved indexation for aged posts

  • ix: Fixes posts array on subsequent calls to get_posts() after instantiation of Network_Query.

  • Added new Process Information widget to Network settings screen to show status of the 5 WP_Cron processes managed by Post Indexer.
  • Reworked Debug output messages to be more informative on Blog, Post, Etc being processed.
  • Tested on WP 3.9

  • More changes to network_get_permalink() function
  • Added initial language translations files

  • Refined function network_get_permalink()
  • Added of WPMU DEV Dashboard 3.0 hooks

  • Corrected issue with Network Qeury where GROUP BY was only considering post_ID. Included blog_ID.
  • Corrected issue in function 'remove_term_relationships_for_post' where it was inheriting global blog_id instead of using the blog_id of the post being processed. This effected the relationship between the post and tags and blog.

  • Fixed taxonomy usage issue in the network query.
  • Fixed bug which prevented posts indexing created by 3rd party apps.
  • Fixed CSS/JS assets loading issue for SSL driven backends.
  • Implemented new WPMUDev Dashboard notice class version.

  • Fixed capability for network pages

Version 3.0.4
  • Added Meta Query class to allow for searching and sorting based on custom fields
  • Added check in rebuild query functionality to only queue blogs on the current network.

Version 3.0.3
  • Updated indexer to pull post types from the individual blogs tables for interface.

Version 3.0.2
  • Fixed rogue hard coded table prefix in tidy up post meta query.

Version 3.0.1
  • Fixed issue with excerpts filter being run on network excerpt

Version 3
  • Complete rewrite of the post indexer plugin includes:
  • - post indexer dashboard and statistics
  • - complete index rebuilding functionality
  • - global setting to pick which post types are indexed
  • - global setting to determine lifetime of index
  • - index rebuilding functionality on a site by site basis
  • - individual site statistics
  • - setting to pick which post types are indexed on a site by site basis
  • - ability to enable or disable indexing on a site by site basis

Version 2.1
  • Added post_type column to site_posts table
  • Added storing of non-post post types that are publicly queryable.

Version 2

    Version 1.0.8

      Version 1.0.7

        Version 1.0.6

          Version 1.0.5

            Version 1.0.4
            • WPMU 2.7 Compatible

            Version 1.0.2
              Supercharge how content is shared and managed across your network.
              • Make global content sharing possible
              • Choose specific post types to include
              • Post index content from specific sites
              • Manually trigger network index rebuild
              • Index sites one-at-a-time
              • Built-in statistics viewer

              Post Indexer for Multisite makes network wide search and share possible. Unlock new ways to find and display content by bringing posts from any site on your network into one index.

              Create a global index for your network that only pulls the content you want added.

              Expand What Multisite Can Do

              We built Post Indexer to work in tandem with other plugins that can harness its power.

              While Multisite is a powerful tool, one of its biggest limitations is its inability to search and display content from site-to-sites across your network.

              We’ve built a huge collection of plugins that can do it, but those plugins need a single index of posts to pull from. This is where Post Indexer comes in.

              Post Indexer does more than just build an index. You can exclude certain subsites from being indexed, index a particular site right away, index pages as well as posts, index posts manually, choose a timeframe for when posts are indexed and choose posts types to be indexed per site.

              All The Stats You’ll Ever Need

              Make sure everything is set to your liking at a glance.


              Post Indexer Summary

              See a quick list view of indexed post types and most sites indexed.


              Indexed Post Types

              A clean simple pie chart breaks down percentage of each post types indexed.


              Recently Indexed Posts

              Access recently indexed posts with a click. See site and post name.


              Most Indexed Sites

              See which sites are most active and how post types are being used across your network.

              Reimagine What Multisite Can Do

              We’ve developed a robust collection of plugins that work around Post Indexer to extend Multisite’s capabilities.

              • Reader – Turn your Multisite into a community, complete with Tumblr, and Edublogs-style “Follow” features
              • Anti-splog – Stop splogs in their tracks
              • Blogs Directory – A fully searchable, avatar inclusive, automatic and rather good-looking directory of all the sites in your network
              • Global Site Search – Activate global search across all of the sites on your network with ease
              • Global Site Tags – Display global site tags for your entire network
              • Tag feed – Display a list of posts that have been tagged with a specific tag or category
              • Recent Global Posts – Display a list of recent posts anywhere on your site using a simple shortcode or template function
              • Recent Global Posts Feed – Create an RSS feed of all the latest posts on your network
              • Live Stream – Display your own slick animated Live Stream Widget
              • User Reports – Track user posts across your network

              Expand Global Comments

              Pair Post Indexer with our Comment Indexer plugin and expand your global index to include comments from across your network.

              Post Indexer provides robust statistics that help keep your network running at optimum performance.

              A Favorite with Multisite Developers

              Post Indexer is ready to power your next global post plugin.

              Add a new global post table behind the scenes in tandem with other plugins and display post content from every site on your network.

              Rebuild your index and include specific custom post types.

              Unharness the Power

              Create global post feeds, make all the content across your network fully searchable, use global tags – Post Indexer eliminates limitations created by individual site tables.

              Plus, it works with custom post types so you can add everything from network-wide reading to a global shopping cart for your eCommerce network.

              Complete Diagnostic Tools

              The Processor Information module that comes packaged with Post Indexer will ensure indexing on your site runs at 100% and will let you know if the plugin runs into any problems pulling content from your subsites. We’ve included everything you need to make sure posts are synced exactly as they should be.

              For help with installing plugins please refer to our Plugin installation guide.

              To Use:

              This plugin by itself does not provide any features to your users. It’s simply a backend plugin that can be used to build other features.

              An example plugin demonstrating how the Post Indexer can be used is found here.

              1. Install the Post Indexer

              2. Visit Plugins in your Network Admin dashboard and Network Activate the Post Indexer plugin there.

              The Dashboard

              From your Network Admin section,  you can access the Post Indexer dashboard by going to Settings > Post Indexer. You should then land on a dashboard with three tabs at the top that look like this:


              When you first install the plugin, under the first tab labeled Statistics, you will probably not see anything. By default, the Post Indexer will only index posts created after installation.

              However, if you would like to index previously published posts, you can do so by going to the third tab — Rebuild Index.

              As the instructions in the Rebuild Index section warn, “This may take a considerable amount of time and could impact the performance of your server.”

              If you would like to index only selected sites, or if you would like to prevent certain sites from being indexed, then see the next section.

              Selecting Individual Sites to Index

              If you like, you can choose to manually index only certain sites, and you can also choose to prevent individual sites from being indexed at all.

              You can do this from the Network Admin area by going to Sites > All Sites. You should see a new column added here titled Indexing.


              From here you have a choice to:

              • Disable/Enable indexing
              • Edit the settings
              • Rebuild the index for that site only
              • See statistics for that site only

              Just click on the option you’d like for that individual site/blog.


              Choosing Post Types and Index Lifetime

              Finally, in the Global Settings tab, you can choose which post types you’d like to index (Posts, Pages, etc.), as well as how long  you would like the index to go back.


              Checking to Make Sure It Works

              Once you either add more posts or rebuild the index, you should start to see statistics about which sites have been indexed.

              Keeping in mind that this plugin is only used in conjunction with others, you might also check out a plugin like the Recent Global Posts Widget. If everything is working as it should, the Recent Global Posts Widget should populate with recent posts from your index.

              (Keep in mind that these other plugins draw from the index that the Post Indexer creates. And so if you have disabled indexing for a site, the posts from that site will not be included when a plugin like the Recent Global Posts Widget goes looking for it.)

              Troubleshooting Potential Problems

              If you run into problems, you may want to check for the following:

              First, make sure the post is published on a site with privacy set to “Allow search engines to index this site.” (Found in the regular admin area — not the Network Admin area — under Settings > Reading.)

              Next, there are a few config options at the top of post-indexer.php. Unless you’re in a very solid dedicated environment, we recommend leaving them as is.

              Check to Make Sure The Tables Installed Correctly:

              Post Indexer Tables
              And as always, if you have trouble, come talk to us in the Support Community. We’re here 24/7/365!

              Post Indexer is covered by the WPMU DEV Guarantee

              WPMU DEV Guarantee

              We guarantee that...

              • Post Indexer will work as advertised
              • You will receive 24/7 365 expert support for any problem
              • If you cancel your FREE trial, you can keep Post Indexer
              • Post Indexer is secure, always updated and well coded

              Money back guarantee!

              While you have 30 days, no obligations risk-free trial of WPMU DEV if you become a paid member and are dissatisfied with any of the above we'll refund you, no questions asked.

              Post Indexer Features

              Post Indexer runs quietly in the background doing all you networks heavy lifting

              • Make global content sharing possible
              • Compile posts from across a network in one place
              • Index custom post types
              • Choose specific post types to include
              • Post index content from specific sites
              • Remove posts from global index after set amount of time
              • Manually trigger network index rebuild
              • Index sites one-at-a-time
              • Index posts that were already published
              • Built-in statistics viewer
              • Easy-to-read graphs
              • Debug logging
              • 'Most Indexed Sites' quick view
              • 'Recently Indexed Posts' quick view
              • Post Indexer summary view
              • Individual site statistics