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Indexes all posts across your network and brings them into one spot – a very powerful tool that you use as a base to display posts in different ways or to manage your network.

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Overview of Post Indexer Stats Page
Most Indexed Sites statistics up close
Settings Tabs for Post Indexer
Recent Posts Widget - Possible only with the Post Indexer


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Post Indexer is one of the most powerful plugins a Multisite or BuddyPress owner could ever hope to possess. It takes all the posts across your network and brings them into one spot behind the scenes. From there you can then display or manage those posts in a host of different ways with the help of other plugins.


Here’s an example of the Global Posts Widget in action. It pulls its data in from the index created by the Post Indexer.



Managing Posts from a Network

Multisite is a great tool, as you probably already know. But one of its biggest limitations is the lack of control you have in managing or displaying posts from all the different sites in the network.

At WPMU DEV, we’ve built an array of plugins that will help you do that. But before they can do what they’re designed to do, they need an index of all the different posts to pull from. This is where the Post Indexer comes in.

But the Post Indexer does more than just build an index, it allows you to control exactly how you want to build it.

  • Don’t want to include a particular site in the index? … No problem.
  • Need to get a particular site indexed right away?…  No problem.
  • Want to see a rundown of which sites have the most posts in the index? … No problem.
  • Need to index Pages as well as Posts? … I think you guessed it — not an issue.



Take a quick look at its features, and then we’ll check a few out in more detail below.

  • Designed to work seamlessly with heaps of other WPMU DEV plugins
  • Post Indexer dashboard and statistics for all sites
  • Individual site statistics
  • Index posts published prior to plugin activation (index rebuilding functionality)
  • Index rebuilding on a site by site basis
  • Choose post types to be indexed for all sites
  • Choose post types to be indexed on a site by site basis
  • Enable or disable indexing on a site by site basis
  • Global setting to determine lifetime of index


Check this out!

This plugin by itself does not provide any features to your users. However, it is required by other powerful plugins in order for them to work.

Adjusting the settings in the Post Indexer will also affect what data other plugins have access to, giving you more flexibility and control. For example, if you choose to disable a site from being indexed, then a plugin like the Recent Global Posts Widget will not show posts from that site.

We want to help you truly harness the power of this plugin, and so we came up with a whole heap of plugins that work together with Post Indexer to
allow you to do many things:

  • Anti-splog -Ultimate plugin and service to stop and kills splogs
  • Blogs Directory – fully search-able, avatar inclusive, automatic and rather good looking directory of all sites on your network
  • Global Site Search – provides global search across all sites on your network with ease
  • Global Site Tags – Displays global site tag for your entire network
  • Tag feed – display a list of posts that have been tagged with a specific tag/category
  • Recent Global Posts – display a list of recent posts anywhere on your site via a simple shortcode or template function
  • Recent Global Posts Widget – Display latest posts from across your entire network – using a simple but powerful widget!
  • Recent Global Comments Feed – RSS feed of latest comments from across your entire network
  • Recent Global Posts Feed – RSS feed of latest posts from across your entire network
  • Recent Global Author Comments Feed – Provides a global feed of comments from a single author made across multiple sites on the network
  • Recent Global Comments Widget – Display latest comments from across your entire network – using a simple but powerful widget!
  • Live Stream - Display your own slick animated Live Stream Widget.
  • User Reports - If you’ve been looking for a way to track user posts and comments across your network then look no further!

Post Indexer Backend

Take a quick look at some of the setting from the Post Indexer backend. Here’s a partial glance at the statistics page.



And here’s a look at the Most Indexed Sites graph up close.



Need to see the most indexed sites in a text layout? No problem.



If you’re a Multisite owner, then the Post Indexer is a must-have plugin for you. It does the building, and you do the controlling.


With the Post Indexer, You Get Great Functionality …

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For help with installing plugins please refer to our Plugin installation guide.

To Use:

This plugin by itself does not provide any features to your users. It’s simply a backend plugin that can be used to build other features.

An example plugin demonstrating how the Post Indexer can be used is found here.

1. Install the Post Indexer

2. Visit Plugins in your Network Admin dashboard and Network Activate the Post Indexer plugin there.


The Dashboard

From your Network Admin section,  you can access the Post Indexer dashboard by going to Settings > Post Indexer. You should then land on a dashboard with three tabs at the top that look like this:


When you first install the plugin, under the first tab labeled Statistics, you will probably not see anything. By default, the Post Indexer will only index posts created after installation.

However, if you would like to index previously published posts, you can do so by going to the third tab — Rebuild Index.

As the instructions in the Rebuild Index section warn, “This may take a considerable amount of time and could impact the performance of your server.”

If you would like to index only selected sites, or if you would like to prevent certain sites from being indexed, then see the next section.


Selecting Individual Sites to Index

If you like, you can choose to manually index only certain sites, and you can also choose to prevent individual sites from being indexed at all.

You can do this from the Network Admin area by going to Sites > All Sites. You should see a new column added here titled Indexing.


From here you have a choice to:

  • Disable/Enable indexing
  • Edit the settings
  • Rebuild the index for that site only
  • See statistics for that site only


Just click on the option you’d like for that individual site/blog.



Choosing Post Types and Index Lifetime

Finally, in the Global Settings tab, you can choose which post types you’d like to index (Posts, Pages, etc.), as well as how long  you would like the index to go back.



Checking to Make Sure It Works

Once you either add more posts or rebuild the index, you should start to see statistics about which sites have been indexed.

Keeping in mind that this plugin is only used in conjunction with others, you might also check out a plugin like the Recent Global Posts Widget. If everything is working as it should, the Recent Global Posts Widget should populate with recent posts from your index.

(Keep in mind that these other plugins draw from the index that the Post Indexer creates. And so if you have disabled indexing for a site, the posts from that site will not be included when a plugin like the Recent Global Posts Widget goes looking for it.)


Troubleshooting Potential Problems

If you run into problems, you may want to check for the following:

First, make sure the post is published on a site with privacy set to “Allow search engines to index this site.” (Found in the regular admin area — not the Network Admin area — under Settings > Reading.)

Next, there are a few config options at the top of post-indexer.php. Unless you’re in a very solid dedicated environment, we recommend leaving them as is.

Check to Make Sure The Tables Installed Correctly:

Post Indexer Tables
And as always, if you have trouble, come talk to us in the Support Community. We’re here 24/7/365!



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