Q&A allows any WordPress site to have a fully featured questions and answers section – just like StackOverflow, Yahoo Answers and Quora.

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You’ve seen how engaging, informative, and just plain fun Q&A sites such as Quora can be.

With this plugin, you can bring full Questions and Answers functionality to any WordPress or BuddyPress site in mere minutes!

Check out the plugin in action below:


Chock-full of features such as:

  • Full front-end capability – users don’t ever have to see your site’s admin back-end
  • WYSIWYG editing of both questions and answers
  • Easy theme integration using widgets
  • Fully customizable using the included template files
  • Snazzy voting for both questions and answers
  • Integrated reputation points system
  • Dedicated user profile pages

This extensive and powerful plugin covers all the question and answer bases right out of the box while easily installed and fully operational in moments — and highly customizable too!

Check it:

Simply install and activate the plugin, visit yoursite.com/questions/ask/ and start asking questions!

Asking a question with the FAQ plugin

With integrated voting for both questions and answers – it’s more engaging for your users while pushing the best answers to the top.

And the users asking the questions can also check off the answer of their choice!

Voting best answers

And to reward your users, they get reputation points, based on the votes they receive, which are displayed on their dedicated profile pages.

How the reputation points work in the FAQ plugin

Each question can be assigned a category and one or more tags so your users can view questions belonging to a particular category or tag, see unanswered questions and also use the integrated search.

Searching and using tags plus categories

Users can even subscribe to questions, receiving emails when new answers are posted.

Anonymous visitors can also post question and answers, which will be published after they have successfully logged in. This lowers the barrier to entry, helping your community to grow faster.

And you have the ability to fine-tune what each user role can and can’t do by navigating in your WordPress admin area to Questions -> Settings.

How cool is that?

Assigning roles

And for the ultimate in customization, the Q&A section is fully themeable, so it can become a seamless part of your site.

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See the installation instructions to get started.


Start by reading Installing plugins section in our comprehensive WordPress and WordPress Multisite Manual if you are new to WordPress.

To install:

1.  Download the plugin file
2.  Unzip the file into a folder on your hard drive
3.  Upload the qa folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your site

  • On regular WordPress installs – visit Plugins and Activate the plugin.
  • For WordPress Multisite installs – Activate it blog-by-blog (say if you wanted to make it a Supporter premium plugin), or visit Network Admin -> Plugins and Network Activate the plugin.

4.  Login to your admin panel for WordPress or Multisite and activate the plugin:

To use:

1.  Go to Settings -> Permalinks in the site admin dashboard to check your permalink structure. Q&A uses pretty URLs so rewrites and pretty permalinks must be enabled.  Your permalinks can be anything but the default permalinks.

Checking your permalinks

2.  Go to Questions -> Settings in the site admin dashboard to assign capabilities to the roles of your choosing.

Questions > Settings

3.   Visit http://yoursite.com/questions/ask/ to create your first question.

Asking a question with the FAQ plugin

4.  Now all you need to do is use Custom menus with your theme or add a link on your site to direct your users to http://yoursite.com/questions/ask/

Please note:

Reputation points

Reputation points are set at the following values by default:

Having an answer accepted: 15
Accepting an answer: 2
Having an Answer voted up: 10
Having a Question voted up: 5


Having a Question voted down: -2
Voting a Question or Answer down: -1

Customizing reputation points

Reputation point values can be changed by editing qa.php, which lists the values as follows:

// Reputation multipliers
define( ‘QA_ANSWER_ACCEPTED’, 15 );
define( ‘QA_ANSWER_ACCEPTING’, 2 );
define( ‘QA_ANSWER_UP_VOTE’, 10 );
define( ‘QA_QUESTION_UP_VOTE’, 5 );
define( ‘QA_DOWN_VOTE’, -2 );
define( ‘QA_DOWN_VOTE_PENALTY’, -1 );

Customization options

Optionally, you can further customize the appearance of the Q&A section, to better integrate it with your theme.

To do so, simply copy the php files from default-templates into your theme folder and start customizing.

If you want to disable the default plugin CSS, add the following line to your theme’s functions.php file:

add_theme_support( ‘qa_style’ );

If you also want to disable the default JavaScript (not recommended), add the following line to your theme’s functions.php file:

add_theme_support( ‘qa_script’ );

Customize your Root Slug

If you want to change the Slug, or url, of your Questions you can define any of the following in your wp-config.php








using the following format define(‘QA_SLUG_ROOT’, ‘yourslughere’);

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