Set Blog Description

Let users set a custom tagline when creating a new site on a Multisite network.

Version 1.1


    May 1, 2014 - version 1.1

      May 9, 2013 - version 1.0.4
      • Fix a bug that was breaking the plugin in latest multisite

      January 23, 2013 - version 1.0.3
      • Add compatibility with New Blog Templates plugin
      • Clean up code a bit

      September 6, 2011 - version 1.0.2
      • Refill field on signup error

      January 4, 2011 - version 1.0.1
      • WP 3.1 Compatibility
      • Changed install location for autoupdate ability
      • Fully localized

      September 3, 2009 - version 1

        Downloads 15,456

        Compatibility Multisite 4.1

        set blog description gives users the ability to add a tagline when adding a new site to a network.

        A good tagline can increase engagement and helps improve buy-in. This simple plugin lets users set their own tagline at signup.

        Eliminate generic content

        Enhance site signup

        Users just add their custom tagline while creating a new site.

        Automated setup, no configuration

        Presto…their new site with their own tagline!

        Catchy taglines across your entire network

        Happy ‘better-describing-what-your-site-is-about-ing’ :)

        For help with installing plugins please refer to our Plugin installation guide.

        Once installed visit Network Admin -> Plugins and Network Activate it.

        That’s it! No configuration necessary!

        Once activated the option to add site tagline is automatically activated on your sign-up page.