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Shipper Pro moves WordPress Websites from host to host, local to production, development to live, top to bottom without using FTP or SFTP – WordPress migration has never been this easy. Shipper Pro is the super transporter that securely moves your entire site to any location with a click. Simple WordPress website migration. Ahoy!
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Shipper is the simplest way to move your WordPress sites. One-click site migration and no FTP.
  • API driven = no load on your site
  • One-click site migration import/export
  • Automated pre-flight system check
  • Find and replace for moving to a new domain
  • Move entire Multisite networks
  • Detailed transport support logs

Shipper Pro provides safe stable passage for migrating any WordPress website large or small. Move your or your client sites with a click

Site Migration Have You Jumping Overboard? Shipper Pro Will Move Your sites With A Click!


Move Huge Sites

Shipper’s file transporter moves files one at a time for increased stability.

Multisite Migrator

Move entire networks to any location with Shipper’s Multisite integration.

Develop Local

Build on your local machine and push your site to your server with Shipper.


Trigger your website migration from both the sending and receiving site.

Find and Replace

Shipper automatically updates all of your internal linking.

Transport Log

Generate detailed reports of your site travels for reporting and troubleshooting.

Shipper getting started
Easily move your sites with Shippers dedicated secure servers.

Ready for a Hosting Upgrade?

Shipper Pro makes light work of site migration. Take back control of where your sites are hosted.

Ready for an upgrade? Shipper Pro is a master at logistics. Choose a hot new provider and let Shipper do the rest.

Shipper import and export
Just select to import or export a new site.

Move Huge Sites

Shipper Pro uses the WPMU DEV super API to connect and port files, bypassing load restrictions.

Transfer huge sites and large files without being interrupted by servers timing out. With Shipper Pro it’s smooth sailing.

What About Multisite?

Shipper multisite migration
Migrate both single and Multisite networks.

Multisite is wildly powerful and adds complexity, and that’s precisely what Shipper Pro is here for. This captain is specifically engineered to handle the added load of moving a WordPress network so you can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Shipper site information
Shipper makes it easy to find and analyze your sites system information.

Detailed Transport Log & System Information

Shipper creates detailed downloadable logs for each migration and makes it easy to access details about your server configuration.

If you encounter any issues porting a site, the WPMU DEV support crew will help ensure a successful transfer.

Packages make manual site migration a breeze.

Zip, Download & Move

Want to move your site manually? Shipper does that too. Shipper can zip your site into a downloadable package that can be quickly installed on a server of your choosing. Packages can even be password protected for additional migration protection Fast, safe and secure.

Shipper migration options
Use Migration options to help ensure a clean simple transfer from server to server.

Migration Options

Each host is unique with custom system configurations. Shipper runs a pre-check, reports any differences and adjusts to make your move a success.

Import or export, use the default temporary folder in WordPress or set a custom working directory. He’s got options.

An example of the Migration Filters feature in action
Use Migration Filters to exclude specific files, folders, and database tables.

Exclude Specific Files and Folders With Migration Filters

By default, the export process includes your entire website. However, depending on your goal, you may not want to migrate every file.

With Shipper you can use filters to exclude specific files, folders, and more.

Find and Replace

Shipper migration complete
Take the stress out of moving WordPress websites with Shipper.

But what about all my links? When moving your site to a new domain Shipper Pro will find and replace your links to match your new Domain. Moving your WordPress site has never been so easy.

Getting Started:

The complete Shipper setup guide is now located in the newly designed documentation section of our website. Access the full Shipper tutorial now, complete with improved navigation and upgraded learning tools:

Shipper Usage Documentation


Shipper Pro is covered by the WPMU DEV Guarantee

WPMU DEV Guarantee

We guarantee that...

  • Shipper Pro will work as advertised
  • You will receive 24/7 365 expert support for any problem
  • If you cancel your FREE trial, you can keep Shipper Pro
  • Shipper Pro is secure, always updated and well coded

Money back guarantee!

While you have 7 days, no obligations risk-free trial of WPMU DEV if you become a paid member and are dissatisfied with any of the above we'll refund you, no questions asked.

Shipper Features

Move WordPress sites and networks easily.

  • Import and export
  • No FTP/SFTP needed
  • Secure dedicated server
  • Pre-flight check
  • Zip package migration
  • File find and replace
  • Files-by-file porting
  • Large file detection
  • Move from host to host
  • Push from local to live
  • Detailed Shipper Logs
  • Display system Information
  • Runs in the background
  • Destination server configuration check
  • Package size check
  • Source check
  • Location check
  • Package check
  • Migration Filters