Signup Code

Limit who can sign up for a site or user account at your network by requiring a special code that you can easily configure yourself

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Sign up code on a sign up page
Creating your code using Settings > Signup Code in the network admin dashboard

There are a few ways that you can limit signups to your Multisite or BuddPress network – via restricted email domains or limiting signups to existing members (or just yourself) only.

This plugin adds another way – the ability for you to set a signup code that stops any new visitors from creating an account unless they know the code!

Anti-splog logo

Alternatively if you are looking to control Splogs — check out our Anti-splog plugin which is the ultimate plugin and service to stop and kill splogs on Multisite and BuddyPress networks.

It’s Simple!

Once activated go to Network Admin > Settings > Sign up and add your code.

Now, your sign up field will now be modified (remember to log out to see it in all its glory), and if visitors don’t enter the correct code then no accounts for them!

Enjoy :)


For help with installing plugins please refer to our Plugin installation guide.

Once installed visit Network Admin -> Plugins and Network Activate it.

To use

1.  Go to Network Admin > Settings > Signup Code
2.  Enter the code you’d like visitors to provide before they can create a site or username
3.  Edit the text you want to appear above it (the ‘branding’)

4.  Click Save Changes
5.  To check it’s working

  •  Log out of your account
  • Go to your signup page e.g.

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