Simple Ads

This plugin does the advertising basics – essentially allowing you to simply insert ads before and after post content around your entire site with no option for users to remove them

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Easy cut and paste ad code into dashboard

This is a plugin that operates in a similar fashion to our Supporter Advertising plugin – but where that plugin allows bloggers to remove their ads by paying to become supporters, this one doesn’t.

It’s made for WPMU site owners that simply want to insert ads before and after post content, across their site, and not have it removed or replaced by any other ads by any users.

It allows you select whether you’d like ads before and and after post and page content, a maximum number of ads that you’d like to display and whether you want to disable ads showing on the main blog.

Not bad huh!

Check Out This Example

Here’s Google Adsense code being used to display ads before post content:

And here it is in action:

No need to wrangle with template code to insert ads. Simply cut and paste your ad code directly into the dashboard and you’re ready to go!



To install:

1. Download the plugin file
2. Unzip the file into a folder on your hard drive
3. Upload /simple-ads/ folder to /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your site
4. Visit Network Admin -> Plugins and Network Activate it there.

Note: If you have an older version of the plugin installed in /mu-plugins/ please delete it.

  • That’s it! No configuration necessary!

To use:

1.  Go to Network Admin > Settings > Advertising
2. Select the location of your code, the number of ads per page, add the Advertising code to the “Before” Ad Code’ and/or “After” Ad Code field and select if ads are displayed on the main blog.
3. Click Save Changes

Please Note: For Google Adsense the maximum number of ads to be shown on page needs to be set to 3.

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