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Would you like to be able to change any wording, anywhere in the entire admin area on your whole site? Without a single hack? Well, if that’s the case then this plugin is for you!

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Examples of how you can change text using the Custom Admin Text plugin
Changing text in the site admin dashboard using the Custom Admin Text plugin

Not everyone is a fan of ‘Howdy’ – some of us like to say ‘G’day’!!!

And, some people might want to replace every mention of, for example – ahem – ‘WordPress’, with ‘Edublogs’.

And that’s exactly what this powerful plugin does, saving you from the pain of having to make, or remake, a single hack. How cool is that!

Packed full of features such as:

  • Easily change any text in the admin area of all sites across your network
  • Simple to use interface for making text changes without a single hack needed
  • Change as many text as you like

And you’ll be able to change ever single piece of translated text in your admin area.

Check it out!

Simply install and activate the plugin and you’ll see a new ‘Text Change’ menu below Settings in your network admin dashboard.

Now Super Admin users can easily change any text inside site admin dashboard as simply as adding the new text!

For example, say you want to change Howdy to G’Day?

 It’s as simple as adding G’day!

And presto!

Are you looking for other ways to brand your site?

Then checkout our amazing Ultimate Branding. Custom Admin Text is included as standard along with a whole host of other cool and awesome features.



For help with installing plugins please see our Plugin installation guide.

Once installed log into to your admin panel, visit Network Admin -> Plugins and Network Activate the plugin.

To use:

1. Go to Settings > Text Change in the network admin dashboard.

2. Click Add New, add the text you want to replace and your new text.

3.  Now click Save All Settings.

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