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slide in allows you to create graceful and eye catching marketing messages that grab your audiences’ attention and convert them to your product or service.

Do you have a particular message you don’t want your audience to miss? Would you like to build your mailing list without using annoying pop ups?

Create Beautiful Marketing Messages

Slide In is a versatile and fully customizable plugin perfect for:

  • Promote products without frustrating users with pop ups
  • Grow your subscriber and mailing lists
  • Display custom messages after a user has reached the end of a post
  • Show messages based on conditions, i.e. only on single pages, posts, or even for specific pages
  • Time delay messages to capture readers you know are interested in your product
  • Get readers to share your site on a variety of social networks
  • Promote more of your content from around your site
  • Use your shortcodes in promotional messages
  • Create a Slide In using widgets
  • Display Slide Ins on MarketPress by WPMU DEV virtual pages

Creating Slide Ins is a Piece of Cake

Adding a new Slide In is as easy as adding a new post. Simply add a new Slide In and choose when you want your slide to display and what it looks like.

You can also add custom CSS to style your Slide Ins just how you want.

Do you want to show your audience links to your social media accounts? You can do that with Slide In.

What about displaying related posts? Or a sign up form for your MailChimp mailing list? Slide In can do those, too.

WPMU DEV Slide Ins

If you know how to create a new post in WordPress then creating a Slide In will be a walk in the park.


For help and information on installing plugins you can view our Installing WordPress Plugins Manual.

Once you activate the plugin, you will see a menu appear on the left labeled Slide In.


You will see three sub-menus appear when you click on the menu item.  We will tackle each separately.

Slide In

Clicking this will show you all your current “Slide Ins,” as we’ll call them (i.e. your messages).


From here, you can:

  • Create new Slide Ins
  • Edit existing Slide Ins
  • Trash messages (so they stop being shown on your website)
  • See their Pool Status*
  • See the conditions in which each Slide In gets shown

*Pool Status is whether your slide in is globally visible, or only visible for a particular post.

Add New

Adding a Slide In is as easy as creating a post. In fact, any information you enter in the Editor Box will show up in the Slide In, including formatting. You can use headers, lists, links, bold and italic styles and they will all work. You can even include images!


Content Type

Here’s where you dictate what goes in your Slide In. You can even choose to display related entries from any custom taxonomy.


Text Message

If you want a rich text message like the one below, then use this option and put whatever you’d like into the Editor (just like writing a regular post).



If you use MailChimp, we’ve built in a subscription form that automatically connects to your MailChimp account. Enter your API key, select the list you want people to subscribe to. We do the rest!

We'll automatically retrieve all your subscriber lists from MailChimp once you've added your API key.

We’ll automatically retrieve all your subscriber lists from MailChimp once you’ve added your API key.

Your MailChimp Slide In will then look something like this:


Related Posts

The last option is related posts. The related posts option uses WordPress’s default tagging system to pull in posts. Simply select this, then choose the number of posts to show and whether to use thumbnails or not.


Your Related Posts Slide In should look something like this:


related-posts copy

Global Settings

Global Settings contain the following:

  • Default behavioural settings
  • Appearance settings
  • Social integration options
  • MailChimp API list to subscribe to
  • Additional CSS to be used for every new Slide In 
  • Advanced settings for shortcodes and widgets

We’ll go through the sections below.

Behavioural Settings

These settings dictate at what point on a page your Slide In gets shown.

There are three options in the Behaviour Settings that give you loads of flexibility.


  • Firstly, you can set the Slide In to show when a reader is a certain amount of distance down a page. So if you want to target people that get halfway through your article, you set 50%.
  • Secondly, you can enter an ID that once scrolls past the top of the window (e.g. the #comments div), the Slide In shows itself.
  • Finally, you can target people that have been on a page for X-amount of seconds. For example, if you want to target people that are truly reading your article top to bottom, you can enter 60 seconds so only readers that have read for a minute see your Slide In.

After you set what should trigger the Slide In, you then choose the rules for closing the message. See below:


Appearance Settings

Here you select the position, width of the Slide In, whether you want it to have rounded or square edges, if it’s light or dark themed and the key color to go with it.

You can also add Social Media share options, along with a default MailChimp API List Key to send subscribers too, as well as any extra CSS you wish to add to modify the Slide In.

These are all pretty self explanatory, and so instead of showing the actual settings page, we’ll give some screenshots of different configurations.

This is a Slide In placed at the top of the page, full width with a minimal light blue theme and no social media services attached

This is a Slide In placed at the top of the page, full width with a minimal light blue theme and no social media services attached

This slide in is placed to the left, with a width of 400px and a rounded dark theme with red as the primary colour. It has several social media share options attached.

This slide in is placed to the left, with a width of 400px and a rounded dark theme with red as the primary color  It has several social media share options attached.

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