A balance of beautiful, pixel-perfect design with flexible, easy-to-navigate customization.

Version 2.3.3

  • Fixed: Drop down menu style


November 12, 2014 - version 2.3.3
  • Fixed: Drop down menu style

November 1, 2014 - version 2.3.2

    October 11, 2014 - version 2.3.1
    • CSS fix for blog page

    May 4, 2014 - version 2.3

      April 11, 2014 - version 2.2.9

        September 4, 2013 - version 2.2.8

          August 9, 2013 - version 2.2.7

            April 15, 2013 - version 2.2.6

              March 13, 2013 - version 2.2.5

                March 9, 2013 - version 2.2.4

                  March 8, 2013 - version 2.2.3

                    January 25, 2013 - version 2.2.2

                      January 15, 2013 - version 2.2.1

                        January 3, 2013 - version 2.2

                          December 16, 2012 - version 2.1.9

                            September 23, 2012 - version 2.1.8

                              September 21, 2012 - version 2.1.7

                                May 12, 2012 - version 2.1.6
                                • Fixed: studio blog and post are missing from front page

                                December 13, 2011 - version 2.1.5

                                  November 4, 2011 - version 2.1.4

                                    October 17, 2011 - version 2.1.3

                                      October 9, 2011 - version 2.1.2
                                      • Removal of TEXT_DOMAIN to use a string and also merging of strings for buddypress and theme to give consistency and better language handling.
                                      • Inclusion of a howto for languages

                                      September 22, 2011 - version 2.1.1

                                        September 21, 2011 - version 2.1

                                          September 21, 2011 - version 2
                                          • Remove simple SEO please use our SEO plugin or another plugin for better control
                                          • BuddyPress 1.5 update
                                          • Compressed CSS sheets
                                          • Reduction in CSS sheet number
                                          • New set up theme function
                                          • Updated header links and formats
                                          • Use enqueue for all styling and scripts
                                          • New theme function allows for child themes to override everything including function files
                                          • Updated comment forms to use functions and comment_form

                                          July 5, 2011 - version 1.3

                                            June 6, 2011 - version

                                              March 24, 2011 - version

                                                March 8, 2011 - version

                                                  March 1, 2011 - version 1.2.9

                                                    March 1, 2011 - version 1.2.9

                                                      February 23, 2011 - version 1.2.8

                                                        January 22, 2011 - version 1.2.8
                                                        • Fixed some functions

                                                        January 13, 2011 - version 1.2.7

                                                          January 4, 2011 - version 1.2.6

                                                            December 24, 2010 - version 1.2.5

                                                              December 24, 2010 - version 1.2.4

                                                                December 17, 2010 - version 1.2.3

                                                                  November 25, 2010 - version 1.2.2

                                                                    November 24, 2010 - version 1.2.1

                                                                      November 23, 2010 - version 1.2

                                                                        November 4, 2010 - version 1.1.4

                                                                          October 25, 2010 - version 1.1.3

                                                                            October 23, 2010 - version 1.1.2

                                                                              October 22, 2010 - version 1.1.1

                                                                                October 21, 2010 - version 1.1

                                                                                  October 5, 2010 - version 1.0.4

                                                                                    October 4, 2010 - version 1.0.3

                                                                                      September 28, 2010 - version 1.0.2

                                                                                        September 22, 2010 - version 1.0.1
                                                                                        • Updated 2 language strings and regenerated mo / po files
                                                                                        • Sorted out sign up box formatting issue
                                                                                        • Changed avatar styling

                                                                                        September 20, 2010 - version 1

                                                                                          September 14, 2010 - version 1-BETA

                                                                                            Downloads 27,140

                                                                                            Compatibility WordPress 4.1, Multisite 4.1, BuddyPress 2.2

                                                                                            Presenting Studio- Now you’ve got a theme designer in your back pocket!

                                                                                            Today’s WordPress themes far outclass those of yesterday.  In the increasingly competitive industry of theme design everyone can have a nice looking site.  You have to do more to stand out from the crowd.  The new Studio theme from WPMU DEV does exactly that.

                                                                                            With Studio we’ve not departed from all the goodies you’ve seen in the past – we’ve refined them.  Presentation is key here and setup is surprisingly easy.  From styling to branding to BuddyPress integration.  This theme delivers in some amazing ways you haven’t seen before.

                                                                                            Click here for a live demo.

                                                                                            A stunning theme display with powerful customization options
                                                                                            A stunning theme display with powerful customization options

                                                                                            So what’s the big deal?  How is Studio different?
                                                                                            Studio’s awesome homepage really gives your site the perfect edge.  We’ve painstakingly gone through every pixel and each detail to make one of the most aesthetically pleasing themes ever.  Combined with powerful customization options, you’re guaranteed to get a unique site that keeps the modern simplicity only an experienced designer could provide.

                                                                                            The new homepage slider is perfect for getting your site’s message out.  We’ve given it lots of room and removed any surrounding clutter.  Now your site’s most important messages are prominently displayed so you can communicate clearly and effectively to your visitors.

                                                                                            A complete option interface overhaul. We’ve listened to your comments and heard your requests.  You need the ability to add your content and display it your way. To this end, we created content buckets.  You choose the content you want displayed:  links, excerpts, photos.  Choose one, several or everything – then let Studio worry about the layout.  Perfection every time!

                                                                                            BuddyPress. Looking for a beautiful integrated theme for your BuddyPress homepage?  Studio keeps an eye out and anytime it senses a BuddyPress install springs into action!  We even included an awesome login sliding panel for easy access to your online community.  Some ajaxy magic means it cleverly stays out of the way until needed.

                                                                                            On top of that, we’ve integrated bbPress forums with BuddyPress too.

                                                                                            Not using BuddyPress?  No problem.  You won’t even be bothered with these options unless BuddyPress is active!

                                                                                            Google Font Directory. Fonts quite literally say everything about your site.  With the Studio theme designer backing you up you can stay away from boring default fonts and choose from a host of fonts that will work in any modern web browser!  Just choose a font from the drop down menu and Studio takes care of the rest!

                                                                                            Need more options? Unlike some theme designers we know, Studio never complains when you want to try a new look.  Go ahead.  Change some things around.  Change them back.  Studio delivers time and time again to your exact specifications.

                                                                                            We’ve got a variety of colors: Blue, Green, Red, or Mono are all available from the Preset Styles.

                                                                                            Still want more?  Keep the default setting and then use the finely tuned controls offered in our Custom Styling Menus:  Here you can modify the site to your liking:  Fonts (Google Fonts Directory!), Layout Colors, Text Colors, and Navigation Colors.

                                                                                            It’s all here and, of course, you don’t need to know a line of HTML to use it.

                                                                                            It’s obvious we’ve got a beautiful theme here with amazing features that you can use and customize right away.  But we didn’t stop there:

                                                                                            • Our Branding options gives you the ability to upload your logo and takes into account that they are not all the same shape!  We let you be the boss while Studio takes care of the design.
                                                                                            • Google Analytics is also built in!  Simply enter your google code and let Studio take care of the rest.
                                                                                            • Global call to action header – consistently brand your message across all pages on your site
                                                                                            • Sign up box – sign up section that auto detects your site format
                                                                                            • Custom header image – perfect for adds or banners on your site
                                                                                            • W3 Validation
                                                                                            • Multiple Sidebars – we’ve added a sidebar for all occasions and a footer widget area also – want a sidebar for 404, single, archive, BuddyPress, search, blog, page – no problem :)
                                                                                            • All the usual goodies like a blog/news template, featured images, parent and child themes, theme options and mo / po files

                                                                                            Did we mention that this theme also includes a default child theme?  This gives you complete control of your site’s design and allows you to grab theme upgrades without worry.

                                                                                            Want to see it in action?  Check out our demo page for a live example.

                                                                                            PLUS: ‘Guaranteed To Work’ Compatibility with the Latest Version of WordPress, Multisite and BuddyPress

                                                                                            PLUS: Absolutely NO license restrictions
                                                                                            Whether you choose to purchase one theme every one of our themes and plugins, you can use your purchase on as many sites as you like, for as long as you like, no ongoing membership or subscription required – everything at WPMU DEV is 100% GPL.

                                                                                            PLUS: No subscription or ongoing membership required
                                                                                            Simply join and then cancel your membership, and you can carry on using our plugins and themes for as long as you like, wherever you like. Or, become an ongoing member for more support, updates, new themes, and APIs for videos, our developers dashboard, and more. It’s up to you!

                                                                                            PLUS: Unlimited Live & Q&A Support from the WordPress experts, for anything to do with WordPress at all! WPMU themes and plugins come with simple usage instructions, and unlimited member access to support Q&A where our dedicated team of WordPress support and development experts are waiting to answer your questions 24 hours a day – no appointment required!

                                                                                            PLUS: Fully internationalized, fully white-label ready, fully customizable
                                                                                            It’s easy to translate any WPMU DEV plugin or theme, and it’s equally easy to white-label them so your clients or users never know your secret source. As 100% GPL code, you’re even free to edit our plugins and themes as much as you like, no questions asked.

                                                                                            PLUS: More Amazing Premium WordPress Plugins
                                                                                            Buy Studio Theme now and we’ll show you how to upgrade to premium membership and gain access to EVERYTHING we offer: more than 300 plugins and themes, all with the same the updates and support we’ve just promised you.

                                                                                            Join more than 100,000 satisfied customers who trust WPMU DEV as their #1 WordPress resource – it’s like having your own dedicated WordPress team.

                                                                                            Installing a theme from WPMU DEV

                                                                                            1. Download the theme file

                                                                                            2. Unzip the file into a folder on your hard drive

                                                                                            3. Upload the folder to /wp-content/themes/ folder on your site

                                                                                            • If you’re using multi-site you’ll need to visit Network Admin -> Themes and Activate it there.

                                                                                            4. Make sure your install path is correct for example:


                                                                                            5. You’ll see several files and folders depending on the theme package.  Most themes contain a folder for the parent and child theme within the folder called themes.

                                                                                            6. Launch FileZilla or your FTP client – read more about using FTP and FTP clients here.

                                                                                            7. Enter your domain name, your username and password. NOTE: the same username and password that you use to log into your cPanel.

                                                                                            8. Click Quickconnect

                                                                                            9. Upload both the parent theme folder and child theme folder to wp-content/themes/

                                                                                            • For example, with BuddyPress Daily theme you need to upload bp-daily and bp-daily-child to wp-content/themes/ (bp-daily folder is the parent theme folder)
                                                                                            • With Gallery you need to upload gallery and gallery-child to wp-content/themes/ (gallery folder is the parent theme folder)
                                                                                            • We provide child themes with themes to enable you to customize your own files without having those changes overwritten when we update a theme.
                                                                                            • To find out more about parent and children themes please visit our guide to parent and child themes.

                                                                                            Uploading parent and child themes to your theme folder on your site

                                                                                            10.  Dragging the theme folders from your computer into theme folder in your WordPress directory uploads these new themes to your WordPress install however they aren’t enabled on a WordPress Multisite install.

                                                                                            11. As Super Admin user on WordPress Multisite you have the choice to enable:

                                                                                            a) The theme network wide so that all users can use the theme
                                                                                            b) Enable access to the theme on a per site basis
                                                                                            c) Use Supporter plugin via supporter-themes.php to make it available as a premium theme for supporter sites only

                                                                                            Enabling The Theme network wide

                                                                                            Here’s how to enable Sleek Photo network wide so that all your users can use the theme:

                                                                                            1. On your Network Admin dashboard click on the Themes menu

                                                                                            2. Select Network Enable underneath the theme name to enable its access network wide.

                                                                                            To enable more than one theme at once:

                                                                                            Enabling themes on a per site basis

                                                                                            Any theme that has not been activated for the entire network can be activated on a site as follows:

                                                                                            1. Locate the site you want to enable specific themes on by searching for the specific site by clicking on Sites > All Sites

                                                                                            2. Once you have located the site click on Edit (hovering your mouse over the domain name brings up the action menu)

                                                                                            3. Click the Themes tab

                                                                                            Only themes that haven’t been enabled network wide appear on the site theme list

                                                                                            You can also enable more than one theme at the same time:

                                                                                            Using Supporter Plugin for Premium Themes

                                                                                            The supporter plugin allows you to select premium themes for supporter sites only.

                                                                                            The idea is you make the best and nicest themes available on supporter sites so users will want to sign up to access the themes.

                                                                                            To install:

                                                                                            1.  Install the Supporter plugin as per the installation instructions.

                                                                                            2.  Upload supporter-themes.php to wp-content/mu-plugins

                                                                                            How it works is:

                                                                                            1.  A Premium Themes page is added to Settings > Supporter in the Network Admin dashboard, where you can select the themes that you want to enable for Supporter sites only.

                                                                                            • Only themes that haven’t been enabled network wide on Network Admin >Themes will be listed on this page

                                                                                            2.  A Premium Themes sub-menu item is added to the dashboard of all sites under both Supporter and Appearance – but only users using supporter site can activate a Premium theme.

                                                                                            3.  Whereas users on non-supporter sites can see all the Premium themes but can’t activate them – instead they see a message saying ‘This feature is limited to supporters only’