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Drive engagement by allowing your readers to be automatically notified about your latest content. Send daily or weekly digest emails directly to your subscribers with all the gadgets you need to send professional emails including double opt-in, styling and unsubscribe.

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Version 3.5.4

Changelog / Translations

Version 3.5.4
  • Fixed: XSS Vulnerability
  • Some minor improvements
Version 3.5.4
  • Fixed: XSS Vulnerability
  • Some minor improvements

Version 3.5.3
  • Fix: Subject encoding issue

Version 3.5.2
  • Add: New filter to filter widget instance on validation

Version 3.5.1
Version 3.5
  • Enhance: Fixed some translations.
  • Enhance: Improved handler to avoid duplicated digests.
  • Enhance: Fixed MySQL 5.6 incompatibility
  • Fixed: Typo in email template.
  • New hooks.

Version 3.4.4
  • Fixed: Fatal error when upgrading from a very old version

Version 3.4.3
  • Fixed: When deleting a site in a multisite the queue table was deleted.

Version 3.4.2
  • Updated widget to WP 4.3 constructor

Version 3.4.1
  • Do not send Metabox was not working properly for immediately sendings.

Version 3.4
  • New: Added meta box to avoid sending single posts
  • Enhanced: Added custom capability

Version 3.3
  • New: Preview template in real time.
  • New: auto opt in attribute in shortcode.

Version 3.2.1
  • Fixed: Full post/excerpt content were not being rendered in digests.

Version 3.2
  • Enhancement: Email templates can now be overriden with custom templates in theme folder.
  • Fixed typos.
  • Fixed several warnings.

Version 3.1.2
  • Added script to scroll down to the shortcode form if there have been errors while processing it.

Version 3.1.1
  • Fixed: Page title when a user subscribes/unsubscribes

Version 3.1
  • Enhancement: Removed old legacy code.
  • Enhancement: Plugin is now faster loading.
  • Fixed: Post types with no taxonomies were not being sent.
  • Added unit tests folder

Version 3.0.3
  • Enhancement: Additional check to avoid duplicated emails.
  • Fixed: TinyMCE Editor button now updated for WordPress 4.1

Version 3.0.2
  • Enhancement: When an email fails, error is now displayed in Emails Logs
  • Other minor fixes

Version 3.0.1
  • Fixed: Email address missing in notification mail

Version 3
  • Enhancement: New hooks.
  • Enhancement: Administrators notifications are now sent once the user is confirmed in order to avoid spam.
  • Fixed: Sending emails by taxonomies was not working right.
  • Fixed: When activating in a subsite inside a Network, from email was set wrong.
  • Fixed: Character encoding in subscribe/unsubscribe notices.

Version 2.9.3
  • Fixed: Fatal error when deleting custom fields

Version 2.9.2
  • Fixing: When creating a new campaign, the max subscriber ID to send was set wrong
  • Enhancement: Added actions to finish campaigns manually

Version 2.9.1
  • Fixed: Queue table was not created in some cases.
  • Fixed: Sites in multisite were not sending their own queue but other sites queue
  • Other minor fixes

Version 2.9
  • Enhancement: Added queue screen that allows more control over emails that are going to be sent.
  • Enhancement: Trigger next batch of emails with a button.
  • Enhancement: Many performance improvements
  • Enhancement: UI/Icons Improvements
  • Enhancement: Added more filters.
  • Fixed: Settings needed to be saved twice when the plugin was activated.
  • Other minor fixes.

Version 2.8.3
  • Fixed:Preview email was only sent if the email was a subscriber.

Version 2.8.2
  • Media Uploader for logo uploads updated to WP 3.5+
  • Added more hooks
  • Updated languages files
  • Fixed trailingslashit in List-Unsubscribe Header

  • Fixed: Fatal error when downloading CSV
  • Fixed: warning on manage subscriptions page
  • Fixed: Manage subscriptions page link might appear in emails even if there wasn't any selected
  • Fixed: Removing text inserted by mistake in network settings

  • Fixed: Bug that did not let update subscribers metadata

Version 2.8.1
  • Fixed: Upgrade system in 2.8 was failing in some cases.
  • Disable email edition to avoid sendings incoherences

Version 2.7.5
  • Updated for WordPress 3.9

Version 2.7.4
  • Fixing upgrade bug on 2.7. In some cases the From Sender is replaced by the main site option
  • Fixed SSL issue

Version 2.7.3
  • Fixed: Notice when editing post
  • Fixed: WP Editor Icon in front

Version 2.7.2
  • Fixed: Shortcode layout
  • Added 3.8 shortcode icon in WP Editor (with backward compatibility)

Version 2.7.1
  • Fixed: Fatal error on single sites while upgrading plugin

Version 2.7
  • Mail batches, From Email and Log File Settings have been moved to Network Admin in multisites.
  • Removed slug field from custom fields.
  • Added screen options in subscribers page.
  • Improved performance
  • Fixed warning.
  • Fixed: User Email could be empty on administrator email notices.

Version 2.6.2
  • Fixed typo in unsubscribe screen

Version 2.6.1
  • Fixed warning on Sent emails page

Version 2.6
  • Improved sending system
  • Added shortcode
  • Added more positions settings for Follow Button
  • Added full content/excerpt in digests setting
  • Other minor fixes

Version 2.5.1
  • Fixed raw HTML format for some email providers.
  • AJAX in widget restored
  • Custom fields were not being added when subscribing on widget.
  • Forcing charset due to an issue on RTL languages.
  • Reduced time between batches.
  • CSV feature simplified
  • Plugin now resends the confirmation email if the subscriber tries to subscribe again and is not yet confirmed

Version 2.5
  • Emails are now sent with HTML + plain text support
  • New feature: Custom fields for each user.
  • Additional checks to prevent duplicated emails.
  • widget CSS customizer.
  • Changed site_url for home_url.
  • Some styles improved.
  • Added actions/filters.
  • Less files loading now on startup.
  • Export page merged into subscribers page.
  • New feature: Time selection on weekly digests.
  • Added post meta to identify which posts have been sent already.
  • Added dark/light schemas for follow button.
  • Some Code reorganized.
  • Added cache system.
  • Easier and faster queries when getting subscribers.
  • Preventing delete logs when log ID does not exist.
  • Fixed bug in content generator.
  • More small improvements.

Version 2.4.9
  • Fixed memory issue with logs.
  • Improved performance
  • Logs are now saved in files
  • New setting: Set how often are the logs erased.
  • More details in logs.
  • Minor fixes.

Version 2.4.8
  • Fixed warning on activation when the plugin tables are empty

Version 2.4.7
  • Removing default value from a text column in DB
  • Fixed "Inmediately" typo
  • CPTs without any taxonomy were not being sent
  • Fixed error on sending categories that were not saved yet
  • Splitted functionality from templates and content generator
  • Improved logging system
  • Improved logs screen layout
  • Added new column on subscribers table
  • Fixed issue with %title% wildcard

Version 2.4.6
  • Fix fatal error on single site installs

Version 2.4.5
  • Plugin was sending lots of mails when the digest was weekly scheduled

Version 2.4.4
  • Fixed notices when creating a new blog
  • Fixed typo that wasn't allowing to add users
  • Improved Settings System

Version 2.4.3
  • Fixed error on categories filter

Version 2.4.2
  • Fixed error when sending emails

Version 2.4.1
  • Removed debug code inserted by mistake

Version 2.4
  • Improved performance (settings just loaded when needed)
  • Added Confirm Subscription action in Subscribers Table
  • Added subscribers counter in widget
  • Added "Never" option in frequency digest sending
  • New settings: Logo width( with Slider ), notifications, From Sender text in header
  • New feature: Follow button
  • New feature: Send digests based on categories
  • Added new tab in Settings page to set the mail contents
  • Added auto-opt in options.
  • Set the subscribed placeholder in widget

Version 2.3
  • Texts improved
  • Reduced time between batches to 30min
  • Improved log table
  • Fixed error while sending batches
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Changed template system
  • Improved mails system performance
  • Fixed error when sending different post types on weekly or daily digest
  • Added new Subscription Management screen
  • Fixed bug when saving settings
  • Added languages files
  • Fixed JS conflict
  • Fixed error when sending a test email.

Version 2.2
  • Added auto-opt In option when importing and adding new subscribers.
  • Added auto-opt In option in widget
  • New Post Types Setting
  • Improved some captions
  • Improved Settings page, splitted into tabs
  • Added new subscribe email customization text field
  • Fixed export CSV date
  • Minor bug fixing

Version 2.1.1
  • Removed debugging code left by mistake

Version 2.1
  • Fixed Fatal error for Single Sites

Version 2
  • Plugin completely recoded
  • Added a more customizable template
  • Emails sent in batches controlled by the user.
  • Better styled widget
  • New emails sent log
  • Send mails weekly or daily
  • The plugin sends a confirmation email for each new subscription

Version 1.1.5
  • Fix XSS vulnerability!
  • Style settings buttons
  • Add menu icon
  • Update dashboard notice script

  • WordPress 3.5 compatibility
  • Fixed:   inserted into emails
  • Fixed: short tags inserted into emails

  • Cancel URL trailing slash issue

Version 1.1.4
  • Configurable variable AUTHOR_NAME
  • Fixed: LDAP Users are not Auto Subscribed
  • Fixed: CANCEL_URL and redirections

Version 1.1.3
  • Export Subscribers
  • Notification subject configurable
  • Configurable variables BLOGNAME, POST_TITLE, and EXCERPT in subject

Version 1.1.2
  • Make button text a widget option
  • E-mail validation
  • Fixed: Appearance -> Widget; title and text not translatable

Version 1.1.1
  • Fixed: Undefined variables
  • Removed unused Modal Box js and css
  • Usability improvements
  • WordPress 3.3 improvements

Version 1.1
  • Fixed: Reschedule before timing out

Version 1.0.9
  • Fixed: Localization
  • Fixed: No message if already subscribed
  • Fixed: Possible duplicates

Version 1.0.8
  • Notification mail as an option

Version 1.0.7
  • Fixed: Authors Name not appearing in email

Version 1.0.6
  • Fixed: Authors Name not appearing in email

Version 1.0.5
  • Fixed encoding for blog names that have quotes in them

Version 1.0.4
  • Fixed: Javascript error in IE8
  • Fixed: Search subscriptions

Version 1.0.3
  • Fixed: Returns the image code whe image is the first item in a post

Version 1.0.2
  • 3.1+ compatibility update

Version 1.0.1
  • WP 3.0 Multi-Site compatibility. This version is NOT backwards compatible.

Version 1
    Allow readers to be automatically notified when you post new content.
    • Send a daily or weekly digest
    • Include post featured image
    • Live preview before sending
    • Email throttling control
    • Double opt-in and simple unsubscribe
    • built-in Follow Box and widget

    Subscribe by Email allows your audience to easily subscribe to personalized, clean, regular HTML digest emails.

    Use the color picker for a simple color match.
    Use the color picker for a simple color match.

    Polished Look and Feel

    Tailor your feed to fit your aesthetic with a few styling tweaks. Add a custom logo, pick colors, give it a title, a subject, configure image controls and set footer content.

    Customize your feed to only send updates for specific categories and post types.

    A built-in Follow Box makes it easy to capture new subscribers.
    The built-in Follow Box makes it easy to capture new subscribers.

    Subscribe and Sign-Up

    The built-in Follow Box slide-in and Subscribe widget make it super simple for users to sign-up for your email updates.

    Manage a ton of users and save a bunch of time with the bulk subscribe importer.

    On Your Schedule

    Take control of when and how often your emails are sent out. Configure to send immediately or send a daily or weekly digest.

    Plus, Subscribe by Email includes throttle controls so you don’t have to worry about over-working your server or spam blacklisting.

    Layout your design, get a live preview and send a test for a polished end-user experience.
    Layout your design, get a live preview and send a test for a polished end-user experience.

    Double Opt-In

    Your subscribers will be comfortable knowing, with double opt-in they can manage and stop their subscriptions at any time.

    Give your users control with automatically included, clear simple unsubscribe links on every email.

    To Get Started:

    Start by reading the Installing Plugins section in our comprehensive WordPress and WordPress Multisite Manual if you are new to WordPress.

    Configuring the Settings

    Once installed and activated, you will see a new Subscriptions menu item in your site’s dashboard. Go ahead and click on the Settings sub-menu now.


    Under the General Settings tab, you can enter your basic information, control how emails are sent and for which post types, as well as set a page for user subscription management.

    1. Enter your header notification text. 2. Enter the send-from email address. 3. Enter the email subject line. 4. Select how often emails are sent. 5. Enter the number of emails to send every 30 minutes. 6. Select the role to notify of subscription changes. 7. Select the page to use for user subscription management. 8. Toggle a follow button on/off.
    1. Enter your header notification text.
    2. Enter the send-from email address.
    3. Enter the email subject line.
    4. Select how often emails are sent.
    5. Enter the number of emails to send every 30 minutes.
    6. Select the role to notify of subscription changes.
    7. Select the page to use for user subscription management.
    8. Toggle a follow button on/off.

    1. The Notification From Sender is what is displayed to subscribers in their email client before they open your email. Be sure to use only a few words, and that it describes your mailing well so that they don’t spam or delete your mail. This also appears in the header of the email template once opened.

    2. The Notification From Email is the sent-from address that is displayed in the email client header when your subscribers open your mail.

    3. The Mail subject appears in the email subject line of your subscribers email clients, and is displayed at the top of the email content.

    4. The Email Frequency setting has 4 options to select from:

    • Immediately when a new post is published will fire off an email to your subscribers every time a selected post type is published on your blog. You may want to select a different option if you have a particularly active blog.
    • Send a weekly digest with all posts from the previous week will do just that. Excerpts from all selected post types published in the previous week will be included in the digest email. Selecting this option will open a new setting where you can select the day of the week to send your weekly digest.
    • Send a daily digest with all posts from the previous 24 hours is ideal for active sites where subscribers really want to be kept in the loop. An additional setting will appear so you can enter the time of day to send the digest. Note that this depends on the time you have set for your site under “Settings” > “General”.
    • Never will stop all emails from being sent.

    5. Mail batches enables you to throttle delivery to large mailing lists if you experience timeouts or other server issues.

    6. Get notifications allows you to select a user role to receive notification of new subscribers or cancelled subscriptions.

    7. The Subscribers Management Page should be a page you create specifically for this use. This is the page your subscribers will land on when they click the “manage your subscriptions” link in the footer of any email they receive from you.

    Your users can easily unsubscribe from automatic notifications of any post type, or subscribe to a new one, simply by selecting from the list.

    You can include any content you like on the Subscription page; the subscription management part will be added automatically after your content. Note that the form depends on the user’s unique subscription key, so it will only display when visited by clicking the “manage” link in an email.

    8. Check Display a follow button? if you want the popup subscribe form to be available for your users to subscribe to your blog instantly.

    Click the Follow button to pop open the subscribe form
    Click the Follow button to pop open the subscribe form

    Selecting Email Contents

    The Contents tab will list all the post types active on your site. You can select which post types and categories to include in emails sent to your subscribers.


    The post types you set here will also be available for selection by your subscribers on the Subscribers Management Page. This allows them to opt out of receiving notification of selected post types.


    Styling Your Emails

    Next up: getting emails looking the way you want them to. The settings under the Mail Template tab enable you to brand your emails with your preferred look & feel.

    1. Upload and style your logo. 2. Set your email header options. 3. Set your email footer options. 4. Enter the confirmation email text. 5. Set additional options.
    1. Upload and style your logo.
    2. Set your email header options.
    3. Set your email footer options.
    4. Enter the confirmation email text.
    5. Set additional options.

    1. The Logo for notifications that you upload here is the image that will display in the header of all emails sent by this plugin. You can also set the maximum width for the logo in pixels.

    2. The Header color and Header text color settings are self-explanatory. The Subtitle text appears in the email header. If checked, Show From Sender will display the Notification From Sender you entered in the General Settings.

    3. The Footer text setting is where you can include any additional information you want at the very bottom of every email. This can be especially useful for contact info, etc. Here also, any HTML will render as text in the email.

    4. The Subscribe Email Content setting allows you to customize the content of the email users receive when they subscribe. There is a link in that email that they must click in order to confirm their subscription.

    5. Checking the Show featured images checkbox will ensure that the plugin attempts to include the featured image from each post in emails. Note that this may not function perfectly with every theme.

    Live Preview

    At any time during the setup, you can preview how your emails will look by clicking the Refresh Changes button. Once you’re done with your settings, click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

    If you want to start over from scratch, simply click the Restore template to default link. Note that this will only clear your style settings, and all your general settings will remain intact.

    Here’s what the email preview would look like using the example settings from our screenshots above:


    Email Log

    Every time an email is sent by this plugin, it is logged and you can view their details on the Sent Emails page.

    Managing Subscribers

    You can instantly see details about your subscribers by clicking the Subscribers sub-menu item. The subscribers page will display a sortable table of all users who have subscribed to your blog.


    You will see each subscriber’s email address, the date they subscribed, whether or not they have clicked the link in their confirmation email, as well as the type of subscription.

    Confirmation email? Yes, this plugin has a double opt-in feature by default. New subscribers will receive an email containing a link they must click to confirm their subscription. If not clicked within 7 days, their data is deleted from the system.

    If you ever need to re-send a confirmation email to a subscriber within that 7-day window, simply hover your mouse pointer over the subscriber’s email address and click the Resend confirmation mail link.

    You can also cancel a user’s subscription in the same manner. If you need to cancel multiple subscriptions, tick the checkboxes and select the option from the Bulk Actions dropdown.

    The information in the Subscription Type column simply refers to how the users subscribed. Let’s take a look at how your blog readers can be subscribed.

    Creating Subscriptions

    There are 4 ways that subscriptions can be created. Let’s go through all of them.

    Subscribe by Email Widget

    Your blog readers can subscribe via the Subscribe by Email widget. It is very simple. Go to Appearance > Widgets and drag the Subscribe by Email widget to your sidebar. You can customize the title, the widget text, and even the button. Here’s what the widget looks like (settings on the left, front-end widget appearance on the right):


    Subscribe by Email Shortcode

    You can also use the following shortcode to display a subscribe form on any page, post or other post type:

    You can easily add that using the Subscribe by Email icon in the visual editor as well.

    Subscribe by Email - visual editor icon

    Follow button

    With the “Display a follow button?” setting enabled, users will see a Follow button in the site’s front-end. They can click the button to open a small form which they can use to subscribe.

    Subscribe by Email - Follow button

    Manually adding subscribers

    You can also manually add subscribers, simply click Add Subscribers in your Subscriptions menu.

    Add new user

    You can add subscribers one at a time simply by entering an email address and clicking the Subscribe button. Or you can import a CSV file of email address to add them in bulk. Your CSV file should contain only email addresses with no header, so it would look something like this:


    Simply click the Browse button, select the CSV file on your computer and click Import.

    Canceling Subscriptions

    You saw above that you, as admin, can cancel subscriptions on the Subscribers page. Your subscribers can also opt out of their subscription at any time simply by clicking the link in the footer of any email they receive from you.


    And that’s it for all the plugin settings. Now it’s up to you to write the best stuff on the web, and get it out to your new subscribers! Happy blogging!

    Need help?

    If you run into any snags, just head on over to the community forums. Our stellar support team (and members!) are standing by to help you get things up and running smoothly.

    Subscribe by Email is covered by the WPMU DEV Guarantee

    WPMU DEV Guarantee

    We guarantee that...

    • Subscribe by Email will work as advertised
    • You will receive 24/7 365 expert support for any problem
    • If you cancel your FREE trial, you can keep Subscribe by Email
    • Subscribe by Email is secure, always updated and well coded

    Money back guarantee!

    While you have 30 days, no obligations risk-free trial of WPMU DEV if you become a paid member and are dissatisfied with any of the above we'll refund you, no questions asked.

    A Wealth of Features

    Subscribe by Email provides a host of features for a site owner.

    • Add custom logo
    • Color styling options
    • Give header a title
    • Add subtext and footer text
    • Works with custom post types
    • Include post featured image
    • Unsubscribe link
    • Send immediately
    • Send as a daily or weekly digest
    • Set day weekly digest is sent
    • Limit feed to specific categories
    • Live preview before sending
    • View emails log
    • Email throttling control
    • Trigger emails manually
    • Track email queue
    • Simple subscriber management
    • Manually add subscribers
    • Bulk-add subscribers using CSV
    • Resend confirmation emails
    • Double opt-in available
    • Included widget subscription form
    • Subscriber counter
    • Custom fields for subscription form
    • Preview template in real time
    • auto opt in