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Create separate RSS feeds for each tag or category across your Multisite or BuddyPress network.

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tag feed allows you to create an RSS feed for every tag and category on your Multisite or BuddyPress network.

Tag Feed is ideal for creating global RSS feeds across your network, which anyone can subscribe to.

Sites like Medium and Smashing Magazine tag and categorize content. Say you regularly read Medium’s Lessons Learned or Life Hacks sections. Wouldn’t you rather subscribe to just those RSS feeds and not receive updates on all of Medium’s posts? Tag Feed allows you to cater RSS feed content to your users’ needs.

A Simple and Versatile Solution

If a user at mysite.yourdomain.com writes a post and tags or categorizes it as “WordPress” and someone at anothersite.yourdomain.com also writes a post and tags or categorizes it “WordPress,” both of their posts will appear at:


Not sure how you would use it? Here are some examples:

  • Integrate the plugin with a theme like WPMU-Dixi, which pulls RSS feeds onto its homepage
  • Add it to a third-party RSS feed widget in the sidebar of your site
  • Allow readers to choose which parts of your site they would like to subscribe to in readers, such as Feedly

Tag Feed is Easy to Set Up

All you need to do is install Tag Feed and Post Indexer by WPMU DEV and upload the tag-feed.php file to /wp-content/ and your new feed is created at:




To Get Started:

Start by reading Installing plugins section in our comprehensive WordPress and WordPress Multisite Manualif you are new to WordPress.

Important: the Post Indexer plugin must be installed and activated on your site before installing this plugin.

Once the Tag Feed plugin is installed and activated, your new feed will be created at:


You can check that it is working correctly by:

Step 1:  Publishing a few new posts with the category or tag you want to create a feed.

Step 2: Checking the feed by going to the tag feed URL in your web browser.

Please note:

  • It can take some time for the first few posts to appear in the tag feed URL in your web browser and normally takes longer to feed through to RSS readers like Google Reader.
  • So if your posts don’t appear in the tag feed when first published check again in an hour.
  • The tag feed displays feed from public sites only.  Posts from privates sites aren’t displayed.


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