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WordPress white label branding, maintenance mode and coming soon landing pages, and all the rebranding WordPress can handle.

WordPress branding is all over your login page, dashboard, system emails, footers, menus and code. Branda is the smoothest WordPress branding plugin for white labeling your CMS.
Downloads 470,810
Active Installs 40,220
Ultra Compatible
Version 3.2.1

Changelog / Translations

Version 3.2.1
  • Fix: Non-admin user added to permissions tab in some scenarios
Version 3.2.1
  • Fix: Non-admin user added to permissions tab in some scenarios

Version 3.2
  • Add: Allow your subsite admins to override network-level settings for selected modules
  • Add: Control which users and roles can configure Branda
  • Fix: Visual problems when settings viewed on small screens
  • Fix: Admin bar logo not appearing on network subsites
  • Fix: Security check error when reverting settings to default
  • Fix: Hid documentation links through the white label settings
  • Fix: Problems in saving color scheme settings
  • Fix: Empty admin messages appearing in the admin area
  • Fix: Admin Bar CSS styles not working
  • Fix: Styling of User Role select breaking when multiple sign-up codes added
  • Fix: Text Replacement settings not being applied after import
  • Fix: Comments control module showing post types that don\'t support comments
  • Fix: Spaces accepted as valid values in dashboard feed settings
  • Fix: Minor PHP notice in the login screen module
  • Fix: Image Size Limit not working in certain situations
  • Fix: Added missing validation to the count field in dashboard feeds module
  • Fix: Minor PHP notice in dashboard feeds module
  • Fix: Special characters unnecessarily encoded in the text replacement module
  • Fix: Only show documentation links for available modules on network subsites
  • Fix: Preview does not always work on the site status page
  • Fix: Text replacement does not work for some admin menu items
  • Fix: Admin bar hidden on frontend even when configured to be visible
  • Fix: Sign-up page breaks on multisite installations
  • Fix: Embed media player not working for Admin footer and Admin message
  • Fix: Clicking save settings button triggers \'unsaved changes\' warning
  • Fix: Site Generator not adding link and version to the page source of the website
  • Fix: Blog registration via sign-up code not working as expected
  • Fix: Set Author Box border thickness to 0
  • Fix: Spaces considered as a valid value in the text replacement module
  • Fix: Background vertical positioning not correct in site status pages
  • Fix: Dashboard widgets not working in certain situations
  • Fix: In login screen settings, uploaded image files not getting validated
  • Fix: Horizontal background positions not working for specific modules
  • Fix: On multisites improved favicon sub-site settings
  • Fix: Incorrect URL in the description of custom menu item URL setting
  • Fix: Sign-up form submission successful even when passwords don\'t match
  • Fix: Long text overflows the email template preview dialog
  • Fix: Minor formatting problems in invalid sign-up code error
  • Fix: Dashboard widget visibility not always consistent with settings
  • Fix: Sidebar not shown correctly when email template previewed
  • Fix: Description for the countdown timer settings not clear
  • Fix: Unable to change Branda admin menu settings
  • Fix: In login screen settings, invalid opacity error does not go away
  • Fix: Import not working correctly for logo and background settings in the login module
  • Fix: Issues with author box on media attachment pages
  • Fix: Improved description of logo width setting in coming soon mode

Version 3.1.2
  • Add: Option to add a message above the login form.
  • Add: Additional CSS configuration options for the subsite administrators.
  • Add: Subsite configuration options for the \"SMTP\" module.
  • Add: Option to configure the password protection message and the post title.
  • Add: Option to hide the admin bar on the front-end depending on the current user role.
  • Add: Option to preview the saved pages on the \"Site Status Pages\" module.
  • Add: Options to configure the colours for the links in the cookie notice.
  • Add: The crop option to the backgrounds.
  • Add: WP Editor placeholders.
  • Add: The Login form container control on the \"Login Screen\" module.
  • Add: Value validation for the numbers, including minimum and maximum.
  • Fix: Slideshows problem with many images on the login screen.
  • Fix: Admin Bar item text and icon issue.
  • Fix: A problem with the custom error messages on the login form.
  • Fix: Hiding elements for role \"administrator\" by super-admin issue.
  • Fix: An issue with the last page of the lists when all the items are deleted.
  • Fix: A PHP warning when SVG image is chosen as logo on Login Screen.
  • Fix: A problem with re-ordered Admin Bar.
  • Fix: An issue with user add on the network admin when the \"Signup Code\" module is used.
  • Fix: A problem with hiding the \"Remember Me\" checkbox.
  • Fix: Logo width when an image is not from Media Library issue.
  • Fix: A problem with user signup code: field was being shown on user registration form even when signup code was off.
  • Fix: Visibility of \"Branda\" in Admin Bar on MultiSite installation when Branda is activated on main subsite.
  • Fix: A problem with the Comments Control for the certain post types.
  • Fix: An incoherence in the target on the Admin Bar module.
  • Fix: A problem with using the \"Tracking Codes\" in WP Admin Panel.
  • Fix: An issue with the countdown timer, hour selector was missing.
  • Remove: Network option for the single sites in the \"Admin Help\" module.
  • Improve: Code base of the modules: \"Admin Tips\", \"Admin Messages\", \"Site Status Pages\" and \"Website Mode\".
  • Improve: Compatibility with the plugin \"Domain Mapping\" for the cross-domain autologin option.
  • Improve: Error messages on the Add/Edit Custom Menu Item dialogue.
  • Improve: Exclusion filters on the tracking code edit form.
  • Improve: Icons for the background position.
  • Improve: Labels on the \"Website Mode\" module.
  • Improve: White-label WPMU DEV plugins integration.
  • Improve: Saving the number of the Dashboard Feed items, now you can not save the negative values.
  • Improve: Logo margins on the pages with logo.
  • Improve: Vertical position of the elements in the \"Cookie Notice\" message.
  • Remove: Sanitization from the Text Replacement rules to avoid the special characters changes.
  • Update: Shared UI to version 2.3.29.

Version 3.1.1
  • Fixed a problem with logo height.

Version 3.1
  • Added an ability to disable override favicon.
  • Added an ability to fetch data of Site title and feed URL on "Dashboard Feeds" module.
  • Added an ability to force user role with signup codes.
  • Added an ability to hide custom admin bar items on mobile.
  • Added an ability to preview saved DB Error Page.
  • Added an ability to reset the Widget Visibility list on "Dashboard Widgets" module.
  • Added an ability to set login form shadow.
  • Added auto-open "Choose a Template" on "Login Screen" module, when is no configuration.
  • Added auto-regeneration `db-error.php` file "DB Error Page" module is imported.
  • Added auto-regeneration site status files when "Site Status Pages" module is imported.
  • Added check `is_admin_bar_showing()` to avoid load "Admin Bar".
  • Added checking another SMTP plugins to show a warning and to allow import settings from a few of them.
  • Added "Custom CSS" field to "Author Box" module.
  • Added import "Logo", "Background" and "Favicon" images to current WordPress installation during import data process for modules: "Admin Bar", "DB Error Page", "Login Screen" "Site Status Pages" and "Website Mode".
  • Added missing pagination for few modules.
  • Added multiple signup codes.
  • Added paddings to tips box.
  • Added "Return-Path Header" to "From Headers" module.
  • Added URL validation for social media profiles on "Author Box" module.
  • Added WPMUDEV white-label settings.
  • Changed background animation into pure CSS3 animation.
  • Changed default state for "Custom entries" on "Admin Bar" module - now the default state is "Show".
  • Confirmation button for sensitive actions was moved to the right.
  • Deactivate Branda on subsites when it is network activated.
  • Fixed a conflict with Divi Theme Visual Builder.
  • Fixed a problem (only some themes) with avatar design configuration on "Author Box" module.
  • Fixed a problem with case insensitive text replacement.
  • Fixed a problem with changing tab after save.
  • Fixed a problem with dashboard links to modules on MU install when Branda is activated on sub-site.
  • Fixed a problem with data migration on "Cookie Notice" module. As a background was set to text colour.
  • Fixed a problem with default image size in "Logo" field.
  • Fixed a problem with dismissing/hide admin panel tips.
  • Fixed a problem with entries without a title on entries list on "Author Box" module.
  • Fixed a problem with external fonts.
  • Fixed a problem with flashed backgrounds on the login screen.
  • Fixed a problem with icon preview on mobiles.
  • Fixed a problem with icons background in IE browser.
  • Fixed a problem with images alignment on "Admin Message" module.
  • Fixed a problem with login screen template chooses on IE.
  • Fixed a problem with menu items visibility on "Admin Bar" module.
  • Fixed a problem with missing menu bar items on mobile.
  • Fixed a problem with missing settings during dialogue operation.
  • Fixed a problem with no-proper login/out redirect, now Branda tries to add HTTP if there is not defined a protocol.
  • Fixed a problem with regex on Windows path, added `wp_normalize_path()` function.
  • Fixed a problem with reset single Tracking Code form.
  • Fixed a problem with search site, the main site was excluded in modules "Images" and "Website Mode".
  • Fixed a problem with showing correct, saved cookie expiration time value.
  • Fixed a problem with the custom link on "Admin Bar".
  • Fixed a problem with the link to WordPress registration settings for single site installation.
  • Fixed a problem with wrong values on "Image Filesize Limit" fields.
  • Fixed "Guest" access in "Admin Bar" module.
  • Fixed icon colours on admin menu in "Color Schemes" module.
  • Fixed incorrect number of available modules.
  • Fixed missing functionality in the "Admin Bar" module, when a title is a URL, we should display it as an image.
  • Fixed warning on a profile page, when module "Tips" is active.
  • Improved "Add Custom Item" form on "Admin Bar" module - now the new item is visible for every role.
  • Improved dialogue "Welcome Message" - it will be shown only once.
  • Improved export file.
  • Improved logo & background management, now it is removed when the user delete it from the media library.
  • Improved module SMTP reset confirmation dialogue.
  • Improved "Reset to default" button - it shows only when a module is not in the default state.
  • Modules "Registration Email", "DB Error Page" & "Site Status Pages" on multisite are allowed now only on network activation.
  • Moved messages into user options instead of site options.
  • Prevented module "Dashboard Widgets" to load on front-end.
  • Refactored code for field description.
  • Refactored code on user edit profile for "Author Box" module.
  • Refactored colour edit dialogue in "Color Schemes" module.
  • Refactored display of single entry on "Dashboard Feeds" feed list.
  • Removed deleted dashboard feed from available Dashboard Widgets.
  • Removed G+ from available social accounts.
  • Removed "Path Traversal" server-side vulnerability.
  • Updated Shared UI to version 2.3.22.

  • Hide Admin Bar for non-logged users by default.

Version 3.0.5
  • Fixed a problem with settings lost. Affected modules were: Author Box, Color Schemes, Login Screen, Site Status Pages and Website Mode.

Version 3.0.4
  • Fixed a related library problem.

Version 3.0.3
  • Fixed a problem with data migration in "Cookie Notice" module - the background was set as the text colour.

Version 3.0.2
  • Fixed a problem with sites with non-default language - in some configurations it cause white screen on whole site.

Version 3.0.1
  • Fixed a problem with too early admin object call.

Version 3
  • Rename plugin from Ultimate Branding to Branda.
  • Completely new admin design.
  • Added high contrast mode for the admin UI to improve accessibility.
  • Added the ability to bulk activate/deactivate modules from anywhere in the plugin using the "Manage All Modules" option available on every page.
  • Added the ability to override the "Image Filesize Limit" in your preferred unit.
  • Added ability to customize size and position for background images.
  • Added "Custom CSS" field to all front-end modules.
  • Added ability to choose units "px", "%", "em" and "rem" on a few settings in few modules.
  • Added ability to choose case sensitivity for user/blog signup code. Props for Ian.
  • Added new section "Data" on "Settings" module allows plugin data reset and manage what should happen with plugin data when the plugin will be uninstalled.
  • Added "Border width" to cookie accept button on "Cookie Notice" module.
  • Added three new Login Screen Themes - "AbstractTag", "Blue Tree" and "Ballons".
  • Added new module "Blog Description" which allows to set description during site registration process.
  • Added the ability to import configurations of specific modules only from a config file.
  • Allowed to use "Comments Control" module in a single site installation.
  • Better integration with Hummingbird" Plugin in "Tracking Codes" module - now cache is clear when you change any tracking code.
  • Better integration with Hustle Plugin in the "Site Generator" module.
  • "Comments Control" module now can be used on single site installations.
  • Fixed a problem with an image on "media Library" page when "Admin Tips" module is used and images display is a grid.
  • Fixed a problem with escaping special characters in CSS. Props for Bryant.
  • Fixed a problem with missing formatting in "Admin Footer" module.
  • Fixed a problem with tips on the Media Library page - in "grid" mode tip include the first image.
  • Fixed few typos.
  • Improved module "Admin Help" - now WP shortcodes are parsed during saving and display correctly.
  • Modules "Admin Panel Tips", "Link Manager", "Remove WP Dashboard Link for users without site" and "Remove Permalinks Menu Item" were moved to one module "Admin Menu".
  • Modules "Dashboard Text Widgets", "Rebranded Meta Widget" and "Remove WP Dashboard Widgets" was moved ?to one module "Dashboard Widget".
  • Modules "Favicons" and "Image Upload Size" were moved to one module "Images".
  • Modules "Import" and "Export" were moved to "Settings".
  • New configuration options in the module "Footer Content".
  • New configuration options in the module "Header Content".
  • New Dashboard.
  • New Dashboard option - it shows frequently used modules.
  • New Dashboard option - it shows the last activated module.
  • New Dashboard option - it shows the last deactivated module.
  • New dashboard screen - it shows the last export time.
  • New dashboard screen - it shows the last import time.
  • New dashboard screen - Manage All Modules - allow you to turn on/off all modules on one simple screen.
  • On single site installations, we add "Branda" link under "Customize" on the Admin Bar menu.
  • Removed transfer settings from 1.x versions.
  • The new main menu, now submenu contains groups of modules.
  • Updated HTML/CSS editor.
  • Update footer to accommodate white labelling.

Version 2.3
  • Added ability to copy settings for sections: "Logo", "Background" and "Social Media".
  • Added the ability to force a language on login/register form on "Custom Login Screen" module.
  • Added ability to hide "Privacy Policy" link on the login screen.
  • Added an option to allow opens the policy page in a new tab or window on "Cookie Notice" module.
  • Added new module "Document" which allows adding text at the beginning and at the end of an entry. It allows set defaults for the gallery shortcode.
  • Added new module "Signup code" which allows set passcode to create account or/and site.
  • Added new module "Tracking Codes" which allows adding some code to all pages.
  • Added new module "Tracking Codes" which allows adding some code to all pages.
  • Added a simple collection of modules usage statistics.
  • Added a simple collection of modules usage statistics.
  • Added "Till date" to "Admin Tips" module.
  • Decrease DB usage for favicon module - now sites info is getting only on config screen.
  • Fixed a problem with custom CSS characters entries.
  • Fixed a problem with removing multiple images.
  • Moved plugin data remove from deactivation to uninstallation hook.
  • Removed "Login CSS" module, now you can add custom CSS to "Login Screen" module.
  • Unified background options for modules: "Login Screen", "Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode", "DB Error Page" and "Site Status Pages"?.
  • Unified logo options for modules: "Login Screen", "Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode", "DB Error Page" and "Site Status Pages"?.
  • Use WP CodeMirror to CSS fields.

Version 2.2.1
  • It was disabled delete plugin settings during deactivate or delete.

Version 2.2
  • Added ability to preserve plugin settings on uninstall.
  • Added ability to turn off comments.
  • Added new module "Cookie Notice" which allows creating cookie notice message.
  • Added text mode for social profiles on "Author Box" module.
  • Fixed a conflict with "Contact Form 7" plugin when "Comming Soon & Maintenance" module was turned on, but not used.
  • Fixed a problem with "reset section to default".
  • Fixed a problem with display proper favicons after Ultimate Branding upgrade.
  • Fixed a problem with "Footer Content" module on single site installation.
  • Fixed a problem with saving more than one custom parent menu in "Admin Bar" module.
  • Improved subsites list UX on "Favicons" module.

Version 2.1
  • Added default post type "post" on "Author Box" module.
  • Added "Show latest entries" to "Author Box" module.
  • Added "Show number of posts" to "Author Box" module.
  • Fixed a problem with custom icons on "Admin Bar" module.
  • Fixed a problem with remembering fold/unfold status on "Admin Bar" module.
  • Fixed a problem with tabs on IE.
  • Fixed module "Remove WP Dashboard Link for users without site".
  • Fixed problem with mixed content for "Email Template" module preview.
  • Improved "Author Box" module output.
  • Improved handling pseudoclasses for buttons on login form on "Custom Login Screen" module.
  • Module "Login Image" was removed, please use "Login Screen" instead.
  • Refactored modules list on plugin Dashboard.
  • Refactored modules "Login CSS, "Admin CSS", "Footer Content", "Favicons" - Improved UX, fixed problem with folding sections.
  • Renamed modules: "Custom Login CSS" to "Login CSS", "Custom Admin CSS" to "Admin CSS", "Custom Admin Bar" to "Admin Bar", "Global Footer Content" to "Footer Content".

Version 2
  • Added ability to choose social media icons position on "Author Box" module.
  • Added ability to display more backgrounds on "Custom Login Screen" module.
  • Added ability to set the background color for the box and social media on "Admin Box" module.
  • Added ability to show colored social media icons on "Admin Box" module.
  • Added "Author Box" widget.
  • Added new module "DB Error Page" which allows creating custom DB error page.
  • Added new module "Sites Status Pages" which allows creating custom pages for deleted, archived, or spammed blog.
  • Added new module "SMTP" which allows to configure and send all outgoing emails via an SMTP server.
  • Added the Ultimate Branding logo to admin menu.
  • Added user website URL and email from the user profile to "Author Box" module.
  • Added WP version check for few modules.
  • Fixed a PHP warning on "Network Wide Text Change" module when we try to delete phrases without selecting anything.
  • Fixed a problem with fold/unfold icon on IE11 on "Admin Bar" module.
  • Fixed a problem with large footer content on "Dashboard Footer Content" module.
  • Fixed a problem with monochrome/color switch for Social Media icons on "Author Box" module.
  • Fixed a problem with too short select2, when a box is folded.
  • Fixed a warning for older PHP on "Login Screen" module.
  • Fixed incompatibility with Hustle plugin popups.
  • Improved of module "Comming Soon Page & Maintenance": added "Final Countdown" mode to the timer, added an ability to display more backgrounds, add an ability to show or hide title and content.
  • Improved shortcodes handling on "Comming Soon & Maintenance" module.
  • Improved sorting tabs by name on Ultimate Branding admin dashboard.
  • Improved tabs UI and added "More+" button to expand tabs to avoid more than one line of it.
  • Module "Network Wide Text Change" was renamed to "Text Change".
  • Refactored internal method of check MultiSite installation.

  • Bring back the "Network Wide Text Change" module to the single site.

Version 1.9.8
  • Added ability to choose post types for "Author Box".
  • Added ability to show colored social media icons on "Comming Soon Page & Maintenance" module.
  • Added option to allow open social links in new tab or window on "Comming Soon Page & Maintenance" and "Author Box" modules.
  • Added text color to "Comming Soon & Maintenance Mode" module.
  • Allow module "Dashboard Feeds" for single site installations.
  • Fixed display search input on mobile devices.
  • Fixed incompatibility with Multinetwork. Props for Renato.
  • Fixed problem with a multiselect select field.
  • Fixed problem with fold/unfold icon on IE11.
  • Fixed problem with MultiSite modules activated after import configuration from MU.
  • Fixed problem with too wide social icons on "Comming Soon Page & Maintenance" module.
  • Improved dashboard search, now it is interactive.
  • Improved handling of deprecated modules.
  • Improved the template of "Comming Soon & Maintenance Mode" module.
  • Modules "Global Footer Content", "Global Header Content" and "Network Wide Text Change" becomes network install only and it will be not available in single site installation.
  • Updated external library select2 to 4.0.5 version.

Version 1.9.7
  • Added module "Author Box".
  • Added search for the Ultimate Branding "Dashboard".
  • Fixed problem with constant for older WP on "Comming Soon & Maintenance" module.
  • Fixed problem with custom CSS displayed even user has the disabled toolbar.
  • Fixed problem with deprecated function form "Admin Bar" module.
  • Fixed problem with display outdated, disabled modules.
  • Fixed problem with mixed content for images on "Custom Login Screen" module.
  • Fixed problem with module "Dashboard Footer Content" - it some cases it covers WP admin elements.
  • Fixed problem with predefined background & logo in "Custom Login Screen" module after save.
  • Fixed problem with saving max allowed upload for "Image Upload Size" module.
  • Fixed problem with Ultimate Branding submenu, sometimes Dashboard was not first.

Version 1.9.6
  • Fixed missing "Branding" submenu in network admin menu.
  • Fixed problem with the empty password when the password is allowed on the registration form.
  • Fixed problem with missing "Till date" field on "Comming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode" module.
  • Fixed problem with the replaces login field label.
  • Fixed problem with saves upload limit for custom roles.
  • Fixed warning in "Rebranded Meta Widget" on MultiSite installations.
  • Improved modules list, now the list using WP-Table class.
  • Removed "the_comment" filter from non-entry filtering, because of another plugin incompatibility.

  • Fixed problem with a strange directory in plugins folder after an update.

Version 1.9.5
  • Added backlink on "Edit Ultimate Color Schema" on "Color Schemes" module.
  • Added "Facebook", "Twitter" and "G+" link to "Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode" module.
  • Added timer to "Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode" module.
  • Improved default value for modules configuration. Props for Trinetta.
  • Improved UX on "Admin Bar" configuration screen.
  • Improved WP query in "Admin Tips" module to avoid conflicts with another plugin.
  • Refactored plugin main file and plugin load configuration.
  • Removed module "Signup Password" and move functionality to "Login Screen" module.

Version 1.9.4
  • Added filters "ultimatebranding_available_modules" and "ultimatebranding_activated_modules".
  • Added new option to "Custom Login Screen": background for the button in the different state: focus, hover & active.
  • Added new option to "Custom Login Screen": redirect after login.
  • Added new option to "Custom Login Screen": redirect after logout.
  • Added new option to "Custom Login Screen": "Remember Me" can be checked by default.
  • Cleanup base code: remove opendir() usage.
  • Fixed a problem with background color in modules "Color Schemes".
  • Fixed a problem with image size in "Admin Menu" module.
  • Fixed a problem with incorrect email in "Signup Password" module.
  • Fixed a problem with text change on strings with sprintf() placeholders.
  • Fixed problem with "Admin Bar" custom CSS on the frontend.
  • Improved configuration.
  • Improved module "Comming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode" - now you can choose sites to be handled by this module.
  • Improved UX on main screen of "Color Schemes" module.
  • Improvement: Moved document configuration up for module "Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode".
  • Improvement: Turn off the ability to add tips on "Branding" pages.

Version 1.9.3
  • Added new module "Image Upload Size" to allow setup upload limit per role.
  • Added ability to import custom admin bar menus.
  • Fixed a problem with warnings in "E-mail Template" module.
  • Fixed display problem of Dashboard Feeds when feed URL contains some special characters.
  • Fixed display problem of Dashboard Feeds when the title is empty.
  • Fixed incompatibility with iThemes sync.
  • Fixed problem with "reset section to default" for module "Comming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode".
  • Fixed problem with slashes for module "Comming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode".
  • Fixed quotes problem in modules: "Admin Panel Tips" and "Dashboard Text Widgets".
  • Improved CSS styles loading - now we avoid to load two of them when it is not necessary.
  • Removed "Save Changes" button from "Export & Import" module.
  • Removed PHP 4 class constructor.

Version 1.9.2
  • Added new module "Image Upload Size" to allow setup upload limit per role.
  • Added ability to import custom admin bar menus.
  • Fixed a problem with warnings in "Email Template" module.
  • Fixed display problem of Dashboard Feeds when feed URL contains some special characters.
  • Fixed display problem of Dashboard Feeds when the title is empty.
  • Fixed incompatibility with iThemes sync.
  • Fixed problem with "reset section to default" for module "Comming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode".
  • Fixed problem with slashes for module "Comming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode".
  • Fixed quotes problem in modules: "Admin Panel Tips" and "Dashboard Text Widgets".
  • Improved CSS styles loading - now we avoid to load two of them when it is not necessary.
  • Removed "Save Changes" button from "Export & Import" module.

  • Fixed error when Admin bar and Admin Bar logo are both active

Version 1.9.1
  • Added "Form Canvas & Position" for "Login Screen" module.
  • Added new module "Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode" with an ability to close public part of a site.
  • Added new module "Dashboard Text Widgets", you can create text widgets for Admin Dashboard.
  • Added sanitization in "Admin Bar" module to avoid not array checking.
  • Debug information was hidden. Now for debug, you must use both WP_DEBUG and WPMUDEV_BETATEST.
  • Fixed conflict with the plugin "New Blog Templates" and module "Admin Bar".
  • Fixed warning in module "Remove Permalinks Menu Item".

  • Fixed a problem with "Admin Panel Tips" - single tip was overridden any post type edit form.

Version 1.9
  • Added border & shadow for focused inputs on the login screen.
  • Added folding to "Color Schemes" module.
  • Added new module "Admin Bar Logo" with an ability to change admin bar logo.
  • Added predefined themes for "Login Screen" module: "Black Ice", "Dandelion", "Moon" and "Moss'.
  • Fixed a problem with site icons on the frontend.
  • Fixed a problem with missing custom email template for registration email.
  • Refactored module "Rebranded Meta Widget" into class.

Version 1.8.9
  • Added ability to parse shortcodes in custom footer & header.
  • Added error message link color on "Login Screen" module.
  • Added few options to "Login Screen" module: button shadow, button text shadow, button radius, links color on an error message, login error transparency and box folding.
  • Added foldable groups on "Login Screen" module.
  • Added radius for the logo on "Login Screen" module.
  • Fixed a problem with "Remember Me" on module "Login Screen".
  • Fixed missing %s replacement for the error message on "Login Screen" module.
  • Moved information abut inactive modules to the bottom.
  • Removed extra switch for form radius on "Login Screen" module.
  • Rename module "Custom Admin Bar" to "Admin Bar".
  • Rename module "Custom Dashboard Welcome" to "Dashboard Welcome".
  • Rename module "Custom E-mail From Headers" to "E-mail From".
  • Rename module "Custom Login Screen" to "Login Screen".
  • Rename module "Custom MS Register Mails" to "MultiSite Registration emails".
  • Rename module "Custom Multisite Favicons" to "Multisite Favicons".
  • Rename module "HTML Email Templates" to "Email Template".
  • Rename module "Ultimate Color Schemes" to "Color Schemes".
  • Updated list of variables in "HTML Email Templates" module.

Version 1.8.8
  • Added ability to show tips on selected admin pages (module "Admin Panel Tips").
  • Added automagically switch from "HTML Email Template" plugin to Ultimate Branding module.
  • Added favicons on sites list screen.
  • Refactored module "Remove WordPress Dashboard Widgets".

Version 1.8.7
  • Added an ability to add debug information to configuration export file.
  • Added new module "Comments Control", you can create the white and black list of IP for the whole network. (Only multisite).
  • Added new module "Dashboard Feeds" with an ability to add dashboard widgets with feed.
  • Added new module "Enables the Link Manager" to show "Links" menu.
  • Fixed a problem with "Branding" menu on subsites admin panel.
  • Fixed a problem with "WP_LOSTPASSWORD_URL" replacement.

Version 1.8.6
  • Added new module "Admin Panel Tips", you can now add a bunch of admin notices.
  • Added new module "Custom MS registration emails".
  • Added new module "Export/Import" with an ability to export and import configuration.
  • Allowed to upload SVG and ICO file to media gallery (when "Custom Login Screen" is active).
  • Improved submenu of Branding admin menu - now it is sorted by submenu label.
  • Fixed save issue in "Global Footer Content".

Version 1.8.5
  • Added new module "Custom Login Screen".
  • Changed module name from "Set Password on Multisite Blog Creation" to "Add password field on register form".
  • Fixed W3C validation error in "Custom Admin Bar" module.

Version 1.8.4
  • Added ability to show "Admin Bar" for non-logged users.
  • Added new module "HTML Email Templates".
  • Added new module "Signup Password".
  • Added new option to try and inject the footer content block inside the theme footer element.
  • Allowed media queries in "Admin Bar" style field.
  • Fixed domain replace problem for "text change" module.
  • Fixed issue with the unseen footer in some themes.
  • Sorted modules by name.

  • Added: Parse shortcodes in the footer.
  • Fixed: Issue with favicon on multisite.
  • Fixed: Issue with the global header.

Version 1.8.3
  • Added: Compatibility with WordPress site icon ( Favicons )
  • Added: Focus color and background color customization for admin menu
  • Fixed: Login image not being able to assign image from external url
  • Fixed: Login image options for height and width
  • Fixed: Issue in text change missing admin_front index while saving
  • Fixed: Issue with undefined index
  • Fixed: Issue with undefined blog_id in global head
  • Fixed: Issue with login image absolute url
  • Fixed: Conflict between admin-icon.css and other font icons
  • Fixed: Minor issue with color schemes

Version 1.8.2
  • Fixed: Bug in "View Switch Icon" and "View Switch Icon Hover" ( Color Schemes )
  • Fixed: Bug in role based hiding/showing core menus ( Admin Bar )
  • Added: Super-Admin role when hiding/showing core menus ( Admin Bar )

  • Fixed: Bug in setting favicon for the main site only ( Custom Multisite Favicons )

  • Fixed: Deprecation nag coming with WordPress 4.3

  • Fixed: Support for language translation
  • Fixed: Double and single quote escaping in admin bar custom css

  • Fixed: Bug in role based removal of default menus

  • Fixed: Php nag for roles array ( Admin Bar )
  • Fixed: Some menus showing up after upgrade ( Admin Bar )

  • Added: Better handling of roles in custom admin bar
  • Fixed: Missing icons in new custom menu bar settings before saving

  • Fixed: Ability to add favicons using external image url
  • Fixed: Other minor bugs

Version 1.8.1
  • Added: Favicon for sub-sites
  • Added: Ability to enable custom admin menus only to certain roles
  • Added: Icons for each top level menu
  • Fixed: Menus not showing up on mobile devices
  • Fixed: Vulnerability in add_query_arg and remove_query_arg
  • Fixed: double “pages” in admin export page

  • Fixed bug in text change module

  • Fixed minor bugs that caused php nags

  • Fixed bug in text change for replacing punctuations
  • Fixed bug in contextual help content
  • Added visual editor to help content

  • Added: Custom welcome message to hide dashboard welcome
  • Fixed: Support for line breaks in help content module

Version 1.8
  • 1) Fixed problem with deleting translation (Network Wide Text Change)
  • 2) Small notification text change
  • 3) Better apostrophe handling in Network wide text change
  • 4) Ability to specify text change for admin, front-end or both
  • 5) Fixed bug that removed theme options tab when in dashboard ( Dashboard widgets )
  • 6) Fixed bug caused by some servers that fail to return image sizes ( Login Image )
  • 7) Added “Admin Message”

  • Accepting relative image url as login image
  • Fixed bug in adminbar text hover text and icon color
  • Fixed "dashboard welcome" still available after hiding it
  • Made admin bar module more cache compatible
  • Fixed minor js pitfalls

Version 1.7.2
  • Added ability to reorder custom menus as well as default menus using drag and drop ( Custom Admin Bar )
  • Fixed default style for images used as link ( menu ) title ( Custom Admin Bar )

Version 1.7.1
  • Added default style for images as menu title ( Custom Admin Bar )
  • Added ability to edit Admin Bar's style ( Custom Admin Bar )
  • Added css editor ( Custom Admin Bar, Custom Admin CSS, Custom Login CSS )
  • Fixed issue with added custom menus not showing on sub sites ( Custom Admin Bar )
  • Added better support for older php versions ( v5.2.17+ )

  • Fixed issue with png images in menu title

Version 1.7
  • Revamped adding menus (Custom Admin Bar)
  • Revamped UI (Custom Admin Bar)
  • Added ability to add unlimited menus and submenus (Custom Admin Bar)
  • Added ability to order parent and child menus (Custom Admin Bar)
  • Added ability to set mailto for menu url (Custom Admin Bar)
  • Added separate global footer content for subsites and main site (Global Footer Content)
  • Added background colorpicker for the footer content (Global Footer Content)
  • Added height for the footer content (Global Footer Content)

  • Refactored how new site creation emails are branded

Version 1.6.2
  • Fixed issues with new site creation email subject not being branded under multisite

Version 1.6.1
  • Fix: Fixed the bug that would break the website if user used "/" in find textfield under "text change" module

Version 1.6
  • Added new module for customizing and controlling admin color schemes (+ "Ultimate" flat design color scheme)
  • Rewritten favicon module - now supports native WordPress media image browsing and all image extensions.
  • Login Image module - added option for inserting logo from URL
  • Added different logos per site (if the plugin is not network activated)
  • Fixed issue with subsite login logos when plugin is network activated
  • Fixed issue with invisible logo, reseting logo, saving logo on some installations, confirmation window etc.)
  • Resolved issue with non-https urls when ssl is used on login page
  • Resolved issues with undefined constant "UPLOADS"
  • Resolved issue with mixed content when using https (caused by UB_url)
  • Other code improvements

Version 1.5.5
  • Resolved issues with confirmation message appeared while trying to save the login image
  • Other small code improvements

Version 1.5.4
  • Updated Custom Admin Bar module 1.4 (fixed issue with unique node IDs) + compatibility for WP 3.8+
  • Update Login Image Module (2.0.5) - fixed issue with subsite login logos when plugin is network activated

Version 1.5.3
  • Updated Login Image module (2.0.3) - added check for backwards compatibility
  • Fixed issue with media browse button caused by browser cache

Version 1.5.2
  • Fixed issues with failure responses on requested URL in login image module

Version 1.5
  • Rewritten login image module - now supports native WordPress media image browsing and all image extensions
  • Added support for high and low priorities for meta boxes in Remove WP Dashboard Widgets module
  • Added support for Mailchimp, bbPress, Woo and other widgets in Remove WP Dashboard Widgets module
  • Fixed issue with follow up email headers if plugin is network activated
  • Fixed issue with Site Generator module for Single Site
  • Fixed issue with menu node ID in Admin Bar module
  • CSS fixes for WP 3.8 version
  • Other small code improvements

Version 1.4.1
  • Fixed issue with showing notice messages if user didn't reach Dashboard page prior to going to settings page of "Remove WordPress Dashboard Widgets" module

Version 1.4
  • Added feature to "Remove WP Dashboard Widgets" module for removing all widgets including non-default / custom widgets
  • Added new module "Global Header Content"
  • Added "Disable All" modules feature
  • Fixed issue with currently selected module indication in the main plugin menu

Version 1.3
  • Fixed issue with printing out meta box names on dashboard page in "Remove WP Dashboard Widgets" module

Version 1.2.9
  • Added new module "Custom E-mail From Headers"
  • Fixed issue with limited number of items in "Custom Admin Bar" module

Version 1.1.8
  • Removed unnecessary module widgets panel in "remove dashboard link for users without site" module
  • Small bug fixes

Version 1.1.7
  • Added new module "Remove WP Dashboard Link for users without site" which removes Dashboard link from admin panel for users without site and redirect them to the Profile page

  • Fixed capability for network pages

Version 1.1.6
  • Fixed issue with incorrect target applied to custom admin menu main links
  • Removes all filters for admin footer before applying own to prevent other plugins corrupting output

Version 1.1.5
  • Increased priority of custom admin footer so it is last filter to fire

Version 1.1.4
  • Fixed login image alignment
  • Fixed slashes issue with custom admin bar
  • Added target attribute for custom admin bar links - default to _self

Version 1.1.3
  • Prefixed all module classes and functions to prevent conflicts with other plugins

Version 1.1.2
  • Fix for switch_to_blog error on WP single site installs

Version 1.1.1
  • Fixes for SSL Issues for favicons and login images
  • Added favicons on admin side of site
  • Changed blavatars in My Sites menu to respect global or site specific favicons
  • Fixed forward slash issue for network text change

Version 1.1
  • Added ability to activate plugin on a site by site basis in a multi-site network and brand each site individually.
  • Added Enable All link to allow enabling of all modules in one go
  • Moved conflicting plugin message and check to Branding dashboard.
  • Fixes for issues with 1.0.5 release
  • Fixes for "Are you Sure" messages on installs using some themes.

Version 1.0.3
  • Fixed site wide text change submit button overlap
  • Updated site wide text change to also work on branding admin pages
  • Updated site wide text change to work on front end (for admin bar).

Version 1.0.2
  • Fixes for original logo name in WP 3.4
  • Fixes for login image module for CSS styling for WP 3.4
  • Fixes for network wide login image and favicons
  • Fixes for single site site generator and login image loading
  • Updates to login image and favicon file location calculating
  • Removed warnings and depreciated function calls for WP3.4

Version 1.0.1
  • Added single WP site capability
  • Fixed URL issue in some of the Wysiwyg text areas
  • Fixed Login CSS not saving
  • Fixed untranslatable text on some tabs
  • Added config item UB_HIDE_ADMIN_MENU to hide the branding menu on single site installs - should be set as:
  • define('UB_HIDE_ADMIN_MENU', true);

Version 1
  • Initial release of the Ultimate Branding plugin
White label WordPress branding for both the front and back end of your site or network.
  • Simple login screen makeover without code
  • Completely replace the word "WordPress"
  • Change or remove WordPress branding
  • Add custom dashboard color schemes
  • Add custom logo to the Admin Bar
  • Create custom Admin Bar menus

Let’s face it…even a great theme leaves WordPress branding all over your site.

Maybe not a big deal for a personal blog, but for a design and development agency, or any professional site, a finished look with a complete brand package is important.

White label website(s) without a hack or a single line of code.


Login Screen

Give your login screen a makeover


Custom favicons across an entire network

Logo Replace

Replace the WordPress logo with your own

Coming Soon

Beautiful Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode pages

Dashboard Color Selector

Fly your brand’s colors in the dashboard

Text Replace

Use text replace to customize WP branding

CSS Customizer

Use custom CSS fields for quick stable tweaking

Dashboard Feed

Put your relevant content in the dashboard feed

Admin Bar

Rebrand the Admin Bar with custom menus


Write your own tooltips and admin messages

System Emails

Rebrand system emails with custom HTML and SMTP


Move your settings to any site with import/Export


Branda does the brand customizations your theme can’t.

Over 30 Modules for Customizing WordPress

White Label WordPress Branding Plugin

Branda includes +30 modules for fully rebranding WordPress. Improve the admin area, upgrade and style system emails, add custom dashboard widgets, and activate new utilities.

Customize WordPress Login Screen
Branda includes templates for quickly customizing the WordPress login page.

Login Page Makeover

Branda includes a bunch of slick login screen templates for quickly jazzing up your site. If your clients or users are logging into your site, add your own logo, insert a custom background image, style the input fields, adjust opacity, and configure drop shadows, colors and default settings.

Coming Soon and Maintenance mode landing pages for WordPress
With Branda, It only takes a few minutes to setup a coming soon or maintenance mode landing page.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Pages

Build you brand identity while your site is under construction. Activate a public facing Coming Soon or Maintenance Mode page and connect people to your brand while you get things ready in the background.

  • Branda makes it feel like the whole job is much more custom and it takes just a couple extra minutes.
    Adam Teece
  • Branda is such a good idea! It should just be standard in WordPress.
  • Branda is in a league of its own!!!
    Randall Camacho
  • The Branda plugin is a total solution. Customize login, the admin section, and more. It’s by the folks at WPMU DEV, which means it is multi-site ready and will always be up-to-date with great support.
    Elegant Themes
Branda custom menu for Multisite
Give the WordPress dashboard a custom look and feel.

Wrap WordPress With Your Branding

From the iconic WordPress favicon to the classic ‘Proudly powered by WordPress’ footer, visitors are sent mixed messaging before your site even loads. Give your dashboard a brand-matched color palette and replace the WordPress name and logos with your own.

Custom news for WordPress dashboard
Add custom news feeds to the WordPress dashboard.

A Personalized Dashboard

Hide the WordPress welcome and select the dashboard widgets users can access. Create help links that are actually helpful, and integrate a contact link that points to you. With Branda, you can quickly create a WordPress Dashboard that’s simple, easy to use and creates site loyalty.

One Plugin That Does Everything

Branda includes 30+ modules

Branda is fast and flexible. Use one plugin for every customization. Eliminate compatibility issues and increase security by removing multiple unsupported plugins and hack modifications.

Replace the WordPress howdy message
Howdy? More like Groovy! Branda includes text replace for adding your own kinda flare.

Howdy?! Are We All Cowboys?

Branda lets you completely customize the admin bar including a custom greeting…cause not everyone is a cowboy. But that’s just the beginning. Show your logo and add, hide, and configure menu items.

Branda cookie notification
Make sure your site complies with the GDPR

GDPR Cookie Compliance

Compliance with GDPR and the EU cookie law regulation has never been so sexy. Activate, style your notification, and a cookie notice opt-in will display across your site.

HTML email templates for WordPress system emails
Style you system emails and set the to send using SMTP.

White Label System Emails

Looking to spice up the bland system emails? Add your own HTML templates for all default WordPress emails. You can also set the “from” email address for outgoing emails, and if your emails are ending up in the spam folder, switch to SMTP… we thought of everything.

Google analytics tracking with Branda
Add Google and other analytic tracking codes from inside the dashboard.

Error Pages and Analytics

Branda manages everything for Analytic tracking codes to customizing error pages. You don’t want users seeing “Error Establishing a Database Connection” page… but if they must, do it in style. Branda lets you add your own message, logo, and styles to the DB error page.

Getting Started:

The complete Branda setup guide is now located in the newly designed documentation section of our website. Access the full Branda tutorial now, complete with improved navigation and upgraded learning tools:

Branda Usage Documentation


Branda is covered by the WPMU DEV Guarantee

WPMU DEV Guarantee

We guarantee that...

  • Branda will work as advertised
  • You will receive 24/7 365 expert support for any problem
  • If you cancel your FREE trial, you can keep Branda
  • Branda is secure, always updated and well coded

Money back guarantee!

While you have 30 days, no obligations risk-free trial of WPMU DEV if you become a paid member and are dissatisfied with any of the above we'll refund you, no questions asked.

Branda Features

Take complete control of brand messaging.

  • Remove WordPress branding
  • Highlight your design
  • Add custom logo to the Admin Bar
  • Simple WordPress logo replacement
  • Create custom login screen
  • Replace the word "WordPress"
  • Simple brand matching
  • Import/Export setting
  • Reorganize Admin Bar menus
  • Set custom Admin Bar menus
  • Add a direct link to support
  • Add help buttons
  • Send system emails using SMTP
  • Remove core Dashboard widgets
  • Hide 3rd-party dashboard widgets
  • Replace the WordPress 'Howdy'
  • Coming Soon/Maintenance Mode
  • Customize 'Admin Help Content'
  • Increase site security and speed
  • One plugin for all settings
  • Create a custom admin bar
  • Set "From" Email address
  • Multisite ready
  • Customize/add help content
  • Custom global footer
  • Custom global header
  • Custom dashboard footer
  • Rebrand the meta widget
  • Protect site structure
  • Custom DB error landing page
  • Hide 'Permalinks' menu item
  • Replace WordPress in HTML
  • Replace any word or phrase
  • Set a custom Favicon
  • Easily insert tracking codes
  • Custom Multisite Favicons
  • Customize admin CSS
  • Uses CSS child fields
  • Hide WordPress welcome
  • Add custom dashboard color schemes
  • Display custom admin messages
  • Add Author Boxes to your posts