Everything you need to build and manage a powerful Yellow Pages-style site.

Simple enough to quickly set up a small company directory.


  • Improved: WP 4.7 compatible
  • Fixed: Bug listing content show validate error when content has been filled
  • Fixed: Bug author archive load all directories
  • Fixed: custom_fields_input shortcode typo in page template
  • Fixed: wpeditor doesn't update text editor when saving
  • Fixed: Listing pagination issue
  • Fixed: Shortcode was not rendering content in update classified page
  • Fixed: Comment was enabled in update directory page
  • Fixed: Pingback issue in classified
  • Fixed: Directory theme conflict with the theme in wp org repo
  • Fixed: Style issue in widget page in admin


  • Improved: WP 4.7 compatible
  • Fixed: Bug listing content show validate error when content has been filled
  • Fixed: Bug author archive load all directories
  • Fixed: custom_fields_input shortcode typo in page template
  • Fixed: wpeditor doesn't update text editor when saving
  • Fixed: Listing pagination issue
  • Fixed: Shortcode was not rendering content in update classified page
  • Fixed: Comment was enabled in update directory page
  • Fixed: Pingback issue in classified
  • Fixed: Directory theme conflict with the theme in wp org repo
  • Fixed: Style issue in widget page in admin

  • Update CustomPress to latest version

  • Fix [dr_list_categories] styling not work on Directory theme
  • Fix bug: can not cancel rating
  • Fix bug: redirecting showing js code

  • Add ready-for-copy template, which can be use for override plugin template

Version 2.2.6
  • Fix BuddyPress profile listings double redirection issue
  • Fix Undefined variable: dr_error in update-listing view
  • Fix undefined variable $post->ID in ratings script

  • Fix warning messages "implode(): Invalid arguments passed..."

  • Changed: Merged CustomPress plugin
  • Fixed: Undefined index: disable_contact_form in single-listings template.

  • Changed: using get_stylesheet_directory instead of get_template_directory in ui/general templates.
  • Fixed: Undefined index: signin_url in options array. Testing before accessing it.
  • Fixed: WPEngine issue. Registration and login form urls not the same as WP uses.
  • Fixed: undefined user_id. Using current user id.
  • Fixed: Undefined variable, testing array argument before accessing it.
  • Fixed: text domain variable access mismatch.
  • Fixed: including wpmudev dashboard twice.
  • Added: incsub partner code in paypal gateway

  • = - 2014-07-06 Arnold Bailey =
  • - Added category filter to the [dr_list_categories] shortcode.
  • - Added switch for counts on category and sub category displays.

  • Fixed problem with captcha on wp-engine hosts

  • Isolated Network activate BuddyPress to the BP_ROOT_BLOG
  • Moved captcha image to a Transient instead of Session

  • Fixed Attachment custom fields save that got broken in WP 3.5

  • Bad function call fixed.

  • Fixed finding virtual pages where content protecting plugins like Membership hides them.

Version 2.2.5
  • Fixed logout redirect

  • Changed Role dropdown to not display non-editable roles.
  • CC Sender checkbox saved wrong value.
  • Login redirect changed to not default to Home

  • BOM in file causing problems

  • Changed author links to only display BudyPress author urls on BP_ROOT
  • Made contact email editable
  • Added setting to disable contact form
  • CustomPress

  • To much code accidentally commented out during a change.

  • CustomPress
  • Added class="term-list" div around the subcategories in the grid display so it canbe made scrollable.

  • Fixed incorrect required message on Feature image on the backend;
  • Added "eriod to price display for things like 4 Month => 4 Month period.

  • customPress

  • Fixed glitch where recurring only payment would hide purchase button.
  • Changes to checkbox custom field code.
  • Corrections to the return url for PayPal

  • Removed PHP 4 type constructors which now cause Warnings
  • Fixed Feeds for custom types so all are sent instead of just the first one.

Version 2.2.4
  • Fixed problem with required images switch.
  • Removed explicit author setting on saving post. Sometimes set the wrong author.
  • Changed signin to better handle Buddypress registration.

  • Changes capability for Classifieds Settings to create_users from edit_users to better handle changes in WP 3x

  • CustomPress

  • Fixed author overwrite
  • CustomPress

  • Fixed date formatting to allow localization
  • Author slug incorrect if has_archive and rewrite sluga changed in BuddyPress
  • CustomPress

  • Updated wpmu-assist.php mu Plugin
  • Spelling corrections for language file
  • Stripslashes fix
  • Blank empty fields on Checkout confirm

  • CustomPress

  • Removed flush_rewrite_rules from init

  • Correct problem with simple upload.
  • Added parameters to PayPal ordering for line item calculation
  • fixed problem with simple feature image upload.

Version 2.2.3
  • = 2.2.3 Arnold Bailey =
  • * Changed login url calculation
  • * Added "Simple" image upload mode choice. Default is the Simple mode. Settings > General > Media manager to enable full media manager.

  • Allow virtual pages to be moved to Trash
  • Fixed query loop count

  • Added CustomPress
  • Changed css on the Simple upload button

  • Added CustomPress

  • Fixed typo on delete button

  • Hide delete button if user doesn't have delete rights
  • update of ratings count on update

  • Fixed problem with First page pagination link
  • Fixed datapicker java script

  • Update to Custompress 1.3.2.. Fixes display problem with custom Multi select box
  • Fixed session variable in contact email

  • Added CustomPress

Version 2.2.2
  • Version 1.3.1 of CustomPress
  • Fixed currency display.

  • Fixed some more translation items.
  • Changes to ratings.php to properly initialize it.

  • Fixed some translation items.
  • Reset Virtual pages to 'virtual' if user edits them.

  • Hide the Credit functions if no valid payment method

  • = Arnold Bailey =
  • * Removed some left over debug code.

  • .* Update to CustomPress
  • * Fixed problem when sending credits to other users

  • Modified image manager to work with v3,5 and Buddypress

Version 2.2.1
  • Modified image manager to work with v3,5

  • Fixed some translation items.
  • Fixed Affiliation dropdowns.

  • Fixed pagination problem in loop-taxonomy

  • Fixed old data conversion problem.
  • Fixed duplicate signup emails on BuddyPress.
  • Fixed [dr_listings_btn]

  • Changed the class name for the pagination section to avoid clash with some sliders.
  • Hide the Add Listing link in BP profile screen if the user cannot create_listing.

  • Fixes in CustomPress

  • Updated Custompress.
  • Fixed Buddypress redirection

  • Fixes in CustomPress

  • Added default directory statuses if left blank.
  • Added 'directory_full_access' filter. If the filter returns true it gives the user the right to enter listings without further payment.

Version 2.2
  • Added Directory Category Samples
  • Added BuddyPress support
  • Added numerous fixes for Multisite
  • Added credits support.
  • Added Authorize net support
  • Cleaned up default theme
  • Made ratings editable by the voter.
  • MU plugins to handle recurring payments on Multisite.
  • Added uninstall to remove directory custom types if plugin is deleted.
  • CustomPress v1.3
  • WYSIWYG editor for front end input of listings.
  • Separated member signup from purchase of listings.
  • Plugin to automatically join member with the subsite they signup on in Multisite.
  • Member role and capabilities editor.
  • Limit set of post statuses available to member. Allows Admin moderating.
  • Media editor only displays current users uploaded files.
  • Added Contact Form to single Page
  • Fixed rating display in Comments
  • Many translation fixes.

  • Fixed custom field save problem.

Version 2.1.2
  • Fixed problem with Feature image support on default theme.
  • Changed method of creating the directory members which wasn't always happening on activation.

  • fixed version comparison in page-update-listing.php
  • Fixed PHP 5.4 problem in cstompress
  • removed old functions no longer used in the default theme.

  • = =
  • * Added warning about mixed Classifieds and Directory installations

  • Missing text domain variable

  • Numerous translation fixes
  • Fixed bad comment_popup calls so Review Off will display properly.

  • Fixed template parts loading order so shortcodes would work in Listings.
  • Changed priorities on the_content filter to allow embeds to work with custom fields.

  • Fixed unclosed

  • Update customPress
  • Changed enqueue order

  • Typo preventing display of customfields on single listing page.

Version 2.1.1
  • Better filter for taxonomy supports list in functions
  • Moved security redirects to parse_query to avoid header sent error.

Version 2.1
  • Widget area replaces Advertising area in theme
  • Fully integrated customPress
  • Custom fields foreach error when no custom fields defined.
  • Many new shortcodes
  • Many new automatically added Directory management pages
  • Full blown front end editor for Listings
  • Feature image support
  • Lots of bug fixes.

Version 2.0.5
  • Fixed problem of display pages "My Listings", "Add Listing", "Edit Listing" for some permalinks structures;

Version 2.0.4
  • Added My Listings page;
  • Added Add Listing page;
  • Added Edit Listing page;
  • Added "directory_listing" post type to CustomPress plugin;
  • Fixed compatibility problems with the Infinite SEO plugin on "Signin" and "Signup" pages;
  • Fixed problem with user roles on subsites;
  • Fixed pages "Signin" and "Signup" on subsites;
  • Fixed capabilities of users on subsites;
  • Fixed some translation for texts;
  • Display custom fields on Listing page;
  • Deleted edit post button on Directory pages;

Version 2.0.3
  • fixed problem with short php tags;
  • fixed problem of using CustomPress for custom fields and taxonomies after transition from 1.0.7 version;

Version 2.0.2
  • Fixed problem with permalink of Tags and Categories;
  • Added feature use the Affiliate plugin;
  • Changed validation of signup forms;
  • Added submenu "Add Listing";

Version 2.0.1
  • Released;

Version 1.0.7
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.0.6
  • New default theme
  • New theme options and features
  • Recurring billing added
  • Per site content types added
  • Reviews and Ratings added
  • Internal architecture improved
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.0.5
    Try Directory today!
    • Internal directories or Yellow Pages-style directory
    • Accept payments for listings
    • One-time, daily, monthly and annual payment options
    • Listing user reviews and rating system
    • Includes customizable directory theme
    • Directory specific categories and tags
    Directory comes FREE with your WPMU DEV Membership GET Directory FOR FREE Free trial & pricing info
    • "WPMU DEV is my WordPress lifeline. Great premium plugins, responsive development and incredible support."
      Jim Sullivan
    Downloads 65,879 Compatibility WordPress 4.7.2Multisite 4.7.2BuddyPress 2.8.1 Version - Changelog - Translations

    "WPMU DEV is my WordPress lifeline. Great premium plugins, responsive development and incredible support."

    Jim Sullivan

    Directory adds a full-featured directory to WordPress complete with ratings, reviews and payments.

    Quickly setup a niche directory or even your own Yellow Pages-style site.

    Clear, easy-to-navigate, listing sites.
    Clear, easy-to-navigate, listing sites.

    More Ways to Make Money

    Charge users to list their business in your exclusive directory or certify business standards and build a trusted network of elite services that require a subscription to access.

    Build a solid user base and use the included banner ad space to generate revenue.

    And, because Directory is built completely Multisite compatible, you can include it as an upgrade on your network services package using Pro Sites.

    Powerful Navigation

    Directory makes it easy to manage thousands of listings. Create custom user permissions and configure who can edit, change, update and moderate listings. Let users add listings from a simple front end interface.

    Front end editor makes it easy for users to add and edit listings.
    Front end editor makes it easy for users to add and edit listings.

    Directory is structured for maximum efficiency, taking full advantage of plugin specific categories, tags and table search.

    Blazing fast customizations.
    Blazing fast customizations.

    Designed to Fit Any Theme

    Directory comes bundled with its own clean and simple theme – so it looks amazing with little-to-no configuration.

    Color wheels make it easy to quickly brand match, and toggle style controls make for ultra fast customization.

    Or, embed Directory anywhere on your site, inside any theme. Use our comprehensive shortcode library for fast copy-and-paste integration.

    Simple enough for an internal company directory, powerful enough to manage a premium directory service.


    To Get Started

    Start by reading Installing Plugins section in our comprehensive WordPress and WordPress Multisite Manual if you are new to WordPress.

    The plugin is compatible with both WordPress standard installation and WordPress Multisite.

    • For a single site WordPress install, click “Activate Plugin” or
    • “Network Activate” (for Multisite, if you want to activate the plugin across all sites on the network. If not you can go to the Plugins section under each site and activate individually).

    Setting-Up the Directory Plugin

    When you Activate the plugin, you will be taken to the plugin page automatically. If not, Click on “Listings” from the side bar on your WordPress Dashboard.

    Listings Dash

    You’ll be taken to a “Getting Started” page. Click on “Configure Your Settings” to setup the plugin. If you are on WordPress 3.3.1 and beyond, the plugin will be able to use its step-by-step Set-up tutorial that will guide you through the process. Yes! We are that awesome!

    The Settings that need to be set are categorized neatly. Lets go through all of them:

    The General Tab

    This is where you set-up some basic settings for the plugin.

    1. Directory Member Role 2. Directoyr Status Options 3. Redirection Options 4. Custom Field Options 5. Display Options 6. Pagination Settings 7. Notification Settings 8. Getting Started Page

    1. Directory Member Role
    2. Directoyr Status Options
    3. Redirection Options
    4. Custom Field Options
    5. Display Options
    6. Pagination Settings
    7. Notification Settings
    8. Getting Started Page
    1. Directory Member Role: Here you can select the role which you want to be assigned to a Directory member when he signs up on your Directory site. You should make sure that if you are using multiple plugins which control the signups on your site, use the same role in all of them. You can also add a new role here and you must add the appropriate capabilities to make it work.
    2. Directory Status Options: Specify what all options will be available to the members while they are creating a new listing. You can offer them to publish, set as pending review or save a draft. So if you do not want members to publish the listings then uncheck the Published checkbox.
    3. Redirection Settings –
      Redirect URL (sign in)
      : Set the URL where you want the user to be redirected to when they login. By default the user is taken to your homepage, but using the link to your listings page ( is a good idea, if your site is mainly a directory.
      Redirect URL (logout): Like the sign-in redirect, but this time you get to decide where to send the user when they Log out. A thank you page? Not a bad idea!
    4. Custom Field Options: The Directory Plugin actually includes a copy of the CustomPress plugin with which allows you to Custom Fields to work with your listings. This setting decides on how the Custom Fields should be listed on the Site. This is discussed in detail towards the end of this documentation.
    5. Display Options –
      Count of category:
       Set the number of categories that you want to list when you list the categories using short code. Count of sub-category: Set the number of sub-categories that you want to list when you list the categories using short code.
      Empty sub-category: Tick this if you don’t want the empty sub-categories to show up in the list. Quite Handy.
    6. Pagination Settings: Directory plugin supports pagination. You can define where to show it on a page and how many page links to show at one time.
    7. Notification Settings:
    8. Getting Started Page: If you wish to see the “Getting Started Page” again, this is how you do that. It is usually shown only during the first run after the plugin install.

    Capabilities Tab

    This is where you set the capabilities of each user. By default, the admin has all capabilities.

    Directory capability tab

    To assign capabilities, just select each role, the plugin will load the previously set settings for each role. Set the ones you want and click “Save Changes”. Repeat this for each role.

    For any custom roles which you created under General tab, you will need to define the capabilities here.

    Payment Settings

    If you plan to charge people for listings, this is where you set your price. The Directory plugin has everything you need to create a paid listing portal!

    Directory payment settings

    Using Recurring Payments, you can set recurring Daily/Weekly /Monthly/Yearly payments for your service, where users would pay on a subscription basis and would be able to create as many listings as they want for the duration purchased.

    One-time Payments can be used to allow unlimited posting, for the life of the account. So the user would pay just once, then would be able to create as many listings as they want, forever after.

    The Use Credits option provides a pay-per-post feature. Define the cost per credit, number of credits required per listing and signup credits (if you want to offer free credits for signup). Users would then be able to post by paying the required number of credits. They’ll have the option of purchasing more if they run out.

    You can also provide Terms of Service, in this page. These service terms will be presented to the user when purchasing.

    When you are done, click “Save Changes” before proceeding to the next tab.

    Payments Type Tab

    Now this is where you actually decide whether you want to enable paid listings or not.

    Directory Payment types

    Clicking “Free Listings” will just save the page. But when you click “Paypal”, a whole lot of settings open up:

    • PayPal API Calls URL: Choose Sandbox while you are testing your set-up. The sandbox mode will let you actually test out if the payment system would work, without making actual payments. When you are ready and all set, come back and choose Live to start marking money!
    • PayPal Business Email: This is the email of the account to which you wish to receive payments to. Your account should be either a Business account or a Premier account for the gateway to work.
    • PayPal API Credentials: You will need some information from PayPal so that the plugin can integrate with your account and work for you. You will need API Username API Password & API Signature. Note that, these are NOT your account login username, or password. Instructions to how to get these information can be found here.
    • Currency: Choose your currency from the list.

    Having completed this, you are all set to make some money. Way to go!

    Affiliate settings Tab

    • Note: The Affiliate Tab will only display if you also have our Affiliates plugin installed and activated.

    directory affiliates

    You can grow your directory site faster by using our Affiliates Plugin. The latest release of the affiliate plugin has an add-on for the directory plugin. Go to the “Manage Addons” Tab in the affiliate plugin and activate the Directory Add-on


    affiliates tab

    Once enabled, you can choose the following options:

    • Affiliate payment credited for signed member (recurring payments): The amount that you wish to pay your affiliate promoter for recurring billings. Lets assume, Mr. Mark is your affiliate. And he sends a user, one Mr. Tony to your listing site. And Tony signs-up for a recurring plan (the one we set in the Payment Settings tab). Mark gets paid the first time Tony pays you with the amount you set in here. Note that the affiliate is NOT paid every month, only the first time, so make sure you reward him well for all the money he is bringing in! Cool, huh?
    • Affiliate payment credited for permanent member (one-time payments): This is the amount that your affiliate gets paid for the one time payment plan that you have set.

    Hit “Save Changes” before proceeding to the next!

    Directory Shortcodes Tab

    Shortcodes are the easiest way to integrate your plugin to your theme. Add them to a normal Post/Page in the HTML view and the shortcode will be replaced by really cool stuff when you look at the page. Like magic!

    The shortcodes you have for the Directory plugin:

    Directory shortcodes

    List of Categories: [dr_list_categories] : Displays a list of Categories and Sub-Categories on a Post/Page. This shortcode has the optional attributes to display as a list or in a grid format.

    Tip: To make this shortcode working on your sidebar, insert add_filter(‘widget_text’, ‘do_shortcode’); into the functions.php of your theme. Now insert the shortcode into a text widget and add it to your sidebar widget. It should work!

    Listings Button: [dr_listings_btn] : Displays a link to the listings page.

    Add Listing Button: [dr_add_listing_btn] : Displays a link to the add listings page.

    My Listings Button: [dr_my_listings_btn] : Displays a link to the my listings page.

    Profile Button: [dr_profile_btn] : Displays a link to the profile page.

    Signin Button: [dr_signin_btn] : Displays a link to the signin page.

    Signup Button: [dr_signup_btn] : Displays a link to the signup page.

    Logout Button: [dr_logout_btn] : Displays a link to the logout page.

    Note : Attributes should be selected carefully. “|” means one OR the other. More info is available on the Shortcodes tab.

    Final Steps

    The plugin creates the following pages for you to use:

    • The Sign-up Page at:
    • The Sign-in Page at:
    • Listings Page at:
    • And when you have paid for the listings: An “Add New Listing” Page (as a drop down to the Listings page)

    Once the plugin is configured well, you can get the signup page to work. When you are in the sandbox mode, with a developer Paypal account, you can test out the working of the plugin. When you are happy and all set, Go to Listings > Payments Type and change PayPal API Calls URL to “Live”.

    You are ready to roll!

    Creating a Listing

    A new listing can be created by visiting the Listings page on your site and clicking the “Create New Listing” button. Every user that has the capability to create a new listing will be able to access that page.

    Note that if you have BuddyPress active on your site, Directory will integrate with BuddyPress profiles where users can create their listings.

    While creating a new listing, the following details can be added:

    • Title.
    • The content of the Listing.
    • Tags and Categories.
    • Custom Fields created with included version of CustomPress. Do not activate CustomPress separately.

    Creating User Defined Custom Fields

    The Directory plugin uses our CustomPress plugin. You can create your own custom fields and add them to your listings.

    IMPORTANT: Please do not activate CustomPress along with Directory.  Doing so will cause issues and is unnecessary as the Directory plugin already has everything you need.

    • Navigate to CustomPress > Content Types > Custom Fields Tab
    • Click “Add Custom Field”
    • Enter “Field Title”, “Field Type”, “Field Description” and select the “Post Type” as directory_listing
    • Click “Add Custom Field”

    The custom field you just created will show up in the post editor for the Directory Plugin. Enter the value for the field there. You can create as many custom fields as you want.

    Custom Fields you create are automatically integrated to the listings. You can set the style in which they show up on the Display Custom Fields as setting in the General Settings Tab of the Directory Plugin. The “table” layout (as shown in the screenshot) will look elegant, but its up to you!

    Hope you make the most of the Directory Plugin. We would love to hear from you. Discuss your suggestions, questions or feature requests in the Forum.

    Directory is Packed With Features

    Build powerful, easy-to-navigate, directories

    • WordPress and Multisite ready
    • Accept payments for listings
    • Automated one-time, daily, monthly and annual payment options
    • Custom categories and tags
    • Integrate with any theme using shortcodes
    • Listing user reviews and rating system
    • Integrate with Affiliates by WPMU DEV and pay affiliates for referrals
    • Packaged with customizable Directory theme
    • Create custom user permissions
    • Build internal directories of complete Yellow Pages-style directories
    • Great for generating advertisement revenue