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Hummingbird is queen of WordPress optimization and she's here to zip through your site and find all new ways to make it load at record speed.

Automate optimization with the Hummingbird utility belt packed with file compression, asset optimization, a complete caching suite, Cloudflare integration and performance monitoring that really gets your site flying!
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Hummingbird is everything you need to get and keep your WordPress sites running super fast.
  • Combine, minify and set file load position
  • Full-page, browser, RSS and Gravatar caching
  • Downtime and slow-load notifications
  • Site speed performance reporting
  • Average page-speed analytics
  • GZIP file compression

Not only is page speed used by search engines to determine your site rank, it also keeps people on your site longer.

Hummingbird is a performance and optimization pro tool dedicated to giving your site SuperSpeed. Offer the same quality content at a fraction the load time – analyze, minify, compress, merge and cache.

Get and Retain More Users With a Speed Boost – Hummingbird Can Help.


Performance Report

Hummingbird scans your site and makes recommendations for improving performance.

Asset Optimization

Minify, combine, optimise and position files to improve page speed.

Gzip Compression

Compress HTML, JavaScript, and Style Sheets to reduces site load time.

Complete Cache Suite

Speed up page load times with full-page, browser, RSS and Gravatar cache.

Cloudflare Cache-Control

Hummingbird includes quick controls for managing Cloudflare Browser Cache.

Hosted File Optimization

Use WPMU DEV’s secure and hyper fast CDN for faster performance.

Image Optimization

Smush Pro integration lets you resize, compress and optimize all your images.

Uptime Monitoring

Monitor your website’s response time and know when you experience downtime.

Hub Security Manager

Monitor security issues, updates and backups for all your sites from the Hub.

Hummingbird advanced performance scans
Use performance reports and suggestions to keep your site running at top speed.

Scan, Analyze and SpeedBoost

Use Hummingbird’s recommendations to improve your site’s efficiency and speed.

Hummingbird scans your site, locates files that are slowing your site and fixes them to help make your site run faster.

Optimize, combine and position files to help pages load faster.

Optimize Your Files

Hummingbird uses WPMU DEV super servers and the asset optimization engine to shrink, combine and store files on our global CDN.

Did you know the more you load in the header, the slower your site loads? Customize load position to maximize speed.

  • Hummingbird lopped off 11 requests just using the default recommendations.
  • This plugin is just plain super! Hummingbird goes the extra mile to explain the why and how and makes it a breeze to add and test changes.
  • Hummingbird took me from 32 to 84 on Google page speed plus made my site 50% faster on GTmetrix!
  • Hummingbird is so easy to use. I thought it wouldn't change my speed much because I already made improvements. I ran the scan, it gave me recommendations, I pushed a button to apply them and it made my site even faster!


Q: Do I need Hummingbird if I already have WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache?

A: Yes! If you already use WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache the special monitoring tools Hummingbird offers makes it worth it. To ensure compatibility only activate overlapping features in one of the plugins.


Q: Does Hummingbird work with Cloudflare?

A: Yes! Hummingbird is built to take full advantage of Cloudflare features. Just plug in your API to get started.


Q: Does Hummingbird work with plugins like WP Super Cache, Batcache or the full-page caching feature my Managed WordPress host offers?

A: Yes! Hummingbird is stacked with its own powerful cache including full-page cache. But if you absolutely love WP Super Cache, Batcache or the caching tool provided through your Host, you can continue using your preferred service.


Q: Does Hummingbird work with WooCommerce?

A: Yes! Hummingbird will automatically excludes WooCommerce cart, my account and checkout pages from being cached.

Set caching to give users a faster experience the next time they visit your content.

Cache It

Hummingbird is packed with a complete range of cache tools for full-page, browser, RSS and Gravatar caching. Get faster pages and lessen the load on your server by delivering temporary files to your users.

Enable GZIP and send smaller files over the web for quicker load times.

Send Compressed Files

Hummingbird has GZIP powers to make sharing your site more efficient.

Sending zipped files is faster and can save you money on hosting. And don’t worry about setup, send Hummingbird instructions with the click of a button and she’ll handle the rest.

Hummingbird mobile results
Choose mobile or desktop results for your performance scans.

Mobile Performance Testing

Hummingbird can be configured to display desktop or mobile scan results. Customize your dashboard to highlight important metrics.

Get your site running its best on every device.

Install WP Smush Pro to get the most out of your website.

Smush Power With WP Smush Pro

If image compression is needed, Hummingbird calls on WP Smush Pro for epic smush power that compresses images while maintaining quality.

Save space and drastically improve site speed with WP Smush Pro.

Hummingbird Uptime reports integration
Uptime is always on the lookout to check speed and alert you if your site goes down.

Uptime Monitoring

Uptime is Hummingbirds trusty sidekick and is constantly watching to ensure your site is performing as it should.

Monitor your sites uptime, downtime and average response time to make sure your site is running its absolute best.

Getting Started:

The complete Hummingbird Pro setup guide is now located in the newly designed documentation section of our website. Access the full Hummingbird Pro tutorial now, complete with improved navigation and upgraded learning tools:

Hummingbird Pro Usage Documentation


Hummingbird Pro is covered by the WPMU DEV Guarantee

WPMU DEV Guarantee

We guarantee that...

  • Hummingbird Pro will work as advertised
  • You will receive 24/7 365 expert support for any problem
  • If you cancel your FREE trial, you can keep Hummingbird Pro
  • Hummingbird Pro is secure, always updated and well coded

Money back guarantee!

While you have 7 days, no obligations risk-free trial of WPMU DEV if you become a paid member and are dissatisfied with any of the above we'll refund you, no questions asked.

Hummingbird Features

Build a more speedy site with powerful optimization tools.

  • Generate performance reports
  • Recommended speed improvements
  • Browser caching
  • Full-page caching
  • Gravatar caching
  • RSS caching
  • Minify files
  • Combine files
  • Set load position
  • Included output graph
  • Simple GZIP configuration
  • Advanced Minification controls
  • Bonus: Sync with Uptime monitor
  • Down and slow load notifications
  • Track average pagespeed
  • Better search engine positioning
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