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Get one-click installs and upgrades of all WPMU DEV plugins and themes, immediate access to support and the community – all from the comfort of WordPress.

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The WPMU DEV Dashboard
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Get Support for Your Products
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Get one-click installs and upgrades of all WPMU DEV plugins and themes, immediate access to support and the community – all from the comfort of WordPress.

Welcome to WPMU DEV in a Box!


Download and install the plugin, enter your WPMU DEV API Key, and you have the power of WPMU DEV activated right in your WordPress Dashboard!

Once you feed in the API Key, the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin is at your service.

Install WPMU DEV Plugins…

Install Brand New Plugins Right from your Dashboard. No more downloading and uploading of zip files. One Click and you are done!

And themes too…

Get Support for Your Products

We are coming right into your Dashboard. Ask a question without leaving your Dashboard. That’s how far we would go to support you, on your projects!

See Whats Going On In The Community

Participate in discussions, help out other members and earn reputation points. 1000 reputation points (400 of them sent to you by other members and at least 10 members giving you 10 points each) could earn you a Lifetime Membership at the Dev!

Get Update Notifications

The Dashboard plugin will let you know when we have something new for you. And we do have something new for you all the time. New Features, Bug Fixes, Security Updates, Compatibility updates, you name it. We are working 24×7, committed to bring you the best!

Manage your WPMU Dev Installs

You can see a whole list of WPMU Dev Products (on the Installed Tab of the Updates area). Access links to the installation instructions and Support area of any individual product.

And It Doesn’t End There..

The plugin will keep you update on the Latest WPMU DEV Products and inform you of any Special Offers, all sent right into your dashboard. Of course you can control what you want to see.

You can even hide the plugin from your clients by limiting access only to the admin. Talk about attention to detail, that’s what we do!

If you are a WPMU DEV Member, go ahead and install the plugin. Own a piece of WPMU DEV in your dashboard!


Installation for this plugin is simple!

1. Download the plugin zip file

2. Unpack / extract the zip file to your computer

3. Upload the /wpmudev-updates/ plugin folder to your /plugins/ folder and (Network) Activate it.

4. Alternatively you can also upload the plugin zip file at Plugins -> Add New -> Upload.

Note: If you have an older version of the plugin installed, please delete it (update-notifications.php) from the /mu-plugins/ directory.

After installing, you will be prompted to enter your WPMU DEV API Key, which you can find here. This is necessary to enable automatic updates.

Installing & Updating

You can now install your plugins and themes directly from the admin area of your WordPress website with our latest update.

Admin –> Network Admin (Multisite Install) –> WPMU Dev –> Plugins

WPMUDev - Install Plugins

Clicking on Learn more will give you information on each plugin:

WPMU Dev - Plugin Information

And its the same for themes as well:

Admin –> Network Admin (Multisite Install) –> WPMU Dev –> Themes

WPMUDev - Themes Install

Cool eh!

Hide & Branding

We understand that you might install these on websites where you don’t want any branding  so now you can turn that off in the dashboard settings from the admin:
Admin –> Network Admin (Multisite Install) –> WPMU Dev –> Manage
WPMU Dev - Admin Notices

We have some cool options for you as well!

1. When a user enters an api key it will begin to limit the entire plugin view to just that username. This great when using on client websites.

  • If you have an older version installed then simply visit Manage page and save your settings, this will then restrict it to your username.

2. If you get locked out or need to enable a different user, or want to enable multiple users, you can simply put either of these constants in your wp-config.php file:

  • define('WPMUDEV_LIMIT_TO_USER', '1');  – for one user.
  • define('WPMUDEV_LIMIT_TO_USER', '1, 10'); – for multiple users (they are all user IDs).

Place either of these just above the following line:
/* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */

Note: If you include additional users in the above define, they may need to activate the plugin to trigger the new permissions. To do so, they can simply log in, deactivate then immediately reactivate the plugin.

2. If you want to change the position (order) where the Dashboard appears in your menu, then simply use the following in your wp-config.php, replacing the “3″ with a number for the position you desire. Default WP menu positions can be viewed here, under the position argument:

  • Place these just above the following line:
  • /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */
  • define(‘WPMUDEV_MENU_LOCATION’, 3);

3. If you want to totally hide everything so its not visible to anyone then simply use the following in your wp-config.php:

  • Place these just above the following line:
  • /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */
  • define(‘WPMUDEV_HIDE_BRANDING’, true);
Note: Your API key is your own, and should not be shared with your clients, doing so would give them access to your WPMU DEV account.


All of our plugins can be installed on any number of sites you own or develop for a client. We do however have an API limit. But don’t worry, if you have more sites you can simply deactivate one and activate the other, swapping them as often as you need.

  • Single Product members get Installation, Updates & Support for 1 site.
  • Full (Gold) Plan members get Installation, Updates, Support & Unbranded Support Videos on UNLIMITED sites, and can use the Anti-Splog API on 20 sites.

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