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Version 4.8.1

Changelog / Translations

Version 4.8.1

  • Fix: Bugs causing styles to stop rendering


Version 4.8.1
  • Fix: Bugs causing styles to stop rendering

Version 4.8
  • Add: Translation updates for the premium plugins
  • Add: More white labeling options by linking Branda
  • Improvement: Accessibility improvements on the Dashboard pages
  • Improvement: Analytics metrics comparisons improved
  • Improvement: Branding logo ( Whitelabels ) is now protected and can't be deleted by unauthorized users
  • Fix: Configuration links for SmartCrawl
  • Fix: A typo on the plugin install notices
  • Fix: Hub requests not working in some instances

Version 4.7.5
  • Enhance: Update messages for new membership plans when site limit is reached
  • Fix: Typo in text description on the Dashboard > Resources widget
  • Fix: Snapshot not being able to fetch `site_id`

Version 4.7.4
  • Improvement: New and improved dashboard UI
  • Improvement: Return specific error code for a permissions error
  • Improvement: Add loading states to the plugin list page
  • Improvement: Extend the white labeling functionality to subsite admins
  • Fix: Minor improvements on analytics chart
  • Fix: Staff photo not displaying on recent support access
  • Fix: WordPress notices not displaying on the plugin page
  • Fix: Improvements on the plugins bulk actions

  • Improvement: Better handling of + sign in the email address for SSO ( Single Sign-On )

  • Fix: Minor improvements

  • Add: Minor stability improvements

  • Improvement: Added dashboard notice about Single Sign On ( SSO ) settings
  • Add: Single Sign On ( SSO ) can now be enabled from the getting started wizard on the Hub

  • Improvement: Automatically sync with the Hub when enabling SSO from Dashboard settings

Version 4.7.3
  • Add: Single Sign-On for The Hub (and also hosting!)
  • Improvement: New styling for analytics chart makes it easier to read when you've had the same number of views on consecutive days
  • Improvement: Add external IP address to system info (for easier checking of blacklist status)

Version 4.7.2
  • Fix: When upgrading multiple plugins from FREE to PRO, some plugins get deactivated
  • Improvement: Add text informing the $19 users of having an option to add a hosted site in the Hub
  • Improvement: Update the Documentation links
  • Improvement: Update the general error strings across the site
  • Fix: The typo in the help text on the Tools > Whitelabel menu item
  • Fix: The typo in the Permissions / Add User
  • Fix: Getting an error while updating the plugins

  • Improvement: Better calculation of Analytics on dashboard widget.

  • Improvement: Stability improvements

  • Fix: PHP notices on admin pages
  • Fix: Empty content on Top Plugins and Top Releases when they are all installed

Version 4.7.1
  • Fix: WPMU DEV Auto Install Compatibility

Version 4.7
  • Improvement: Brand new UI/UX
  • Improvement: Better Onboarding process
  • Add: Displayed analytics metrics configuration

Version 4.6.1
  • Fix: Automate WP core update from 5.0.x to 5.1+

Version 4.6
  • Add: new whitelabeled analytics service!
  • Add: new white-label WPMU DEV plugins settings
  • Improvement: Only redirect to login when activating the Dashboard plugin itself
  • improvement: Accessibility for login screen

Version 4.5.2
  • Important security fix for staff remote logins and protection against timing attacks (props Steve Truman @a3rev)
  • Fix a rare fatal error during activation in some WP installs
  • Fix a missing string in translations

Version 4.5.1
  • Fix PHP 5.2 compatibility issue

Version 4.5
  • Support plugin icons in update-core.php list
  • Logout and remove site from Hub when deleting/uninstalling the plugin
  • Remove site from Hub immediately when logging out manually
  • Add support for Hub upgrades of premium plugins that use the EDD updater class
  • Retire themes sections
  • Improve login error messages
  • Make support search open in a new tab
  • Major API performance improvements
  • Lots of bug fixes

Version 4.4
  • Add WP core upgrade support from Hub/Automate
  • Improve Hub remote call error responses
  • Switch background Dashboard autoupdates to use core method
  • Fix some syncing cache issues delaying the detection of available updates
  • Accessibility improvements for screenreaders

Version 4.3.2
  • Make Hub initiated actions faster/more efficient by only syncing details when necessary
  • Show detailed error messages on local install failures
  • Various bug fixes

Version 4.3.1
  • Redesign of the login process, headers, and home page UX
  • Add System Info tab to login page for debugging help
  • Allow HTML in features lists (Upfront Builder link)
  • Fix System info back button link
  • Text adjustments

Version 4.3
  • Full rewrite of remote API, to support Update/Install/Activate/Deactivate/Delete from Hub
  • Register all third party plugins/themes with Hub even if they don't have available updates
  • Internal API for other WPMU DEV plugins to register their own Hub actions
  • Support updates and installs from Hub on WP Engine hosting

Version 4.2.1
  • Comprehensive support for RTL languages
  • Fix missing strings in textdomain - props @Julian
  • Fix changelog showing error when non-allowed user clicks the link on plugins list
  • Remove broken more info links on update core list for non-allowed users
  • Bypass API cache when logging in to avoid Hub sync issues
  • Fix WooCommerce notices showing up on Dashboard pages with crazy styles
  • Fix various style issues

Version 4.2
  • Add support for repo updates from Hub!
  • Revoke outstanding support access when logging out
  • Optimize remote data refresh calls and duplicate queries
  • Add clearer error messages when logging into localhost installs
  • Various bug fixes

Version 4.1.2
  • WP 4.6 compatibility fixes
  • Add support for upcoming Upfront Builder plugin (dependency management)
  • Use new changelog design on single site themes page
  • Fix PHP7 compatibility issue on system info page

Version 4.1.1
  • Enable shiny updates on core plugins list for WPMU DEV plugins
  • Improved integration with core update screens and different member levels
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Wiped out the current bug list! She's smart and stable.

Version 4.1
  • Enables the brand new "Update All" function in Hub! Also includes several small bugfixes and improvements.

Version 4.0.9
  • Improved error messages

Version 4.0.8
  • Themes can now be enabled/disabled network-wide on multisite installations.
  • For those who really want to use it: The Logout button is working again!
  • Improve performance of the Dashboard.

Version 4.0.7
  • Available updates are now displayed above other plugins/themes.
  • We made the Dashboard much more reliable!

Version 4.0.6
  • Remote updates are working now!

Version 4.0.5
  • Plugin just got faster and more stable!

Version 4.0.4
  • Important: Turn off automatic updates in Manage page to upgrade to this version!

Version 4.0.3
  • Add a new notification in Themes page when an update for Upfront parent is available
  • Fix bug that would show dismissed Dashboard notifications again after each API sync
  • Fix incorrect message "Theme is at latest version" during theme update
  • Fix the URL of "Get Support" button on the Support page
  • Add new button to Support page to open a new ticket if no tickets are open
  • Display error message if plugin or theme installation fails
  • Fix the "Back to Dashboard" link that is displayed right after update from v 3.5
  • Fix permission check to not display notifications while logged out
  • Fix several small PHP warnings, JS errors and layout issues

Version 4.0.2
  • Fix an incorrectly initialized dashboard setting, that could cause troubles with other WPMUDEV plugins
  • Fix problem with empty dashboard after update forcing an API-refresh on first activation
  • Fix several minor UI issues (borders, margins, ...)

Version 4.0.1
  • Fix broken dashboard layout that was caused by certain third-party plugins.
  • Fix a typo.

Version 4
  • Complete redesign with new UI

Version 3.5.3
  • Fix: Support for transition of old Membership & Protected Content to Membership2

Version 3.5.2
  • Fix: View details links on plugins with slug conflict going to wrong place
  • Fix: Free members incorrectly getting shown install/autoupdate buttons

Version 3.5.1
  • Fix: Change activation link for Upfront theme if parent not installed to prevent errors
  • Fix: Don't show activate link prematurely when installing Upfront parent in background
  • New: Give better progress feedback on slow install of Upfront parent

Version 3.5
  • New: Support for Upfront themes!
  • New: Toggle/hide legacy themes
  • Fix: URL in connection error text was wrong
  • Fix: Enable error feedback for one-click theme installs

Version 3.4.9
  • New: Prompt to grant support access after submitting a ticket
  • Fix: Add workaround for poorly coded Mojo Marketplace/github-plugin-updater
  • Fix: Stop running and deregister crons on subsites in multisite
  • Fix: Remove unused free projects list from single member dashboard
  • Fix: Minor css padding issue in WP 4.0

Version 3.4.8
  • New: Support single membership autoupdates for packaged products (CoursePress + MarketPress)

Version 3.4.7
  • Fix: Adjust css to avoid triggering a Comodo firewall rule on some hosts

Version 3.4.6
  • Fix: Install button never showed complete in project details window
  • Fix: Conflicts with other FontAwesome plugins

Version 3.4.5
  • Fix: Check system compatibility before allowing auto-installs from notices and widget
  • Fix: Don't show activate links on listings page if project is incompatible
  • Code reformatting and documentation improvements

Version 3.4.4
  • Fix: Change upgrade urls to route through login on WPMU DEV
  • Fix: Fix numerous upgrade/install messages to link to configure instead if no API key set

Version 3.4.3
  • New: Added plugin icon as font for WP3.8+ versions
  • New: List PHP extensions under system info page
  • Fix: More graceful handling of API connection issues and more detailed debug info
  • Fix: Minor CSS fixes (resolved issue with rep points hover overlapping main admin menu)
  • Fix: Add a maxlength to the support question title to prevent being cuttoff

Version 3.4.2
  • New: Alphabetically order plugin list in support dropdown
  • Fix: Change support page behavior for sites with updates disabled
  • Fix: Add decimal to default menu position of avoid other plugin conflicts
  • Fix: bug that could cause incompatibility with other 3rd party updaters (props Chris Aprea)
  • Fix: Various styling issues

Version 3.4.1
  • Enable remote support access tab
  • Text changes to avoid confusion
  • Minor style adjustments

Version 3.4
  • WP 3.8 styles compatibility!
  • Support for optional background autoupdates
  • Improve the support page view, adding instructions, system info, remote access
  • Show login screen by default instead of signup
  • Show configure link on listings when supported
  • Show activate/deactivate links on listings
  • Show usage instructions links on listings
  • Integration with new dashboard notices
  • Make listings default order by popularity
  • Push incompatible products to bottom of listings
  • Clean depreciated code
  • Fix theme changelog popup from themes grid page
  • Honor update_themes capability
  • Retire upgrade notices
  • Fix upgrade instead of configure links showing before API key is set

Version 3.3.3
  • Adjust free user behavior
  • Fixed problems with plugin search on dashboard page
  • Adjusted wording for Q&A posting
  • Update default pot language file

Version 3.3.2
  • Fix login bug introduced in 3.3.1

Version 3.3.2
  • Fix login bug introduced in 3.3.1

Version 3.3.2
  • Fix login bug introduced in 3.3.1

Version 3.3
  • Update for new WPMU DEV plans

Version 3.2.6
  • Fix WPMU DEV News dashboard widget
  • Support for WP 3.6 (jQuery 1.9)
  • Fix trailing whitespace issue

Version 3.2.5
  • Fix double updating of themes when clicking "Update all Themes" on Updates page

Version 3.2.4
  • Handle WPMU DEV API connection problems more gracefully, with helpful error message

Version 3.2.3
  • Remove any conflicting-slug local WPMU DEV plugins from WP update notifications
  • A few more style compatibility updates for WP 3.5
  • Fix memory leaks in Safari on Windows

Version 3.2.2
  • More style compatibility updates for WP 3.5
  • Reset allowed user when reactivating the plugin
  • Handle https admin areas better

Version 3.2.1
  • Initial style compatibility updates for WP 3.5
  • allow override of menu location via define('WPMUDEV_MENU_LOCATION', 3);

Version 3.2
  • Rewrite Dashboard and Listings pages to be more useful to free or single members
  • Fix numerous permission bugs and errors for free or single members
  • Show incompatible products in listings, just disabled
  • Redesigned the Support page
  • Much improved notification handling of the 133 theme pack
  • Added a filter to be able to exclude notifications of a specific plugin update

Version 3.1.5
  • Add no WPMUDEV_NO_AUTOACTIVATE define to be able to prevent activation in single site
  • Fix errors on plugin upgrade
  • Make 133 theme pack filtering more efficient

Version 3.1.4
  • Filter out unofficial update notifications for 133 theme pack

Version 3.1.3
  • Fix Installed & Activated message confusion on installing themes
  • Fix some CSS compatibility issues in the plugin, props @Daniel
  • Filter incompatible plugins from autosuggest list

Version 3.1.2
  • Added filter logic to convert images and JS to use https when admin area is using ssl.
  • Modify permissions logic for admin menus. This should work correctly when the site has blocked install/update perms on plugins and themes. Like when setting DISALLOW_FILE_MODES in wp-config.php the Plugins and Themes sections are not displayed to the user.

Version 3.1.1
  • Fix bug where not showing themes as installed in Themes listings
  • Limit Dashboard plugin to first admin user by default, and actually hide from all others
  • Ability to use define("WPMUDEV_LIMIT_TO_USER", "1, 10"); to limit the entire plugin to certain admin users
  • Change api url back to HTTP from HTTPS for compatibility with non CURL systems

Version 3.1
  • HUGE Update! Complete rewrite
  • Redesign of everything
  • Dashboard page view with reputation and history
  • Plugin/Theme browsing pages
  • Instant one-click plugin/theme installs from the dashboard
  • Slideup product info/screenshots
  • Instant searching, filtering, and ordering of listings
  • Community page with forum activity
  • Support page with instant support topic creation/monitoring from dashboard
  • Membership and payment info in dashboard
  • New dashboard widgets: News, quick links
  • Support for central view of updates for all sites on WPMU DEV
  • Ability to limit functionality to a specific user on client sites

Version 2.1.3
  • Added extra error checks and redundancy in case of API server problems

Version 2.1.2
  • WP 3.2 Compatibility

Version 2.1.1
  • Ajaxified dismiss links.

Version 2.1
  • Added support for free WPMU DEV projects hosted on

Version 2.0.2
  • Fixed bug with api key saving

Version 2.0.1
  • Major rewrite! Required for the latest versions of WPMU DEV plugins.
  • 3.1 compatibility
  • Auto-updates for compatible themes/plugins. Bulk auto-updates as well.
  • New release notices
  • More admin notice control
  • Transparent integration into the WordPress update system: Counts, plugin/theme pages with sorting
  • Quick links to instructions and support
  • Instant preview of changelogs

Version 1.0.4
  • Switched to ms-admin.php from wpmu-admin.php (Wordpress Multi Site 3.0.x compatibility)

Version 1.0.3

    Version 1.0.2

      Version 1.0.1

        Version 1
          The Dashboard Improves access to support, adds one-click installation and unlocks Hub integrations.
          • Automatic updates for plugins and themes
          • Easy access system information overview
          • One-click install for WPMU DEV plugins
          • In dashboard membership manager
          • Manage all your sites on the Hub
          • Give support temporary access

          Activate backup and restore, performance monitoring and SEO recommendations.

          Plus, get one-click access to our full product lineup and 24/7/365 WordPress support in your dashboard – all while making your site more secure.

          Connect with the WPMU DEV super servers for enhanced site optimization, security, and control.
          Connect with the WPMU DEV super servers for enhanced site optimization, security, and control.

          Access The WPMU DEV Super Servers

          The WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin links your sites to our super servers for added features and more control.

          Use our servers to run scans, monitor uptime, and optimize images.

          Connect the powerful services and manage all your sites in one place.

          The Hub

          Control all your sites from one place! The Hub is our powerful onsite dashboard that monitors and improves speed and stability.

          All the power of WPMU DEV products, support and services on your dashboard at full speed.

          One-Click Installation & Updates

          Browse WPMU DEV themes and plugins in a simple-to-navigate app store environment. Dashboard gives you one-click installation, upgrades and security updates for all our plugins and themes.

          Easily jump from feature to feature with quicklinks.

          Quick Support and Account Access

          Our Dashboard plugin adds quick access to the WPMU DEV features you use most.

          Edit account information, create a support ticket, browse the community, access manuals, find tutorials – there are quicklinks for everything you need.

          Give a support hero access to your site with the click of a button.

          Grant Support Access

          Give one of our highly qualified support heroes temporary access to the back end of your site to help fix complex issues.

          Support access is a click away, completely secure and can be turned on/off at any time.

          Dashboard analytics reports
          Beautiful unbranded analytics reports that don’t need a third-party integration to work.

          Unbranded Analytics

          Activate analytics and start tracking site activity without any third-party integrations. Grant access by user role and display stats from right inside the WordPress dashboard. One-click setup and completely unbranded.

          The hero hider removes or replaces our awesome hero branding.

          The Hero Hider

          Let’s face it, WPMU DEV branding is sweet. But not everyone wants hero images on their client sites. Turn on the WPMU DEV hero hider to hide or replace our branding with a custom image, company name or client branding.

          Track Your Hero Points

          Participate in discussions and help other members to earn hero points. Build your reputation and redeem your points for real stuff like discounted memberships. Get enough points and we’ll give you a lifetime membership!

          All your important system information in one place.

          System Information Report

          Easily access system information in one easy to navigate report. Get all the information you’ll need for support or system maintenance in one place – PHP, MYSQL, WordPress, Server and HTTP Requests.

          Log on to your websites with a click from the Hub and hosting with SSO.

          Single Sign-On (SSO)

          Quickly access your websites from the Hub with single sign-on. Directly access any site. If you manage multiple sites, no need to re-enter your username and password again and again. Navigate direct from the Hub super fast and totally secure. Just think of all the time you’ll save maintaining WordPress sites.

          Give specific users access to the WPMU DEV Dashboard.

          Who Will See Dashboard Features?

          Building a client site or offering managed hosting? Control which administrators can access the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin and see announcements – perfect for developers and design agencies.

          Getting Started:

          The complete WPMU DEV Dashboard Plugin setup guide is now located in the newly designed documentation section of our website. Access the full WPMU DEV Dashboard Plugin tutorial now, complete with improved navigation and upgraded learning tools:

          WPMU DEV Dashboard Plugin Usage Documentation


          WPMU DEV Dashboard is covered by the WPMU DEV Guarantee

          WPMU DEV Guarantee

          We guarantee that...

          • WPMU DEV Dashboard will work as advertised
          • You will receive 24/7 365 expert support for any problem
          • If you cancel your FREE trial, you can keep WPMU DEV Dashboard
          • WPMU DEV Dashboard is secure, always updated and well coded

          Money back guarantee!

          While you have 7 days, no obligations risk-free trial of WPMU DEV if you become a paid member and are dissatisfied with any of the above we'll refund you, no questions asked.

          WPMU DEV Dashboard Features

          WPMU DEV Dashboard adds a huge level of convenience.

          • One-click installations
          • Hub and Hosting Single Sign-On (SSO)
          • Unbranded analytics
          • Dashboard plugin browse and install
          • Dashboard theme browse and install
          • Simply login to setup
          • Integrated badge notifications
          • One-click updates
          • WPMU DEV dashboard news feed
          • Dashboard widget quick links
          • New release notifications
          • Update notifications
          • View recent WPMU DEV activity
          • Membership manager
          • Hide/Remove WPMU DEV hero branding
          • Background updates
          • Hide notifications
          • Limit to Multisite Super Admin
          • See reputation points
          • Built-in conflict avoidance
          • Occasional special membership discounts
          • Participate in WPMU DEV community
          • Access forum search
          • Fast access to Q&A
          • Grant temporary access to support staff
          • Direct links to usage instructions
          • Installed theme version information
          • Installed plugin version information
          • Post support questions
          • System information quick view
          • PHP configuration information
          • MySQL information
          • Server information