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Upfront Version 1.9.4
  • Add: Clean up PHP function calls
  • Fix: Accordion Element UI buttons overlap
  • Fix: Styling for checkbox in "This is editor..." popup in Firefox
  • Fix: Posts/Pages popup sometimes does not load properly on subsites
  • Fix: Renaming Page in sidebar does not work
  • Fix: WooCommerce products page shows posts instead products
  • Fix: Video Element "Add 1st video to thumbnails" can not be turned off
  • Fix: Undo/Redo commands should not be visible in responsive mode
  • Fix: Page Settings visibility option "Sticky" can not be saved
  • Fix: Fullscreen region image disappears after some time
Changelog 1.9.4
Version 1.9.4
  • Add: Clean up PHP function calls
  • Fix: Accordion Element UI buttons overlap
  • Fix: Styling for checkbox in "This is editor..." popup in Firefox
  • Fix: Posts/Pages popup sometimes does not load properly on subsites
  • Fix: Renaming Page in sidebar does not work
  • Fix: WooCommerce products page shows posts instead products
  • Fix: Video Element "Add 1st video to thumbnails" can not be turned off
  • Fix: Undo/Redo commands should not be visible in responsive mode
  • Fix: Page Settings visibility option "Sticky" can not be saved
  • Fix: Fullscreen region image disappears after some time

Version 1.9.3
  • Add: Load video only when user clicks on play in YouTube Element
  • Add: Properly show post content when there is "more" tag in content
  • Fix: Broken archive URL does not resolve to 404 properly
  • Fix: Import images dialog shows when Editor is started
  • Fix: Tabs Element text now saves correctly
  • Fix: Setting YouTube Element display style to list triggers JavaScript error
  • Fix: Code Element does not look the same in Editor and in front-end
  • Fix: Category and Archives widget options are now working properly
  • Fix: Gallery Element resize and Editor quit causes PHP notices to show
  • Fix: Menu Element post type dropdown hidden behind other elements
  • Fix: Contact Element "Name" label is not editable
  • Fix: YouTube Element setting auto play breaks OK button

Version 1.9.2
  • Fix: YouTube Element adds video on add video control outside click
  • Fix: Accordion Element border options
  • Fix: Post Part Settings - parts are missing
  • Fix: Gallery Element images can get accidentally swapped when editing caption
  • Fix: Posts Element author part cuts off text
  • Fix: Manage Fonts button is not always active
  • Fix: Selecting calendar in Widget Element causes error
  • Fix: Menu Element added to post does not show on front end
  • Fix: Contact Form does not send emails properly in some cases
  • Fix: Map Element map breaks out of element borders
  • Fix: Checkbox is missing in "This is Editor Interface..." dialog
  • Fix: Page Settings radio buttons are cut off
  • Fix: Button Element Settings round corners locked icon is not aligned
  • Fix: Page Settings buttons are misaligned
  • Fix: Contact Form Element is not displaying sender email
  • Fix: Contact Form Element form validation options are not aligned
  • Fix: Media Gallery filter options overlap
  • Fix: Slider Element show controls options are not aligned
  • Fix: Post Settings radio buttons are not aligned
  • Fix: Accordion Element background color not applied properly
  • Fix: Contact Form Element disabling SMTP does not hide related settings
  • Fix: Contact Form Element subject and captcha are not showing until settings are closed
  • Fix: Tab and Accordion Element do not apply preset until they are activated
  • Fix: Menu Element breaks out of narrow regions

  • Fix: Setting element padding to 0px in editor defaults to 15px in live

Version 1.9.1
  • Add: Increase upper limit for gallery thumbnail size
  • Fix: Button font color gets reset on opening color picker
  • Fix: YouTube video continues to play when Lightbox is closed
  • Fix: Posts presets are not loading on frontend
  • Fix: Position of Type element dropdown is not correct in Responsive mode sidebar
  • Fix: In Media Info panel Search button is not clickable
  • Fix: Labels and fields are not properly aligned in Global Background Settings
  • Fix: OK button not properly positioned in Region Background Settings
  • Fix: Map controls field is missing options
  • Fix: Slider controls always visible with show on hover selected
  • Fix: Captcha control is not properly aligned in Contact Element Settings
  • Fix: "Cats/Tags" tab is not styled properly in Post Settings
  • Fix: Resizing image loses text from slide in Slider Element
  • Fix: Slides Order thumbnails are not showing in Slider Element Settings
  • Fix: PHP notice gets logged when Post is deleted
  • Fix: Editor does not load when 3rd party script uses asynchronous module definition

Version 1.9
  • Add: New design for sidebar, element & region settings.
  • Add: New design for Posts / Pages / Comments.
  • Add: Different popup for Builder & Editor.
  • Add: Performance - reduce the number of requests fired by editor (JS/PHP)
  • Add: Better compatibility with Hustle.
  • Add: Better compatibility with Hummingbird.
  • Performance Improvement: Implement more extensive use of object caching.
  • Performance Improvement: Clear markup bloat to speed up visitors’ performance using freeze mode.
  • Performance Improvement: Implement element html caching for loading on boot.
  • Performance Improvement: Implement element html caching for switching layouts in editor.
  • Performance Improvement: Prevent nav element from making multiple requests on any change and on layout load.

Version 1.8.1
  • Fix: bug that prevented deleting fixed (floating) regions.
  • Fix: formatting Link in builder
  • Fix: tabs element reverting settings when edited in builder
  • Fix: issue with sticky subregion not working for full screen regions
  • Fix: cannot edit post featured image layout

Version 1.8
  • Add: media manager redesign
  • Add: CoursePress compatibility
  • Add: accessibility support options
  • Add: hierarchy data for later indentation
  • Add: option to slide with arrow keys
  • Add: mode context dialog

Version 1.7
  • Add: new design for interaction panels.
  • Add: new design for element state user interface.
  • Add: new design for grouping experience.
  • Add: improved design for redactor toolbar.
  • Add: improved design for color picker.
  • Add: improved and optimized saving behavior.
  • Add: upload video to region background video options.
  • Add: video inserts.
  • Add: region setting is moved to sidebar.
  • Add: new improved way to handle SMTP.

Version 1.6.1
  • Fix: region settings bug fixes and improvements
  • Fix: color picker cutoff in sidebar settings
  • Fix: define switches case sensitivity and HHVM issue
  • Fix: refactor shortcode expansion to WordPress codec implementation
  • Fix: drag and drop error when no elements is in layout
  • Fix: MarketPress compatibility issue with third party plugin

Version 1.6
  • Add: Maintenance mode
  • Add: MarketPress compatibility
  • Add: Region settings moved to sidebars
  • Add: better dynamic scrollbars

Version 1.5
  • Add: WooCommerce support
  • Add: padding setting to individual post part on post data elements
  • Add: region settings moved to the sidebar
  • Add: global region reset toggle to reset options area in admin

Version 1.4.3
  • Add: compress data when saving
  • Add: loop option for youtube element and video region
  • Add: streamlined group settings to sidebar
  • Add: improved element padding controls
  • Add: improved image insert trigger behavior

Version 1.4.2
  • Add: ability to switch menus for breakpoints.
  • Add: button to delete a group of elements
  • Add: improved control on different region background per breakpoint

Version 1.4.1
  • Fix: scheduled scans conflict issue.

Version 1.4
  • Add: support for meta description element for pages.
  • Add: empty global regions/lightboxes message.
  • Add: changelog review area.
  • Add: refactored login element.
  • Add: allow different style to be applied on each slide per breakpoint.
  • Add: initial Empty API Message and overlay to Map element.
  • Add: compatibility with Upfront Builder

Version 1.3.3
  • Add: Google Maps API key area in admin
  • Fix: global regions issue.
  • Fix: global theme settings issue.

Version 1.3.2
  • Fix: drag and drop on responsive issue.
  • Fix: burger menu not working in desktop breakpoint.

Version 1.3.1
  • Fix: archive layouts saving issues.
  • Fix: posts element specific post settings issue.
  • Fix: featured image data element edge cases handling.

Version 1.3
  • Add: reusable custom layout templates.
  • Add: new posts/pages editing experience.
  • Add: dedicated posts and pages settings area.

Version 1.2.2
  • Fix: store image element_size property per breakpoint.

Version 1.2.1
  • Fix: featured image swap button issue.
  • Fix: admin area shared abstraction checks.
  • Fix: make the posts and comments dialog link context-aware.
  • Fix: same ID being used with multiple calendar widgets.
  • Fix: include new strings for l10n.
  • Fix: refactor deprecated jQuery calls.
  • Fix: allow responsive per-preset post data element indents.

Version 1.2
  • Add: admin interface.
  • Add: general and debug settings in admin interface.
  • Add: user roles restrictions in admin interface.
  • Add: experimental performance optimization in admin interface.
  • Add: image element redesign.
  • Add: ready-made CSS selectors for post data elements.
  • Add: keyboard shortcut for grid toggle (Alt+G)

Version 1.1.1
  • Fix: double enter on list editing should end list behavior.
  • Fix: native WP aligned images style conflict.
  • Fix: code element with pre-existing content editables action.
  • Fix: breakpoints check for IE8.
  • Fix: media queries support for IE8.
  • Fix: featured image wrapper takes space with hide fallback.
  • Fix: element with user set padding resize calculus.

Version 1.1
  • Add: new single post layout editing experience.
  • Add: right-to-left compatibility.
  • Add: media manager page size.
  • Add: new responsive region editing trigger location.
  • Add: posts dialog sorting.
  • Add: ability to select items across pages in media manager.
  • Fix: gallery element linking issue.
  • Fix: button element default preset.
  • Fix: list creation alignment issue in content editing.
  • Fix: slider preset captions issue.
  • Fix: disallow spaces in uploaded images.
  • Fix: slider initial image size issue.
  • Fix: map element and region address refresh issue.
  • Fix: content editing link insertion in certain scenarios issue.
  • Fix: button element resizing and padding issue.
  • Fix: IE11 page/post layout edit link issue.
  • Fix: better asset optimization.
  • Fix: global background with parallax issue.
  • Fix: map element code editor resize issue.

Version 1.0.5
  • Fix: remove text element edit content overlay
  • Fix: show background padding settings only for regions
  • Fix: redactor inline mode edit issue
  • Fix: new region controls issue
  • Fix: tab label styles not applied in paragraphs
  • Fix: prevent lightbox region columns from exceeding breakpoint columns
  • Fix: prevent group resizing when entering edit element
  • Fix: gallery images black areas on thumbnails resize edge cases
  • Fix: gallery initial overlay styles, font styles and default preset value
  • Fix: login element z-index issue in editor
  • Fix: theme colors being inserted with expanded values
  • Fix: preset CSS style cleanup
  • Fix: re-render slider elements on Preset settings updated
  • Fix: region editing corner trigger not accessible in responsive
  • Fix: z-index issue with small-sized groups

Version 1.0.4
  • Fix: styling issue

Version 1.0.3
  • Drag and drop fixes and performance improvements
  • Fix for an issue with pressing Tab key during menu item inline text editing
  • Fix issue when using shift-enter double break at the end of an element
  • Fix issues with inserts in tab and accordion elements
  • Fix preset colors live update in editor
  • Fix browser cache upgrade artifacts
  • Fix image caption using hardcoded caption color
  • Fix image border not properly applied
  • Fix gallery caption module shows position options though unchecked
  • Fix text element issues with preset creation on migration
  • Fix issue with text element contextual menu editing

Version 1.0.2
  • Fix: rounded corner module improvements.
  • Fix: preset name suggestion will offer an unique preset name.
  • Fix: backup link in the upgrade popup recognizes the plugin.

Version 1.0.1
  • Fix: compatibility with old PHP versions.
  • Fix: color picker appearance near right border.
  • Fix: minor style issues.

Version 1
  • Entirely new way of working with elements size and position:
  • New drag and drop will make the elements snap-align to other elements on your page.
  • New concept of "spacer" elements that can be resized and snapped to.
  • New, more obvious appearance of resizeable elements.
  • New, more intuitive way in which the element resizing behaves.
  • Entirely new element settings:
  • Whole new design for settings and a brand new use for the sidebar area screen realestate.
  • Better options organization.
  • Zero-code advanced appearance editing (colors, borders, corners, typography...), with custom CSS still available for advanced users.
  • Reusable element configurations:
  • * The new presets (available in element settings) allow for having easily available reusable element styles.
  • * Presets also store entire element configurations with all their settings included.
  • * Live preview of all changes.
  • Less error-prone element interaction:
  • Instead of interacting with elements by hovering over them, you now click to select them. This makes for way less interference with other elements, or other things that can happen on mouse hovering (hover styles/events).
  • Element settings are now much farther apart from the element removal button, and styled differently.
  • Quick, no-code access to element padding.
  • Improvements:
  • Added the ability to change typography of text element without custom CSS.
  • Various fixes in redactor, improved reliability in text editing
  • Added the ability to create rounded corner for image element without custom CSS.
  • Improved slider controls.
  • Added the ability to style tab title.
  • Improved compatibility with https.
  • Added Upfront logo in top Upfront button.
  • No more warning popup when Upfront button is clicked before the system is fully loaded.
  • Bug fixes.

  • Fix: PHP 5.2 compatibility issues.

  • Fix: over-zealous filtering in text element.

  • Fix: YouTube element protocol issue.
  • Fix: WP 4.4 screen class issue with post element.

  • Fix: like box height snapping and centralized content.
  • Fix: like box iframe going out of bounds width-wise.
  • Fix: namespacing the cross-browser animation event.

  • Fix: image links issues.
  • Fix: button in group is opening url instead of edit text.
  • Fix: syntax checks in code elements.
  • Fix: parallax refresh error when rapidly change background style.
  • Fix: parallax affects full width background.
  • Fix: module group output z-index.
  • Fix: enable region resizing after adding region.
  • Add: content type macro to content expansion in posts element.

Version 0.4.1
  • Fix: redactor issue with icons in editor vs live.
  • Fix: YouTube element issues.
  • Fix: parallax mode issues with responsive and image selection.
  • Fix: redactor text selection issues.
  • Fix: like box trailing slash issue.
  • Fix: responsive mode selection clearing and active break point issues.
  • Fix: hardcoded gravatar protocol in sidebar.
  • Fix: contact form name and l10n.
  • Fix: text encoding issues in code and text element sanitization.
  • Add: custom cursor for editing areas.
  • Add: formatting via inline text expansion.
  • Add: choice between theme layout and WP image inserts.
  • Add: button element improvements.
  • Add: new linking API.

Version 0.4
  • Fix: shortcodes in tabs/accordion elements.
  • Fix: discussion settings update.
  • Fix: responsive menu behavior.
  • Fix: pagination issues.
  • Fix: menu custom CSS saving in certain scenarios.
  • Fix: YouTube element responsive behavior.
  • Fix: image caption issues.
  • Fix: lightbox creation issues.
  • Fix: anchor link issues in menu element.
  • Fix: text icons insertion issues.
  • Fix: admin bar items issues.
  • Add: styled map support for map elements and regions.
  • Add: parallax type for image background regions.

  • Fix: minor style fixes.
  • Fix: legacy widget rendering.
  • Fix: error in cache spawning.
  • Fix: clean up multiplied listeners.

Version 0.3.2
  • Fix: images lightbox options.
  • Fix: anchor links behavior.
  • Fix: element groups and cloning.
  • Fix: redactor formatting changes.
  • Fix: global regions revert issues.
  • Fix: backend content editing page templates issue.
  • Fix: menu UI issues.
  • Fix: "self" link selection options and rendering.
  • Fix: anchors not taking into account sticky header height.
  • Fix: text icons rendering.
  • Fix: small height regions.
  • Fix: prevent live preview when it's not supported.
  • Fix: media paths SSL issues in certain setups.
  • Fix: widget element changes.
  • Fix: code element color picker.
  • Fix: redactor and spectrum l10n strings.
  • Add: augmented default search markup.
  • Add: post date permalink in posts element.
  • Add: posts element sticky posts handling options.

Version 0.3.1
  • Fix: responsive menu issues.
  • Fix: background slider full-screen scroll issue.
  • Fix: changing page templates with layouts in storage.
  • Fix: changing menu links to pages.
  • Fix: categories selection in new post creation.
  • Fix: pagination in posts element.
  • Fix: removing floating region restricted to header.
  • Fix: listing all anchors in the menu.
  • Fix: custom posts addition in posts element.
  • Fix: gallery caption alignments.
  • Fix: background video delayed loop.
  • Fix: cloning within elements group.
  • Fix: responsive elements positioning/ordering.
  • Fix: accordion panel adding.
  • Fix: discussion settings popup height.
  • Fix: posts element taxonomy selection.
  • Add: theme testing plugins widgets support.
  • Add: posts element "Read more" tag support.
  • Add: login element registration link support.
  • Add: forms overrides support.

Version 0.3
  • Fix: menu rendering improvements.
  • Fix: link behavior in grouped elements.
  • Fix: slider element and region behavior.
  • Fix: image inserts.
  • Fix: first section element hide in responsive.
  • Fix: linking panels update.
  • Fix: accordion panel adding.
  • Fix: gallery elements warnings and plugin conflicts.
  • Fix: discussion settings update.
  • Fix: adding playable video element
  • Fix: keyframe animations and media queries allowed in global CSS.
  • Add: multiple global regions.

  • Fix: resizing handle hidden when editing elements in group.
  • Fix: hide settings button and resizable handle on group when editing elements.

Version 0.2.7
  • Fix: custom 404 layout changes saving.
  • Fix: image embed in text/accordion editing.
  • Fix: remove gallery image rotate functionality.
  • Fix: clean up the passed popup classname parameter on close.
  • Fix: image warning popup styles.
  • Fix: skip prefixing the global CSS.
  • Fix: validate the selected image size argument for code element.
  • Fix: posts/pages popup bugging out if no author specified.
  • Fix: drag and drop issue on the last element

Version 0.2.6
  • Fix: Fix image blocks UI when S3 plugins move images.
  • Fix: youtube element accept short ahare url format i.e. youtu.be
  • Fix: keep ratio behavior for full screen region
  • Fix: muted video background
  • Fix: theme colors in code element
  • Fix: post layout wont apply to all post types
  • Fix: accordion panel add button not showing
  • Fix: multiple spectrums open
  • Fix: disable alpha slider when theme color is chosen

Version 0.2.5
  • Fix: gallery labels adding.
  • Fix: compensate for dead element double-click event.
  • Fix: like box fixed misalignment of thumbnails.
  • Fix: like box mapped return key to send action.
  • Fix: too many controls after element group and chosen nag for sprites.

Version 0.2.4
  • Fix: YouTube and tabs elements.
  • Fix: occasional spectrum-related nag.
  • Fix: background image lazy loading not loaded in floating region.
  • Fix: post status model inheritance.
  • Added: close button for responsive menu navigation.
  • Added: map markers toggling for map element and region.
  • Added: autoplay option for video background.

Version 0.2.3
  • Fix: ensure slider dots are inside element.
  • Fix: default styling for contact form.
  • Fix: layout saves in new post writing experience and module selector.
  • Fix: anonymous mode AJAX request layout resolution update.
  • Fix: default date formats for posts element.

Version 0.2.2
  • Fix: responsive menu positioning.
  • Fix: desktop breakpoint responsive typography.
  • Fix: slider element slide removal.
  • Fix: button element bugs.

Version 0.2.1
  • Fix: add typography defaults.
  • Fix: background slider image removal.
  • Fix: responsive typography.

Version 0.2
  • Fix: menu handling in responsive.
  • Fix: link panels custom URL entry.
  • Fix: handling empty gallery description.
  • Fix: contact element behavior.
  • Fix: redactor breaks and wpautop conflict in text editing.
  • Fix: immediate image inserts publishing.
  • Fix: default gravatar handling.
  • Fix: media (de)selection for single items.
  • Added: editable theme colors support.

Version 0.1.3
  • Fix: z-index overlap in case of multiple menus.
  • Fix: navigation resizing bugs.
  • Fix: input fields focus.
  • Fix: drag and drop when there's only one element inside region.

Version 0.1.2
  • Fix: contact form displaying (false) on mail sent
  • Fix: use absolute URLs for theme images.
  • Fix: editor copy/paste and color assignment issues.
  • Added: posts with no featured image get special class in posts element.

Version 0.1.1
  • Second Beta release.

Version 0.1
  • Initial Beta release

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