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User Reports

Create reports of all user activity in WordPress or across an entire Multisite or BuddyPress network.

Live Stream Widget

Show the latest content from across your network in an animated widget.

Comments +

Let readers comment on your site using a Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or WordPress account.


Give your users a way to invite their friends and colleagues to check out their blog and sign up for your network.


Create internal communities with discussion boards, wikis, dashboards, user lists and messaging facilities.


Let users friend each other and generally get all social without the bulk of BuddyPress.


An internal email, messaging and inbox solution for WordPress with integrated external email notifications.


Give each site on your network its very own forum – embedded in any page or post.

Members Directory

Create a automated searchable list of all the users on your network.


Quickly share thoughts, links, images and videos with Facebook style status updates.

Mass Email Sender

Send emails to every user on a Multisite network and allow users to opt in and out.

BuddyPress Group Email

Give BuddyPress group admins or moderators a simple way to send emails to all the members in a group.

BuddyPress Activity +

Let your users share images, videos and links across your BuddyPress social network.


Control both site and user avatars on your WordPress Multisite network.

Events +

Create and manage events with incredible power and flexibility.

Subscribe by Email

Allow readers to be automatically notified when you post new content.

Pro Sites

Offer a service like WordPress.com or Edublogs with paid upgrades and extra storage.

Blogs Directory

Clean, searchable, fully-automated site list and blog directory for Multisite and BuddyPress.

Post Voting Plugin

Gauge content popularity and bring the power of Digg to your site with user voting.

Users Widget

Display a list of random users and their avatars, from across an entire Multisite network.

Comments Control

Eliminate the annoying, ‘You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.’ message.

Recent Global Posts

Display a customizable list of recent posts from across your Multisite network on your site.

Global Site Tags

Share a tag cloud of trending topics and popular content from across your entire Multisite network.

Global Site Search

Powerful post search that extends across every site on your WordPress Multisite or BuddyPress network.

New Blog Templates

Build a complete catalog of templates to simplify site creation in Multisite.

Multisite Privacy

Add four more levels of privacy that you control across every sites on an entire network – or allow users to override them.


Moderate posts, comments and blogs across an entire Multisite network.

Add Existing Users

Quickly bulk add existing users from across an entire network and set user roles.

Recent Custom Posts

Display a list of recent posts from any custom post type on the widget areas of your site.

Recent Global Comments

A global feed of the latest comments from all the sites across your entire network.

Blogs Widget

Show a feed of recently updated blogs, with avatars, from across an entire Multisite network.

Recent Global Posts Widget

Show recent posts from all the sites across an entire network – hugely powerful, massively configurable.

Batch Create

Create hundreds or thousands of sites and users quickly by simply uploading a csv or xls file.

Recent Global Posts Feed

Display a global feed of the latest posts from all the sites across an entire network.

Recent Comments Widget

Display all the latest comments from across an entire Multisite network.

Schedule Selected Content

Make any content available only at scheduled periods using an awesome WYSIWYG button.


Stop spam blogs on WordPress Multisite and BuddyPress without shutting down signups.

Terms of Service

Display terms of service on the signup form and require new users to agree.

Content Monitor

Monitor your entire network for set words you define and get an email whenever they are used.

BuddyPress Group Calendar

Maintain, update and share upcoming group events with brilliant calendar functionality.

BuddyPress Hide Widgets

Set specific BuddyPress widgets to be available for use only on your network’s main site.

Blog Activity

See blog updates, posts and comments for your entire network at a glance.

Site Categories

Easily categorize sites on your Multisite network with Site Categories.