White Label Reports = Recurring Revenue

Send your clients elegant white label monthly reports that will demonstrate to them the ongoing commitment you have to their sites.

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After 30 days, just $49/m for unlimited sites!

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It’s up to you to choose how much to charge for these… as for us, we provide them for use on an unlimited number of sites at no extra cost at all. Enjoy!

Completely White Label

Completely brand your reports, from the logo to the copy to the color scheme.

You can set who they come from, how often they arrive, the email that arrives with them and, of course, the contents.

Show Me The Updates

Clients can see all of the updates you've performed (or had automatically performed with Automate!) over the period and be reassured that everything about their site is being kept current.

Safe, Secure & Audited

If you choose, include security scanning results, blacklist monitoring, IP lockouts completed and even a complete audit record of everything that’s happened on your clients site since the last report.

Performance & SEO Optimization

Provide your clients with a breakdown of the ongoing performance successes of their site, from caching and compression status to performance tests - alongside successful SEO analysis results.

All Backed Up

Nothing reassures like knowing your site is all backed up and you can include a complete list of successful backups along with a history of backups being stored by you on your clients behalf.


And last, but by no means least, you can provide a complete detailed record of their sites uptime availability and ongoing response time as measured by our uptime service.


Yes, we know every page on this site is in English, but that's because you, our web development friend, are ok with that. Your customers, clients, stakeholders and others might not be though.

So, we've made it so that every single WPMU DEV plugin is fully translatable, and you'll find most of them are already translated into your language.

Plus, all of the services we provide that send content to your clients (like white label website reports) are also translatable.

So whoever you work for or with can experience WPMU DEV products and services in their own.