Absolute Update Magic

Automate. Making tedious WordPress updates a thing of the past.

Want more spare time?

Do you find updating WordPress, themes and plugins time consuming and (occasionally) scary? Well fear no longer because with our update system and the all new Automate we’ve come to the rescue.

Quickly (or automatically!) update WP, plugins and themes with full backups and our Safe Update system and the security and stability of your sites will never be a problem again.

Introducing Automate

Maaaaaate! This is one of the best things we’ve made in years :) Automate takes the pain out of updating WP core and trusted plugins and themes.

He’ll automatically back up your site, update your code and let you know all about it. You will not believe how easy this makes your WP life.

Rest Secure with Safe Updates

Safe Updates takes carefully updating your site to a whole new level, automatically making sure your updates haven’t borked your site and letting you know if they have.

We take a screengrab of your site, perform a backup, run the updates, ping your site to make sure it’s up with no errors and then compare the original screengrab to a new one… and if there’s an issue let you know.

Total Control

And if you’re not keen on automating updates, we’ve made your life super easy too with a manual ‘Update All’ option.

We’ll do the same backup, and run the same Safe Update tests, but you get to select which plugins and themes you want to update and hit the button yourself…we understand.