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Looking for an alternative to WP Engine that delivers more bang for your buck? Compare features, cost, and benefits of WP Engine and WPMU DEV.

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WP Engine vs WPMU DEV Hosting

How does WPMU DEV Hosting stack up against WP Engine? What makes WPMU DEV hosting the best? These are the questions we get asked every day from users shopping for a quality WordPress hosting solution. Learn what makes our hosting unique and how you can improve your site performance while driving down the cost.

Dedicated Resources

To help cut costs, hosts often use shared hosting and overcrowded servers. Every site/network on WPMU DEV has its own virtual server and dedicated resources to ensure stronger privacy and performance consistency. WP Engine only offers dedicated resources on their custom plans for “large businesses and mission-critical sites.”

Suffering from Hosting FOMO?

With so many hosting options available, it’s easy to feel like you’re missing some big features that will take your site to the next level. With WPMU DEV Hosting, you don’t need to worry about upgrading, because we’re always running the most advanced technology for speed, performance, security, SEO, and power including dedicated IPs and IPv6.

Speed & Performance

This is where WPMU DEV hosting shines. WPMU DEV builds the tools other developers use to make their sites faster. Combine Smush Pro image compression and Hummingbird Pro performance optimization with object caching, our global CDN, and speed-enhanced servers to get your Google PageSpeed to 100.

Smush Image Optimization

Images make up two-thirds of the average web page size. That’s why Google recommends “image optimization should be automated.” WPMU DEV Hosting comes packaged with unlimited automated image optimization and includes 10GB image CDN bandwidth. Trust the world leader in WordPress image optimization with 65 billion images compressed across +1 million sites. No other host handles your images better.

The Safest Place for WordPress

WPMU DEV hosting comes out of the box with the latest in security technology TLS1.3, built-in two-factor authentication, automated SSL and forced HTTPS by default, audit & access logs, automated incremental backups all paired with Defender Pro security monitoring and Automate core, theme, and plugin updates with safe-upgrade scanning.

Developer, Freelancer & Agency Hosting

WPMU DEV’s all-in-one platform was built by our developers to simplify the most complex pieces of managing WordPress and save countless hours with automation. Access the tools we’ve developed to manage single sites and networks with over 5 million users. Move and manage sites with true SSH access w/rsa & ed25519 key support, native Git, Composer, NPM, WP-CLI, phpMyAdmin, and built-in one-click staging and deploy.

+15 Years Enterprise Hosting Experience

We started as a niche full-service enterprise host more than 15 years ago. WPMU DEV Hosting currently manages millions of sites for large organizations in highly regulated spaces. Let us carry the load and create a custom infrastructure for your business. Learn more.

Priced to Sell

WPMU DEV members get 3 sites free and additional sites can be added starting at just $10 per month. It’s the lowest rates for dedicated WordPress hosting and it gets cheaper as you scale.

Multisite Comes Standard

Most hosts, including WP Engine, sell Multisite hosting as an add-on. As pioneers in Multisite hosting with over 15 years of experience, Multisite hosting is included on with WPMU DEV. For Multisite, turn to the platform enterprise organizations and institutions around the world trust – WPMU DEV hosts thousands of Multisite networks with over +5 million subsites.

Global Data Centers

Our 12 regional data center choices not only provide localized content delivery and backup storage, but are both EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Certified for security compliance around the world.

Simple Site Migration

Feeling stuck? You would think moving to a new host wouldn’t take an act of wizardry but with all the custom settings and add-ons unique to WP Engine, making the move can feel overwhelming. Shipper can move any site from WP Engine to WPMU DEV with just a click, plus it’s backed by our 24/7 live chat support specialists. Unlimited full-support when moving from any server to WPMU DEV hosting.

24/7 Live Support

WPMU DEV Live Chat Support is famous for both its quality and near-instant response times. With more ratings than the other guys, our team averages 4.97 out of 5 stars on both Trustpilot and Reviews.io – that’s 33% higher than WP Engine.

All-in-One WordPress Platform

What does that mean for you? You’re not going to get slammed with huge add-on fees for backup services, Multisite, premium support, performance optimization, security, or site management tools. Choose how many sites you need hosted – everything included, upgrade storage and bandwidth as you go.