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Unicorn or Superhero?

WP Engine is one of the larger and better known WordPress-only hosts out there. Their technology is solid, as is their focus and support of WordPress and they have significant investment and expertise.

At WPMU DEV we’re not focused on becoming the next unicorn billion-dollar company. Instead, we aim to provide you with one, simple, thing. High quality, affordable and managed WordPress hosting complete with tools that are a joy to use. 100% transparent, no buzz words.

As of October 2019
WP Engine

The locations of datacenters where you can host your site.

US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, India, Singapore
US, Belgium, Germany, Taiwan, UK, Australia

Dedicated Server Resources
Server memory, CPUs, and storage space is allocated to each individual site.

Additional cost

Custom SSL Certificates
The option to upload your own SSL certs instead of one provided by a free certificate authority.

Not all plans

Dedicated IP Address
Each site is assigned its own IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Not available

WordPress Multisite Support
The option to host WordPress Multisite networks.

Not all plans

Site Backups
The max number of backup restore points you can keep and for how long.

Unlimited backup points / 30 days
60 most recent backup points

Speed and Performance
The load time of a default site as tested by a 3rd party.

Monthly Cost
This is the expected cost of 3 average small-business sites when paid monthly (in USD).


Add-ons and Pricing

Through partnerships and acquisitions, WP Engine has an impressive array of tools and add-ons available. However, with a starting price of $115 per month for 3 sites, you then need to shell out more cash for features like custom SSL certs or using WordPress Multisite. All of which is included in every plan with WPMU DEV.

Speed & Reliability

With WP Engine, unless you pay a premium, your sites will all be sharing the same resources. On WPMU DEV, each site has its own dedicated memory, CPUs, SSD storage space, and IP address. This 3rd party performance test found an out-of-the-box WPMU DEV site to load slightly faster than one from WP Engine.

Supporting Everything WordPress

With WP Engine, you get 24/7 support via chat and phone. The big difference with the support offered between the two is that support at WPMU DEV is ‘everything WordPress’, while with WP Engine, it is limited to their services. We’ll help you out with themes and plugins that aren’t ours or any other problem you may have. That’s what we are here for!

Safe Updates

One handy looking tool on WP Engine is the ‘Smart Plugin Manager’ with automated updates and alerts should the plugin update have an impact on your site. We aren’t sure how much this feature costs because when we tried to do the upgrade on our account, we were told to contact our ‘Account Manager’ for a quote. No worries though, this sounds like our own Automate – which does the same for theme updates too and is included at no additional cost.

Which Is Right For You?

As you can see, both offer a wide variety of tools for meeting your unique hosting needs. While it’s easy to say that ‘we are faster and more stable’ and you’re unlikely to find a hosting provider that doesn’t claim this, we’d encourage you to try a 7 day free trial of our hosting platform to confirm this for yourself.