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WPMU DEV And The Rest

We know you have options - with so many different WordPress services and web hosts to choose from. Our goal is to be the best and most economical option in all that we do. To help ensure that we are delivering this, we constantly keep up with what the competition is doing. We've put together detailed comparisons below, which we hope will be helpful as you decide what tools and hosting will best meet your needs.

WP Engine

WP Engine is one of the larger and better known WordPress-only hosts out there. Their technology is solid, as is their focus and support of WordPress and they have significant investment and expertise.

How we compare with WP Engine.


If you’re looking to manage a bunch of sites, across multiple hosts, in one place, compare the GoDaddy and WPMU DEV all-in-one hosting platforms.

How we compare with GoDaddy.


DreamHost is not a WordPress specific host but does offer managed hosting at a premium. See how you can get more out of your site with Mangaed WordPress hosting.

How we compare with DreamHost.


Flywheel is also owned by WP Engine but provides a different set of services. See how WPMU DEV hosting can take your agency to the next level.

How we compare with Flywheel.


If you are looking for a quality host focused on simplicity and control see how SiteGround and WPMU DEV stack up.

How we compare with SiteGround.


Pagely is the company that coined managed WordPress hosting and has since joined WPMU DEV in the full-service enterprise space. Get full-service care for highly regulated mission-critical sites or massive networks.

How we compare with Pagely.


Kinsta is a quality hosting provider with premium resources, that comes with a pretty big starting price. Get premium Managed WordPress hosting at a much lower price.

How we compare with Kinsta.


If you are looking for affordable hosting focused on simplicity, see how Bluehost and WPMU DEV compare.

How we compare with Bluehost.